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My Skype Cuckold, Cum Eating Corner Dweller

skype cuckold in lingerieI enjoy directing my skype cuckold to purchase lingerie, stockings and sex toys upon my orders, particularly when our toys and lingerie match. Even better is dressing him up, toying with him and having him beg on his knees to eat cum…mine, his, the cum off cocks that I’ve just fucked  He begs for cum not just because I order him to, but because I possess the power to control his mind and make him crave things he’d never typically desire. And so, as the world turns, another skype cuckold is created…this one with a burning desire for the taste of cum on his lips.

 skype dominatrix with a dildo doing sph on skype

Skype Cuckolds Are Rewarded For Obedience

I order my skype cuckold to sit in his corner and wait for me, while I’m fucking men IRL,skype cuckold submissive posing on webcam while I’m making man after man cum on skype, he waits patiently for me to finish because he has no choice. He loves to think about me pleasuring other men because I’ve programmed him that way, and he waits for permission to stroke MY cock because he gave that to me long ago. I even ordered him to buy a black leather studded collar to wear as a symbol of my ownership of it, of him.

sissy in a cock ring during a fetish cam sex call

Even now as I write this, and no doubt while you read this, my skype cuckold will be sitting in his corner like the good cum eater he is, waiting patiently for me to grant him permission to stroke MY cock. Obedient skype cuckolds are rewarded, but only when I feel like doling out those special treats, so he may be waiting for quite some time. He’s growing accustomed to his corner, and can’t wait to find out what I have in store for him next 🙂


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Skype Camgirls and Role Play


sexy skype cam sex girl squeezing her breasts

Why Skype Camgirls Always Have Tidy Homes

Well, not really  Like probably most skype camgirls after a day and night of cam sex bacchanalia my bedroom looks like an episode of Hoarders, with balloons, over-flowing ash trays, random sex toys and lingerie strewn about every surface. Still, I hate cleaning up, so who better to do it for me than a naughty little maid who aims to please?

Today I had an awesome skype cam sex roleplay show just before a pretty important meeting, and it totally made my day. My randy little toy donned a full French maid’s uniform -thigh high stockings and all- for my amusement and pleasure, and I wish I could have been able to reach through the camera to pul him through, so I could spank him properly and watch him give my bedroom a good tidy-up. Instead, I teased him by pouring water all over my body, drenching my skin and bathing suit whilst he chatted with his mum about the weather (she called him while we were on cam together)  It was awesome.

kype cam sex dress up game with a naughty maid

  Skype Camgirls For the Win

I think all skype camgirls are pretty fucking lucky, as we do have the best jobs in the world, but most of the time I feel like the luckiest of all. I have ridiculously awesome friends and cam sex playmates who totally make my day and holy fuck, do I have fun. In the past 24 hours I’ve bossed around a very naughty (and tipsy) maid, got off hard to my fav porn star ever (Mz. Diamond), flexed my ferocious muscles as my victim cowered in fear and denied a very delightful Dutchman orgasms until he was on his knees begging me for permission to cum. And those are just the fetish shows. Add my sex toys into the mix and I lead a pretty charmed life

 skype camgirls smoking topless

So yeah, I love being a camgirl and I think we skype camgirls are the luckiest of all. All the fun without the ‘ass bb’ bullshit  Thanks for the orgasms, the laughter, the wicked convo and for making me cum so hard, so often

Much Love<3

Skype Roleplay Cam Sex


skype dominatrix on webcam

Skype Roleplay Cam Sex with ‘Miss’ter J

Like any skype camgirl I need to have fun during my yahoo and skype cam sex shows…sure I’m here to provide a service but I’m far too hedonistic to be selfless. I gotta have fun too  Enter skype roleplay cam sex, probably one of my fav things to do on cam. ‘Miss’ter J is a friend and skype roleplay cam sex playmate I’ve known for years…long enough for us both to feel old when we think about it. Beyond being a thoroughly dope individual he’s a roleplay superstar and as you can see from these pics he really commits to his roles. Today he was my slutty slutty Hooter’s girl Candi (with a heart over the i, of course)  who needed to be called into my office for behaving and looking like such a little tramp. Candi really needed to keep her job so of course she was compelled to do whatever her domineering boss Ms Quinn demanded of her. Like the little slut that she is, Candi did an amazing strip tease and made me cum (and laugh) incredibly hard. She convinced me not to fire her

Pics removed at request

A Perfect Skype Roleplay Cam Sex Slut

Over the years ‘Miss’ter J has been a cheerleader, Daisy Duke and a naughty yoga pupil  amongst other roles, and he always dresses to the nines for each one. The one commonality between all these roles is his saucy lipsticked lips and eminently fuckable behind. He has more cosplay outfits (and wigs!!) than anyone I’ve ever known and each persona is sluttier than the last. He personifies what skype roleplay cam sex is all about so how the hell could I have a skype cam sex blog without him being a part of it?

Pics removed at request

Thanks for letting me sexually harass you for all these years J, I’ve fucking loved every moment of it <3

Domination Cam Shows


skype dominatrix in latex stockings


Domination Roleplay Games

skype submissive in panties and stockings

What to do when a skype cam sex sub (who love my Dominatrix self ‘Lady J’) wants to pose for pictures on my blog but has a bout of reticence about really getting into the moment? Enter domination roleplay, where he has no choice but to crave obeying my every instruction with every fiber of his being. Tonight instead of just bossing him around on skype I concocted an elaborate domination roleplay that had us both wearing matching wet look latex stockings and tiny turquoise g-strings, and before long he was begging to stroke his cock and lick my awesome strap-on Xavier, and as you can see he brought out his own dildo to really experience every sensation possible in the moment. I came really hard a couple times over but I also managed to catch a few wicked pics in between orgasms…I am a professional after all 🙂


I really love playing games during my webcam shows, and domination roleplay is def one of my favs in setting the stage for the unexpected…mainly because I make it into anything I want it to be. Life is too fucking short for boring and sometimes a man just needs a good face fucking while wearing lingerie. Bonus points he gets to watch me as I fall into gales of laughter as well as cum really fucking hard 🙂


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Obedience is Required From Skype Cam Sex Toys


naked cam sex playmate

Cam Sex Games

Skype cam sex is always fun, but all the more so when I’m getting together with a delightful and obedient exhibitionist who I can show off all over the internet. He’s such a good toy and I simply adore him He was being exceptionally naughty today during our own skype cam sex call, so I wanted to set a new challenge for a tipsy toy. He requires alot of supervision  After we ended our skype call I sent him to a free chat site to perform for me for any and all who chose to watch him. What can I say, I taught him well and he entertained the crowds there until, as per my orders, he took one of the men from the site on a private skype call. As I write he’s on skype showing off his delectable derrier

spanking a naughty skype submissive

The day is young however, so I’m not finished with him yet. Today the first person to contact my naughty toy on yahoo will get a free show with a very naked and very eager-to-please toy who is under strict orders to open his cam for the first person to contact him.

If you want to be the lucky winner of the ‘supervise my toy’ contest contact him on yahoo through the button below:

(temporarily removed)

I’d recommend getting this naughty skype cam sex exhibitionist to slather himself with a pot of strawberry jam, he looks dashing covered in jelly


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