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skype submissive in panties and stockings

What to do when a skype cam sex sub (who love my Dominatrix self ‘Lady J’) wants to pose for pictures on my blog but has a bout of reticence about really getting into the moment? Enter domination roleplay, where he has no choice but to crave obeying my every instruction with every fiber of his being. Tonight instead of just bossing him around on skype I concocted an elaborate domination roleplay that had us both wearing matching wet look latex stockings and tiny turquoise g-strings, and before long he was begging to stroke his cock and lick my awesome strap-on Xavier, and as you can see he brought out his own dildo to really experience every sensation possible in the moment. I came really hard a couple times over but I also managed to catch a few wicked pics in between orgasms…I am a professional after all 🙂


I really love playing games during my webcam shows, and domination roleplay is def one of my favs in setting the stage for the unexpected…mainly because I make it into anything I want it to be. Life is too fucking short for boring and sometimes a man just needs a good face fucking while wearing lingerie. Bonus points he gets to watch me as I fall into gales of laughter as well as cum really fucking hard 🙂


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