Debunking Payment Processing Myths for Indy Cam Girls

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Recently on a camgirl forum of which I’m a member and moderator, I read a thread about payment processing for indy cam girls that contained a whole bunch of myths and incorrect information. Since evidently some of these myths and fallacies are pretty wide-spread, as judged by the comments in the forum thread, I figured I’d take a moment to debunk some of the main fallacies I encountered.

In writing this, please note I’m discussing payment processing for indy cam girls from the standpoint of someone who uses payment processing for individual, non-recurring payments from customers. Indy cam girls who run paysites have different needs and concerns (recurring monthly payments from customers, affiliate programs, etc).

Myth 1:  Indy Cam Girls and Affiliates Have the Same Needs

In discussions about different payment processing options for indy cam girls, many camgirls believe that CCBill is the best option to choose, simply because CCBill has long been a consistent leader in processing for adult porn sites. In truth, while CCBill is a great option, at 85% payout it offers one of the lowest payouts among the main processing options (CCBill, Zombaio, Epoch and Verotel) and charges $1000 per year in order to be able to accept Visa and Mastercard. The reason why CCBill has long been a leader in payment processing for adult porn sites is because affiliates who promote porn sites prefer subaccount systems wherein payments are sent directly from the processor (in this case, CCBill).  In this way, indy cam girls who use listing services and affiliates do have an interest in common, in that processing systems that allow for sub-account payouts minimize risk of losing one’s funds should the owner of the website decide to close up shop.

It was only fairly recently that Epoch, Zombaio et al. created payout systems similar to CCBill affiliate programs, meaning that until recently adult sites that paid out with CCBill offered far more protection than other options. That’s part of the reason for CCBill’s popularity. As indy cam girls who run our own websites and handle our own processing, the security aspect of CCBill affiliate systems isn’t relevant, as we handle our own payouts for ourselves.

Myth Number 2: Zombaio Decline Rates

One of the main criticisms I read about Zombaio involve the supposed sky-high decline rates characteristic of this processor. In truth, a few years back Zombaio did have an annoyingly high decline rate but that has diminished significantly over the past two years, to the point that my customer credit card decline rate is actually slightly lower than my decline rate for processors I use elsewhere. I don’t have any broad stats on Zombaio decline rates, I’m only basing this on my own personal, anecdotal experience. Please don’t take my opinion for anything more than that. That said, in the 14 months I’ve had a high and steady volume of client bookings through my own Zombaio account, and my decline rate has been incredibly low. As an added bonus, Zombaio blocks the types of fraudulent bookings other processors can let slip through, such as male customers who use female names (a HUGE warning sign for stolen credit cards) and temporary email accounts.

With Zombaio, I’ve found two types of customers may encounter issues making payments: those who use a proxy IP and those who are based in the US and don’t have their credit cards set up to allow for international billing.  That said, allowing international payments and whitelisting Zombaio with a credit card company/bank only takes a quick phone call, and again, sometimes other billers require the same sort of thing. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass for all involved, but it’s not frequent and pretty easy to solve.

I’m not trying to promote Zombaio. I have no affiliation with the company and there’s nothing ‘in it’ for me to write this, I’m simply relaying a personal experience that belies a lot of the criticism I’ve heard about this particular processor.

Myth Number 3: Indy Cam Girls With Members Sites Have the Same Concerns as Indy Girls Who Only Accept Individual Payments

While I have had a great experience with Zombaio in the 14 months thus far that I’ve had my own merchant account, if I was building a paysite I would probably investigate other options. The reason why is that many affiliates seem to have bought into the same myths about Zombaio as have indy cam girls, and beyond that for some reason Zombaio charges quite a steep fee simply to send an affiliate payout via check in  regular mail. If I was running a pay site that relied upon an affiliate program, I’d probably want to choose a processor that is most popular amongst affiliates, as a way to encourage them to promote my site. That said, indy cam girls who book only individual, non-recurring payments from our clients we don’t need to take anyone’s concerns into account other than our own.

There are never any guarantees in life. Major adult IPSPs (internet payment service providers) have closed in the past and it’s entirely conceivable that something horrible could happen again in the future to mimic the fall of iBill and ePassporte. For that reason I personally think it’s wise to keep one’s options open, and always have alternate payment options, even for indy cam girls who have our own merchant accounts. That said, in choosing a primary processor it helps to make choices based on careful consideration instead of rumor. If you’re an independent camgirl in the process of selecting an IPSP, I hope this post marks the beginning of your search to find the option that’s best for you, based on your own circumstances, customer base and business needs. All of the processors mentioned in this post have websites where you can check out the rates, fees and restrictions of each option.

Good luck out there and happy camming. 🙂

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