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independent cam girls love cat pawsindependent cam girls love cat pawsWelcome to My Independent Camgirl Skype Cam Sex Blog

Hey y’all :)

So what’s this all about? Part of the purpose of this independent camgirl blog is to introduce skype cam sex and independent camgirls to as many cam show fans out there as I can. If you’re interested in learning more about what we independent skype cam girls are all about, check out my information about skype cam sex section. I’d love to introduce you to this awesome form of webcam sex. To learn more about my kinkster side, check out my fetish skype sex blog :)

Once you’re all filled in on that tip, check out my skype cam sex shows page to book a private skype cam show with me

If you’re a camgirl interested in learning more about what skype cam sex is all about, head over to my information for independent camgirls section.

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About My Skype Camgirl and Cam Sex Blog

 As some of you know, my main ‘home’ is my skype camgirl website but I thought it would be fun to make a little site where I can write about some of the ‘side stuff’ I encounter as an independent camgirl, the weird and the wonderful, the odd and the sublime.  Expect stories about my shows, funny ish I encounter on skype and yahoo, and my general thoughts on skype cam sex and independent camgirls (such as, what makes us so awesome).  Expect lots of pics too. :)  I’ll also be covering different topics that relate to independent camgirls and skype cam sex customers. Of course if you find yourself in the mood to fuck rather than read, head up to my ‘Skype Cam Sex Shows’ page to check out my rates and book a private skype show. I admire single-mindedness of purpose :)

A Little About Me

I’m Canadian though I now live in Jamaica, I’m 39 years old, I’m a huge ass nerd and I’m an independent skype camgirl. I have a ‘vanilla’ job that I adore and I also run a few different websites and while I really love that part of my work I’ll always consider myself an independent camgirl first and foremost. I’ve been fully independent for about seven years after leaving the mainstream camsites and never looking back. I love my job and I have a ton of funny stories to share (and I hope a little knowledge to drop), so I created this lil site to write it all down.

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Independent Camgirls Rule

I love independent camming. I truly think those of us that work this niche are extraordinarily badass, and I want all of y’all out there who are into cam sex to know that too! I love being a skype camgirl and I have a ton of respect for all the women with whom I share this niche. I know how hard they work because I’m doing it too, and I know why we do it. We do it so we can run our own businesses on our own terms, and most importantly so we can keep the money we earn, rather than turning over a huge percentage to the cam sites that would bring us traffic if we worked for them. Ya gotta be tough and work hard to excel in this niche, and for that reason, simply put, we are the best. Now that you're here you'll find out why.  :)

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