A Skype Cam Boy in Training

naked girl performing a skype cam showTurning the Tables During Skype Cam Sex

One of the reasons I have way too much fucking fun with my skype cam shows is that my partners and I share much in common, beyond just being fun people. For example, I love to be in control, and many of my playmates LOVE to be controlled. Not by just anyone mind you….they love to be controlled by me. 🙂

Often I’ve thought about really turning out one of my playmates, not just in fantasy but actually having him perform real cam shows FOR me, for other men, but I’m a perfectionist. I’m a successful camgirl and if I may say it I kick ass at what I do. There’s no way on hell I could have a guy running around out there on the web under my tutelage, giving half-assed shows of inferior quality. As such, to fulfill this fantasy of turning out a playmate and transforming him into a professional camboy I need a playmate dedicated to his role, a man I can mold into the ultimate skype cam boy. Enter BD (my as yet to be properly-named skype cam boy in training). He’s bright, fun, eager to please and he knows how to rock purple panties.

A Skype Cam Boy is Born

BD has spent hours memorizing scripts for roleplays ranging from SPH and cuckolding to lollipop and muscle fetish by studying my fetish videos, and together we’ve purchased him, well….more sex toys than I can count. During our last shopping excursion during a skype session I picked out a pair of leather crotchless panties (named ‘cyclops’, hahaha) and a rubber chastity cage. He had to beg me to get new panties. All these will go well with his collar, stockings and extensive collection of dildos, vibrators and wands. 🙂 Check him out below in full Jesse-mode.

skype cam boy in collar and stockings

In truth, beyond being a fucking delightful human being I think BD will actually make a killer skype cam boy when I’m finally ready to turn him out. I’ll receive the earnings, of course, and he’ll receive the joy of serving and entertaining me. He knows how to put on a good show and he’s got all the gear, but most importantly he’s got the attitude. He gets that laughter is as integral to wicked cam sex as are the actual orgasms, and he’s not afraid to totally dive into a role for the purpose of fun, one of the highest callings there is, I think 🙂

My skype cam boy to be is nervous but excited. I think it’s gonna be insanely fun.

skype cam show snapshot of sexy mean camgirl

I’m in control so don’t fuck it up.

Holy fuck I love my job.

The Evil Maid: Cam Show Roleplay

cam show snapshot

The Cleaning Staff Knows All Your Secrets 🙂

I love it when cam show roleplay ideas kinda fall on top of me. I was cleaning out my closets the other day and I stumbled upon a little ‘slutty maid’ style outfit I’d completely forgotten that I own, hidden as it was under about a zillion pairs of black lace panties that came cascading down upon me as I tipped over a box on a high shelf. The perils of monochromatic lingerie and gravity 🙂  Anyways, I tried it on and discovered that I still rock it, so I’ve been incorporating it into a lot of the skype cam show roleplays that I’ve been getting into recently. I get like that sometimes…I’m inspired by a theme or idea and run with it until I get bored and move on to something new.


Anyways, during on recent cam show roleplay I got into it deep…we started off with me as a subservient and slutty little servant who is treated like a little sex toy until, shock of shock, I stumble across my employer’s panty collection. Look who has the power now? 🙂 My playmate (no pics of him here, he’s shy) modelled several pairs of his own panties for me as I teased him with my pearl g-string panties ( barely hidden under the hem of my uber-short dress) and mocked him in, well, every evil way I could think of. He was on his knees, begging me to keep his secrets as I laughed and humiliated him. It was awesome 🙂

I love cam show roleplay that doesn’t just involve Dom/sub, but that also involve elements of power exchange as the roleplay progresses. I get a huge thrill out of the tables being turned as I take control, and I love taking cam show journeys with guys who are playful enough to let things unfold as they may. Normally I’m a little bummed when a guy who wants to be profiled here is too shy to pose for pics but to tell the truth we were so into the vibe of our cam show I think it would detracted from the mood if we’d stopped to take pics. I figured y’all would enjoy seeing some of mine anyways, so I’ll simply end with this: Davide, put on your pink lace panties and double my salary. Now 😀

cam show roleplay as evil sexy maid

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How to be Taken Seriously When Seeking Skype Domination

skype domination webcam snapshot

Notes on Submissives Seeking Skype Domination Cam Shows

First off, some full disclosure here. I’m not a lifestyle Domme in that I don’t participate in off-cam BDSM activities, fetish sex of all kinds is something I sort of ‘grew into’ for lack of a better word, during my years exploring sexuality on skype and yahoo. Probably my perspective on fetish skype sex is best summed up here, in that I don’t follow formulas and strictures, and I don’t involve myself in anything hard core that could end up with someone being physically harmed. That stuff I’ll leave to the professional Dommes who hold far more experience than I. For me fetish sex is about exploration on both sides, and I really believe that skype shows are the perfect venue for exploring desires that many aren’t comfortable partaking in ‘in real life’. That said, fetish skype sex of all types has become an increasingly dominant (see what I did there?) 🙂  theme in my skype cam shows, and I’ve noticed some particular patterns that I feel warrant a post here on my skype sex blog.

What is Domination?

Skype domination involves me, or rather my alter ego Lady J, taking possession of your mind, your thoughts, your actions….even what you crave is given over to me to bend and twist according to my whims. Sometimes domination takes physical forms (such as CBT and flogging) but while I’m a huge fan of spanking and wielding my strap-on for forced bi shows I’m much more fascinated and entertained by the mental facets of skype domination. Since my entertainment is the first and only priority during domination cam sex, the mental and verbal is always at the forefront of my style of Domination.

 How to Be Taken Seriously When Seeking Skype Domination

Granted, I tend to be more of a workaholic type A personality than your average human being and I’ve turned ignoring annoying people in general into a precise art, but I tend to immediately ignore any professed sub who messages me on yahoo by addressing me as ‘Goddess’. Why, you ask? I ignore these people because to me it’s a huge warning sign that the dude is simply looking for some free text chat to get off on his fantasy, and it also demonstrates to me that the person really isn’t all that interested in a unique and memorable change between two human beings. Goddess is a fairly generic term…Skype Dommes who use the name ‘Goddess’ do so as part of their persona, making that term unique and special to them. Stripped of any attached identity the term Goddess means nothing to me or to the guy who uses the term, and besides, dudes need to pay to earn the privilege of calling me my Domme name of choice.

That brings me to my next point…another ban-worthy offense is expecting to get into specific details of what the indivdual seeks in a skype domination show before he even books one. Part of domination, actually, part of being a decent human being is respecting the time of others. I know throughout the years I’ve banned some probably great dudes simply because they didn’t understand that fantasy chat isn’t free and I didn’t feel like stopping what I was doing to explain that simple policy to ’em 🙂 The way I look at it, before we enter into a skype domination arrangement you’re not my sub, so don’t call me Goddess.

Granted, these rules are mine, but the prinicple behind them can pretty much be applied universally. As a skype camgirl OR a skype Dominatrix I’m not paid to get naked, I’m paid for my time and undivided attention, and expecting to get that without paying for it just isn’t on, ever. If you’re serious about wanting a skype domination show, contact me, give me a general idea of what you seek (please not I’m not interested in Financial Domination so you’ll have to seek elsewhere for that) and then pull out your credit card. After those formalities are over with we can get on to the good stuff, which is exploring what I want to do to you on cam and then having my way with you, preferably in cam to cam 🙂

I was compelled to write this because in this past week alone I’ve banned several dudes simply because they messaged me with some inane variation of ‘o Goddess let me serve you’. Yawn 🙂 They make me even more grateful for my real playmates who share experiences with me, instead of seeking a warm body to fill a pre-determined ‘slot’. I’ve never filled pre-conceived slots very well, I think that’s a good thing 🙂

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When the Bad Influence Gets Influenced

camgirl under the influence

A Camgirl Under the Influence

Haha, I made a (bad) pun :). In all seriousness though, I pride myself, nay revel in being not just a kick ass camgirl but also a dreadfully bad influence…inspiring respectable upstanding citizens to drop their clothes and act thoroughly improperly for my delight and entertainment while rarely losing my regal composure. This week though, it was a bit of the other way around 🙂

I arrived home from the office at noon and turned on my skype only to be immediately messaged by a certain naughty Englishman who’s appeared in all his glory on the pages of my cam sex blog here more than a few times over. It all started out innocently enough (by my standards of innocence, of course)… he stripped off his clothes and modeled his adorable derriere for me as he started in on a bottle of bubbly. I had put on my regular home summer attire of bikini and a smile. Next thing I know one of us got the idea that drinking alone is a terrible idea, and it only seemed proper that I add a dollop of vodka to my fair trade coffee. Those of you who are familiar with my ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol know what’s coming next 😀 Somehow I ended up completely blasted at 2pm on a weekday afternoon, changing from outfit to outfit until we both realized clothing is for losers and we decided I should wear nothing at all, figuring out what sort of outfits we can make out of pastries and planning our trip to Vegas to dress him in a sequined tutu in the middle of a strip club. Is it odd that aside from the fact I was tanked that this is completely normal for us? 🙂


There are no pictures of our drunken fetish revelry, mainly because I was way too bombed to take screen shots, had I even remembered to do so. That said, since it was a rare example of me losing total control and being led astray by one of my pets I figured the experience was totally camgirl blog-worthy, even without some captures of my playmate in the buff.

So yes, for once someone led me down the garden path, and it was a wicked change. After I sent him off to take a nap I worried that I would be totally useless for the rest of the afternoon but turns out Dylan Thomas et al. were on to something…writing whilst drunk is actually pretty fucking effective 😀

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When Panties Match My Camgirl Blog

quinn69 smiling in blueWhen the Lingerie Just Has to Match My Camgirl Blog

It incredibly obvious to anyone who knows me (or anyone who’s ever taken a look at this camgirl blog of mine- or really any of my websites) that my fav colors are purple and black with dashes of turquoise. This is very 80’s of me I know but I’m a product of that generation so I have an excuse 😀

When I transferred this camgirl blog of mine to it’s new domain I decided to change the color scheme as well, and much to my delight one of my cam show playmates actually bought new lingerie to match my new blog redesign, how cool is that? 🙂

public display snapshot on my camgirl blog1zxc








In truth I suspect he was hoping that I’d grant him the pleasure of seeing pics of him in his new sex toys and finery posted here on my camgirl blog, and my little skype sub clearly knows me quite well because I cannot resist a man who dresses up just for me 🙂 He also purchased new sex toys to go along with our color theme, including a purple hitachi to match my own and a new vibrator shaped like the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland. We have way too much fun buying sex toys and lingerie together during our cam shows, and I think we’ve boosted the battery industry significantly through our enthusiasm for all that vibrates.

He still has to obey me completely though, surprising me with new lingerie in my fav colors doesn’t diminish the necessity of obedience, and he still waits patiently in his corner while I’m off making other men cum until I decide to grant him the pleasure of my company. If he’s been extra good I bring along my magnificent strap on as well 🙂

independent camgirl nude in bed

So yes, an excellent way to get profiled on my camgirl blog is to surprise me with something that you know will delight me. That’s what this space is all about, and I love that so many of you understand that.

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