Training a Sub in Submission Sex


submission sex sub in panties

Submission Sex Games

As you can see, this skype conquest of mine likes to dress up in the lingerie I select for him to purchase during our Domination and submission sex shows. Of course he got purple cuz it’s mah favorite color. My new plan, after sending him out to perform on various free chat platforms (where he performed most ably and made several men cum on my instructions) is to turn him into the world’s greatest submision sex boy…after all he’s learning from the best so why not?

To that end we’ve got him a toy box full of toys and various pieces of lingerie, but the learning doesn’t stop there….next I taught him how to ‘twirl’ and ‘handbra bb’ like a pro so that he can earn me a ton of money on cam. That’s the whole point. I don’t just want to control him and his (I mean MY) cock, I want to send him out to earn me a ton of money.

skype submissive in lace lingerie

I’ve told him to available for any and all callers who wish to try out this new independent cam boy, so send him a message on yahoo if you’re ready to see what I can transform a man into. Meet my new cam boy toy: SvenXXXHard4u

He can be reached on yahoo at the button below. No paypal bb. Send him his money care of yours truly and I may give him a small reward if I feel like it

Call My Submissive on Yahoo

 (removed every now and then to fuck with him) 🙂


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Skype Domination

skype domination dress up picture

Skype Domination: A boytoy Ready to Serve

As many of you know, I love skype domination. I still love to be silly though, and my most fun skype domination cam shows are those I share with playmates who aren’t afraid to laugh while they obey me. One such adorable ‘toy’ is an Irish lad who loves dressing up for me, when he’s not scampering abut his backyard naked, that is. We’ve been playing together on cam for years and have gotten into quite a few naughty things together over time, as I am a horrible influence. As you can see, ‘Quinn’s boytoy‘ is a bit of an extrovert, which is a good thing because I do adore showing him off

My boytoy loves to please me, and I thought it would be fun to pass him around a bit to my readers while I’m off doing other things *evil smile* If you’d like to see for yourself how a good boytoy pleases me you can call him yourself on skype, he’s under strict orders to stay by his computer for the next 36 hours and must perform for any and every individual who contacts him there. He’s very obedient however he does occasionally need a spanking, so feel free to discipline him if he becomes a disobedient toy


Call My boytoy on Skype

(skype handle removed except for on special occasions) 🙂

I do love new toys, so if you’d like to join Quinn’s boytoy in my toybox contact me on yahoo to arrange a one-on-one skype domination cam show. If you’d like to learn more about other forms of skype cam domination that I practise, check out the domination cuckolding and sph section of my skype camgirl website


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Fetish Sex With a Strap On


fetish sex webcam screenshot

I Can Finally Attest: Strap On Fetish Sex Is Awesome

My brand new purple strap-on dildo finally arrived, and over the past few days I’ve been testing it out during fetish sex shows and in a few new fetish videos (these pics are screenshots from a rather…energetic strap-on fetish video I just shot, which is why the pics are a little blurry). Holy fuck I love this thing; it’s seriously awesome and I fuck amazingly well, if I may so myself

I feel so bad-ass when I wear it, although I’ve also collapsed into gales of laughter several times over while wearing it. It is kinda hilarious to look down and see a huge purple protrudent, not to mention the fact I still can’t keep my hands off it while I’m wearing it. Probably the funniest moment was when I bent down to scritch the head of my spoiled screaming-for-pets kitten while wearing it and watching him flee in terror at the sight of it

independent camgirl in lingerie and a strap on dildo

Beyond the fun of wearing it and making myself cum with it (in a few different ways), thanks to my new strap on toy sph fetish sex shows suddenly have risen to an entirely new level. Now not only can I mock small-cock sissies, I can compare my huge strap on toy to their minuscule appendages. I think I’m gonna try muscle domination next 🙂

So yes, I am completely enamored with my new cock I’ve named Xavier (or Mr. X to you while you’re begging to be pounded with it). If you’re in the mood for some fetish play hit me and Mr. X up on skype, I’d love to add you to my growing list of fetish sex conquests

*evil smile*

Fetish Webcam Sex


camgirl snapshot from a webcam sex show

A New Fetish Webcam Sex Experience

Ahhh, the strap-on, the go-to tool of the trade in fetish webcam sex  I never had a compelling reason to order one before…I figured they were fun but it takes alot to motivate me to go shopping so…meh. I couldn’t be bothered. That all changed a few nights ago. I was in the middle of a ridiculously awesome fetish webcam sex call when in a burst of inspiration I slid a huge toy that I own (for real, it’s so big it’s now called the ‘burglar basher’, had I any burglars to bash) down the front of my booty shorts. Holy fuck it was fun…I couldn’t stop touching the damn thing. I finally get why guys are so preoccupied with their cocks; they’re right there in front of you 24/7. I’ve never given two consecutive moments thought to my pussy cuz when I’m not using it it’s tucked away neatly- out of sight, out of mind, I suppose (I am dying laughing as I write this, btw)  but cocks are impossible to ignore when they’re right there in front of you.
Having a huge bulge in my shorts was a totally new experience…I moved differently, I kept grabbing onto it as I urged my skype playmate/victim to take (just the tip) into his mouth. I was totally in character.
Suffice it to say, I’m now a convert and I ordered a strap-on last night that should be arriving shortly. It vibrates (of course), it’s huge, it’s purple and I plan on having an immense amount of fun with it.
I think it’s pretty cool that even after all these years getting into fetish play during my skype webcam sex shows that I can still find new things that just…I dunno, click. Now I’m wondering how I went this many years without a strap-on.

I’m used to having cocks at my disposal but this one…this one is gonna be ALL mine.

Fetish Cam Girl Stories

fetish cam girl smoking during a  webcam sex show

Fetish Cam Girl Experiences: The Weird and the Wonderful

As a fetish cam girl I get into a lot of fetish play on cam, A LOT. Some days I barely take my clothes off, though I smoke, flex, pop balloons and mock tiny penises to my hearts content:) I was never a hard core fetishist before I got into independent webcamming but throughout the years I’ve become a huge fan of fetish cam sex play. It’s still not a huge part of my off-cam sex life, but on cam with each year fetish becomes a more prominent (and delightfully debaucherous) aspect of my skype cam shows.
Some fetishes I’d never even heard of before I became a fetish cam girl whereas others were ones I’ve dabbled in throughout the years, and others are ones I’d heard of yet never explored. Nevertheless, no matter how long I cam, I still encounter fetish requests that while fun to explore simply make a chica go wtf


Burning Post-It Guy

Probably my most memorable ‘wtf’ customer was a delightful man who had a smoking fetish. That in and of itself isn’t ‘extraordinary’, as smoking fetish is one of the most popular forms of fetish play I offer, and it’s def one of the most fun. What was unique about this guy’s fetish was that he wanted me to smoke while burning post-it notes, lighting the corners with my lighter as I drew on my cigarette and then extinguishing the flames with each exhale. Who am I to turn down something new? Once he laid it out for me I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and a glass of water (klutz insurance) and hopped on skype. It was kinda awesome and I had hella fun with him. Bonus: I never burned the house down!
I eventually got up the nerve to ask him what exactly was so erotic about burning post-it notes and his answer was succinct and to the point: “who wouldn’t be turned on by a hot woman burning post its?” Can’t argue with that logic, I suppose Anyway, dude was wicked fun, and while we lost contact over the years he will (probably) from now unto eternity hold the heralded title of having the most unique fetish I’ve ever encountered.