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A New Fetish Webcam Sex Experience

Ahhh, the strap-on, the go-to tool of the trade in fetish webcam sex  I never had a compelling reason to order one before…I figured they were fun but it takes alot to motivate me to go shopping so…meh. I couldn’t be bothered. That all changed a few nights ago. I was in the middle of a ridiculously awesome fetish webcam sex call when in a burst of inspiration I slid a huge toy that I own (for real, it’s so big it’s now called the ‘burglar basher’, had I any burglars to bash) down the front of my booty shorts. Holy fuck it was fun…I couldn’t stop touching the damn thing. I finally get why guys are so preoccupied with their cocks; they’re right there in front of you 24/7. I’ve never given two consecutive moments thought to my pussy cuz when I’m not using it it’s tucked away neatly- out of sight, out of mind, I suppose (I am dying laughing as I write this, btw)  but cocks are impossible to ignore when they’re right there in front of you.
Having a huge bulge in my shorts was a totally new experience…I moved differently, I kept grabbing onto it as I urged my skype playmate/victim to take (just the tip) into his mouth. I was totally in character.
Suffice it to say, I’m now a convert and I ordered a strap-on last night that should be arriving shortly. It vibrates (of course), it’s huge, it’s purple and I plan on having an immense amount of fun with it.
I think it’s pretty cool that even after all these years getting into fetish play during my skype webcam sex shows that I can still find new things that just…I dunno, click. Now I’m wondering how I went this many years without a strap-on.

I’m used to having cocks at my disposal but this one…this one is gonna be ALL mine.

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