The Evil Maid: Cam Show Roleplay

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The Cleaning Staff Knows All Your Secrets πŸ™‚

I love it when cam show roleplay ideas kinda fall on top of me. I was cleaning out my closets the other day and I stumbled upon a little ‘slutty maid’ style outfit I’d completely forgotten that I own, hidden as it was under about a zillion pairs of black lace panties that came cascading down upon me as I tipped over a box on a high shelf. The perils of monochromatic lingerie and gravity πŸ™‚ Β Anyways, I tried it on and discovered that I still rock it, so I’ve been incorporating it into a lot of the skype cam show roleplays that I’ve been getting into recently. I get like that sometimes…I’m inspired by a theme or idea and run with it until I get bored and move on to something new.


Anyways, during on recent cam show roleplay I got into it deep…we started off with me as a subservient and slutty little servant who is treated like a little sex toy until, shock of shock, I stumble across my employer’s panty collection. Look who has the power now? πŸ™‚ My playmate (no pics of him here, he’s shy) modelled several pairs of his own panties for me as I teased him with my pearl g-string panties ( barely hidden under the hem of my uber-short dress) and mocked him in, well, every evil way I could think of. He was on his knees, begging me to keep his secrets as I laughed and humiliated him. It was awesome πŸ™‚

I love cam show roleplay that doesn’t just involve Dom/sub, but that also involve elements of power exchange as the roleplay progresses. I get a huge thrill out of the tables being turned as I take control, and I love taking cam show journeys with guys who are playful enough to let things unfold as they may. Normally I’m a little bummed when a guy who wants to be profiled here is too shy to pose for pics but to tell the truth we were so into the vibe of our cam show I think it would detracted from the mood if we’d stopped to take pics. I figured y’all would enjoy seeing some of mine anyways, so I’ll simply end with this: Davide, put on your pink lace panties and double my salary. Now πŸ˜€

cam show roleplay as evil sexy maid

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