Cam 2 Cam Skype Sex: Why You Need to Try It


cam 2 cam webcam snapshot of jesseq in blue french cut panties

First Things First: What is Cam 2 Cam?

I’m sure the term cam 2 cam is pretty well known to most, but I encountered a skype sex newbie the other day who wasn’t aware of the fact that cam sex can involve cam 2 cam (or, both parties to the webcam session viewing each other’s webcams) so I figured I’d write a short post about what it is, and more importantly, why it’s so damn awesome 🙂


What’s So Special About Cam 2 Cam Sex?

Selfishly, I’m into cam 2 cam because I’m a hugely visual creature. I get off on sounds, sensations AND visuals, so viewing my playmate’s webcam during a skype sex call makes things more intense for me. I know I’m not alone there. Beyond that, the whole point of skype sex is interaction, and that connection/symbiotic interaction is more pronounced for both of us when I can see you, rather than just a skype icon on a computer screen. As I don’t simply perform a rountine ‘show’, I enjoy adapting what I do to what turns us both on, and the more visual feedback we can give ach other, the easier it is to experience something together.


Cam 2 Cam Skype Sex and Discretion

If you’re shy or prefer to be discreet and not show yur face, cam 2 cam skype sex can still be an option. There’s no rule that you need to show your face, and while I do enjoy seeing all of my skype sex partners it’s way more important that we both feel comfortable on cam. If you don’t wish to reveal your face there’s absolutely no need to do so, and you can simply angle the cam down to reveal other points of interest on your body. Beyond the obvious, for example, I’m a huge fan of men’s shoulders. It’s not quite a full-blown fetish, per se, but shoulders are a body part that has always been a huge turn on 🙂

If you want to make absolutely sure your cam isn’t showing your face, you can test your cam prior to us making a skype sex call but clicking on ‘video’ and then ‘video settings’. On that pop-up screen you can adjust your camera angle to ensure that your face is off-screen.

I’m a huge fan of cam 2 cam sex because I’ve always found that it makes skype sex that much more intense and enjoyable, and throughout the years I’ve definitely found that most of my skype sex partners feel the same. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend that you do so. Bet you’ll be a convert 🙂

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