How to Explore Fetish Cam Sex

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Fetish Cam Sex Should be Personalized

As a fetish camgirl there’s nothing that makes me cringe more than a guy who contacts me asking for “something kinky”. I mean, seriously. Could this possibly be any more vague? πŸ™‚ The reason why I cringe is that while the whole point of fetish cam sex is to explore desire, an implicit corollary to that is the point that fetish cam sex should be individualized. A fetish cam sex show I do with one guy won’t necessarily translate to an intense experience if explored with a completely different person. Every individual is unique and therefore so should be the shows themselves, which is why I’d argue that paint-by-numbers fetish cam sex is an oxymoronic term. I can’t just create a scenario all by myself.

Still, every one has to start somewhere, right? Not all that long ago some of the forms of fetish cam sex I enjoy the most were brand new to me, so I don’t expect that everyone who wants to explore kink is an expert on the subject. In fact some of my favorite fetish cam sex shows are ones where I introduce guys to a new form of roleplay or fetish, as it’s awesome seeing the excitement that can emerge when exploring the unknown. I have a pretty creative mind and I love to suggest new roleplay and fetish scenarios, that’s a huge part of what makes cam sex fun for me.Β Still, I’m not a mind reader. πŸ™‚ What’s kinky to one individual may be boring as hell to another, and while fetish concepts transfer well to different fetish cam sex shows, fetish skype sex is always hotter when it’s personalized to every session.

How to Ask For Satisfying Fetish Cam Sex

Any fetish camgirl worth her salt will naturally bring a ton of creativity to her fetish cam sex shows, but in order to ensure you actually receive an experience that blows your mind you need to fantasize a bit about what you want. Ironically this is even more important if you don’t know what you want. πŸ™‚ Close your eyes and let you mind wander…what is she wearing in your mind? Do you want to feel seized and molded to suit her whims or do you want to control the action? In your fantasy does the power shift mid way? What is your favorite part of the female body? Is she bitchy and cruel, innocent and inexperienced, seductive and sensual? Even the most seemingly insignificant details can provide a wicked jumping off point, so let your fetish camgirl know what is in your head and she can go from there…crafting a fetish cam sex experience personalized to what makes you tick.

Fetish Cam Sex is Uninhibited and Exploratory

While I love it when guys share their fully-formed fantasies and desires with me, introducing me to something new, some of my favorite fetish cam sex experiences have been ones that are a meander down what I like to call the garden path. At the beginning neither of us know exactly how to experience will turn out but we jump into it anyways, feeding off each other’s energy and excitement to create something awesome. You don’t need to be an expert in kink to experience wicked fetish cam sex, but you are an integral part of the experience. To get what will really drive you wild you have to be willing to share your fantasies and be a part of the creation, not a passive observer of someone else’s idea of what’s hot.

To have wicked fetish cam sex be willing to talk about what you want after you book a skype show. Share your thoughts and fantasies and really participate in the process of creating the experience. The fetish cam sex experience will be far more intense if you do, because you’ll actually be a part of it.

Sometimes Fetish Skype Shows Surprise Even Me

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When Intimacy and Anonymity Meet Fetish Skype Sex Gets Explosive

Normally when I write here about fetish skype shows I tend to focus on the shows themselves, but today I want to do something a little different. I had a fetish skype show experience tonight that totally blew me away and I feel compelled to write about it, not just because the experience itself was awesome but because it revealed something unique and important about fetish skype sex, namely the ability it affords us to explore fantasies and desires that we aren’t quite ready to unleash upon the world.

As I’ve written before, one of my fav things about fetish skype shows is that they are once totally anonymous and totally intimate. As a result it’s the perfect venue for exploring desires without having to worry about how those desires may be perceived by close family and friends. Tonight was a perfect example of that, when a regular playmate worked up the courage to add an extra element to our roleplay that we hadn’t explored up until that point. Even before we got on cam he admitted that the new element was difficult for him to even articulate, but I’m so glad we did because holy fuck the experience was intense. Simply put: I’d never seen him quite that turned on during our prior sessions.

I felt pretty honored that he chose me as his partner in acting out his private fantasy, and even more so knowing that in doing so he had revealed something intensely personal and private that wasn’t all that easy for him to articulate initially. It didn’t occur to me at the time but thinking about the fetish skype show session later it hit me: THIS is what skype sex is all about. No matter where on the globe we reside we all live in societies that place rigid (and frankly quite boring) rules on what’s considered ‘normal’, and truth is sex is about exploring; exploring what turns us on, what fascinates us, what really makes us tick. The anonymity of cam sex enables us all to explore those fantasies and desires in ways we may not feel comfortable exploring off cam in ‘real life’ and that’s what makes it more than just a passive exchange of orgasms. It’s about revealing ourselves in a shared and safe private space.

I knew all that intellectually before, I mean hell I’ve written about it enough, but tonight really showed me exactly HOW the safe space of fetish skype sex allows us to explore things we may not feel comfortable doing otherwise. Not all fetish skype shows are profound, nor do they need to be, but this one was and it felt awesome. To the totally anonymous individual who shared that wicked experience with me, huge thanks for letting me share such a potent and private fantasy.

It was awesome, as are you πŸ™‚

Naughty Skype Shows


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I love the word naughty…even the word itself sounds mischievous, and the spirit of the word naughty is always front and center in my skype shows with an Irish lad who’s appeared here frequently since I put this fetish blog together. We’ve known each other and met for extremely naughty skype shows together for about 5 years now, and at this point I can’t tell who is a bigger bad influence on whom. πŸ˜€

I gotta say though, I’m a little pissed that I can’t find the pictures I took during my last skype show with my favorite Irish pup, mainly because he looked so damn adorable. It’s possible he was a little tipsy and I sent him out to frolic in the grass all nekkid except for a smile, and he came back from his romp with a handful of lawn grass, which he proceeded to snack on before following it with a swig of Champagne. Since those pics seem to have disappeared into the ether (or more likely hidden in some folder on my comp, wow I need to organize that ish) I’ll add one of my fav pics I’ve taken during our skype shows throughout the years.

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edit: found the pic, but Imma leave the one above cuz he looks so damn cute

b g

Throughout those years we’ve gotten into a lot- far too much to get into here- and truth be told most of what I do write about here is extremely tame compared to what I put him up to that doesn’t get published. πŸ˜€ Everything we do is completely harmless of course, just the essence of giddy, giggly ‘holy fuck I can’t believe we just did that‘ naughtiness, and even better (or worse) we always manage to top our last romp the next time we meet on skype. He’s an utter delight and he has the second naughtiest mind I’ve ever encountered on cam or off…besides my own of course πŸ˜€

I love that ‘in real life’ we’re both appallingly respectable and upstanding citizens, and during our skype shows we explore each other’s naughty sides and always manage to egg each other to new heights of depravity. It’s like through our skype shows we reveal sides of ourselves that are far too much fun to keep hidden. He also got my birthday week off to a wicked start, so Slainte to a deliciously naughty playmate.

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Naked House Pet Cam Shows

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An Incorrigible Slut Before, During and After Our Cam Shows

I love controlling men, watching them tremble on their knees completely at the mercy of my every whim. It’s fun, it’s so easy to accomplish πŸ™‚ and my obedient playmates who meet me on skype for Domination cam shows always agree. A playmate of mine and I have gotten into a wicked game of naked house pet cam shows that totally merit a notable mention here on my fetish camgirl blog so today I present to you, the naked house pet.

A. is from Europe and works long hours. Rarely is he at home with ample time to serve me properly at his disposal but recently we’ve had a wicked stretch of good luck and he’s had entire weekends to spend serving me and meeting my every whim and desire. What is my desire you ask? Y’all who know me should be able to answer that easily, I want you to be tortured by desire, desperate to cum and completely powerless as to the decision of whether you’ll be granted the pleasure of doing so πŸ™‚ I want to own you, mind and body.

My naked house pet spends days at a time completely bare. He sleeps nude, eats nude, receives packages at the door nude, hiding his eager and slutty self behind the door with scrambled excuses about ‘just getting out of the shower’. Haha. During these weekends we get on skype for intermittent cam shows in which he watches me cum and strokes MY cock for me, but he isn’t permitted to cum himself. What fun would that be for me? Edging to the point of delirium he begs and begs but still he waits, when I’m feeling particularly cruel I have him watch Femdom porn while stroking MY cock but again, no orgasms allowed for my naked house pet. πŸ˜€

My naked house pet is as much under my control off cam as he is during our cam shows. Ordered to remain nude he’s unable to focus upon anything other than MY cock and he’s constantly reminded that he has no control over it. He’s constantly on the verge of cumming with his mind filled with visions of me revealing myself as I sloooowly tease of my clothes and cum while he watches, but he’s powerless. Everything is up to me. As it should be πŸ˜€

My naked house pet is an incorrigible slut who slips under my spell effortlessly. Beyond that he’s a fucking delight and I love that between our play we can laugh and talk like two real people, outside of our roles. Not all guys get that, that for me role play cam shows are at their best fluid and always at the core is the symbiosis between two real individuals. One can be a horny slut pathetically begging to cum AND a wicked human being to talk and laugh with. For that alone my pathetic naked house pet deserves a spot here. He’ll probably still be denied pleasure with even more cruelty next time we meet up though. I’m far too entertained by his torment to show any mercy. πŸ™‚

Fetish Skype Sex Eye Candy, All But That Tiny Cock


My favorite thing about fetish skype sex is how playful it can be. The rules of the real world get thrown out the proverbial window and the realm of fantasy descends, meaning that we (or rather, I) are in total control of creating our own realities. Enter exhibit A, a divinely built playmate who knows his way around a gym and looks absolutely amazing when he strips for me…down to his tiny lacy panties so I can mock his little cock. I’ve known M. for a while now, and in the years we’ve played together he’s dressed up in more pairs of panties (and occasionally some wicked black thigh high stockings) than I can count, each pair tinier than the next. His body is delicious, but his tiny cock disappears underneath his lingerie. He can actually fit his phone inside his panties along with his cock and still have room to spare….I don’t think men are supposed to be able to do that. πŸ™‚

During our fetish skype sex shows I love to taunt M. with how I’m going to drag him out to parties and have him walk around in panties so my friends and I can howl with laughter, and maybe if he’s really lucky he’ll get to watch me fuck a real man, the type who’s perfect body doesn’t end below the waist. πŸ™‚ I’ve even (at his request) shown his pictures to a couple of my friends for them to get a giggle out of…his tanned cut torso with a perfect line of cum down the center and his tiny cock peeking above the top of his g-string.

M. is hella fun AND hot and he always makes me cum hard, even harder than I laugh when teasing him. That’s what I mean about skype sex having no rules…if I wanna strip down and get off while I’m mocking my sexy little subject I will, and in the case of M., do. Often. πŸ™‚

I’m not sure M. is gonna give the OK to posting his pics here. I have a million of ’em but he wants to see this post before he gives the final verdict so for now y’all will have to sate yourselves with my pics instead. I’m pretty convincing though, so I should have some wicked body and small cock pictures up here soon. πŸ™‚

camgirl squeezing her tits in a leopard bra

So yeah, the best fetish skype sex is whatever the hell the people involved want it to be. If I wanna have a laugh about life with a playmate, then mock his incredibly tiny cock and then ride his face til I cum Imma do exactly that. πŸ™‚