Dressing Up My Boy Toy


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Cam Boy Toy Fashion

How o how to celebrate the start of summer? What better way than to dress up my skype cam boy toy in a dashing purple bathing suit and collar (with bone shaped buckle) and then strip him nude…erm, I mean express my design skills 😀

skype cam boy toy in swim suit and collar

We started off with a couple of precise snips to reveal my boy toy’s nipples through the ample bosom of his bathing suit (it came with built-in tits so his rack looked delicious), a look I call ‘reverse pasties’. Then I decided to fashion him a tankini, so snip went the midriff section of his swim suit.

skype cam submissive in purple spandex

What to do next…here I ventured south and had my boy toy snip a rather large hole in the bottom of the suit, and to both our surprise out slipped his private parts!! As you imagine we were both shocked by this 😀 I then had my toy snip off the straps of his now dwindling suit, and out of these we fashioned a bow around his cock and balls. It was quite a dashing look and my toy looked both naughty and adorable in it.



I Am a Horrible Influence 😀

I love being a bad influence. No doubt without my presence my boy toy would have sat quietly reading Chaucer but instead I had him nude and hard, his mind full of naughty ideas that totally belie his respectable exterior. I wonder if any of his co-workers will wonder if he’s wearing a purple bow tied around his cock when he goes to work tomorrow, because he will be 🙂 On my end of things, I’ll be sending off a very special black silk and lace bra to him in tomorrow’s mail, an integral part of our next naughty encounter that’s way too juicy to spill here 🙂


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New Toys Make Skype Shows Awesome


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My Latest Toy Purchase For Skype Shows

awesome pink silicone cam sex toyI really hate shopping. I detest it, loathe it, would rather read Ayn Rand than put myself through it. The one exception to this of course is purchasing sex toys online for me to use with (and on) my  playmates during our skype shows. Check out the wicked cam sex toy to the left that I found on my latest sex toy online shopping trip, this is a way better find than anything I could stumble upon pushing through hordes of materialists at a local clothing shop. I new as soon as I saw this toy that my playmate absolutely had to purchase it for him to use during our skype shows, and while we found a lot of fun toys during our latest venture (including but not limited to a garter belt, vibrating black lace panties and a hitachi) nothing can top this find. A vibrator shaped like a cat, how perfect is that?

While I enjoy sex toys that are fun to look at as well as use, I think wicked toys are all the more vital during skype shows, in that visuals are a huge part of the overall experience, even more so than when one’s playmate is in the same room.

I will be getting one for myself during our next shopping trip but for now I’ve been having a blast testing it out on my playful victim, and it turns out he’s a big fan of it as well 🙂

cat shaped sex toy for skype cam shows

Real talk, this toy is perfect for skype shows. Whomever designed it is a fucking genius.

Webcam Girls Require Devotion


Webcam Girls Must Be Entertained

webcam sex fan wearing underwear on his headYou know a naughty skype cam sex playmate is devoted to independent webcam girls (particularly moi, independent camgirl extraordinaire Quinn69) when he’s willing to venture into new territory to please me. Don’t get me wrong…he has a naughty streak on his own but I seem to bring out the best in him, even if it means shopping for a vibrating purple (of course) butt plug for him to wear to a stroll through town. No one but I will know why he has such a twinkle in his eye, and I rather like it that way…his new toy we purchased together hidden away inside an eminently spankable bum . I may just make him ring his Mum afterwards to have a chat about the weather…while I tease him with a soaking wet bathing suit, of course. T’would only be proper (and thoroughly entertaining) that way

In case you’re wondering about the above picture to the left, this fetish webcam girl conquest of mine must shop for toys with underwear on his head because he’s otherwise naked and may catch a cold if his head is insufficiently protected

Truth is, one of the things most skype webcam girls enjoy the most is being a bad influence and I think it would be tragic if my favorite skype cam sex fetish playmates didn’t accompany me down the garden path. Sure, some may venture down it all on their own but I’d like think I push things a little further, even if that means my skype webcam girl toys being tied to a tree and covered with peanut butter

webcam girls in wet t shirts

So yes, this skype webcam girl will push you as far as you’re willing to go, purely for my joy in doing so. I love to dominate, I love to play, and I love skype playmates who let go of control and let me have my way with them. Ceding control is always a choice, which makes the act of you doing so that much more sweet  The sensations I grant you are your reward.

Muscle Fetish Camgirl


muscle fetish camgirl flexing her biceps

My Bad-Ass Muscle Fetish Camgirl Side

As you should know by now I love fetish…love it, and I consider myself as much a fetish camgirl as anything else. What I love the most is that fetish allows me to explore my creativity (and yours too) and delve into things that are unique and organic. I enjoy a wide range of forms of fetish skype play, but one of my favs is definitely muscle fetish. I kinda find it hilarious to be honest…I mean, I’m really not that big, it’s just that the cuts in muscles are pronounced when I flex em, but I also feel incredibly bad-ass when I’m in muscle fetish camgirl mode, and I love the feeling of demonstrating my power knowing that you’re both terrified AND incredibly turned on watching me. As time goes on I’m finding that muscle fetish is becoming an increasingly popular aspect of my fetish camgirl skype shows, and by now I think I’ve tortured men on most of the continents, and most of the states and provinces in North Amer. Before I became a fetish camgirl I had no idea how much fun I’d have punching, kicking, flexing and dominating weak and puny men, or how many men worldwide were into it either

 muscle fetish camgirl shows off her abs

Popular Forms of Muscle Fetish Play

As a muscle fetish camgirl the majority of my muscle cam sex shows involve domination and displays of power, but I also really love exploring the sensuality of the fetish as well. The two forms aren’t nearly as dissimilar as they might initially appear. In the former I terrify my captive with overt displays of my power and capacity for destruction  whereas in the latter form involves a softer, erotic display of my body. That same capacity to physically dominate and control still exists in sensual domination though, so there is a tie in between the two most popular (and fun) forms of muscle fetish I practise.

What also surprised me initially was how many of you muscle fetish enthusiasts love to combine different forms of fetish, particularly smoking and muscle fetish. It’s kinda funny to me because s much as I love it I know smoking is an inherently unhealthy activity, but the two do fit together well, and I love that y’all encourage me to poison my lungs with sweet sweet nicotine while I flex, punish and control you

smoking fetish camgirl on webcam

So yeah, as you can see in the pics above I’m hardly a muscle-bound Amazon, but I work out hard and I love that through being a muscle fetish camgirl I get to integrate different aspects of myself (my urge to dominate, the products of my hard core workouts, my love of cigarettes) into my skype cam sex play.

If we haven’t encountered each other yet and you’re interested in learning more about the types of fetish skype cam sex that I have the most fun with, check me out here

I promise I won’t hurt you…yet anyways

Skype Camgirls Need Cam Sex Toys


skype camgirl wrapped in a blanket

Camgirls and Cam Sex Toys

So let’s operate under the assumption (as I do), that camgirls require cam sex toys. The question then becomes: what constitutes a cam sex toy? For some of y’all your first thought will be of dildos and vibrators, but for me camgirls also require cam sex toys of the human variety…those lucky individuals that we choose to bend and shape to serve our needs. They always prove to be the most delightful and enduring toys-no batteries required. In short, the best cam sex toys occur in human form, although it’s also always fun to include inanimate sex toys into the mix as well.

Who are my favorite skype cam sex toys? I have many (and I have excellent taste in all things, including men) but my favorite cam sex toys are those who willingly submit completely to my whims, my moods and above all, my desires. I’m not into forcing people to do things. Rather, I want to captivate your mind and body so that you cannot resist that which you never realized (until now) that you ever wanted. I want you to crave the desire that I uncover.

Exhibit ‘A’ below is the newest cam sex toy collection of one of MY favorite cam sex toys. He consulted with me for every purchase he has ever made during our countless cam sex toy shopping sprees. Many of the cam sex toys we purchased as novelties proved lacking so we tossed them but these are the sex toys that have endured, elegantly displayed by a ready, willing and able skype cam sex toy of my own. Oh the symbolism, ’tis overwhelming

 cam sex toys

Now this artful array of sex toy paraphernalia is hype but ultimately the inanimate toy without the real cam sex toy mean nothing. In short, yeah, props can be fun, but people are what make skype cam sex extraordinary. Bow down and pay homage.