Do You and Eff the Noise: A Camgirl Mantra

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While every skype camgirl needs to keep on top of events in her niche as they unfold, there’s such a thing as being too involved. πŸ™‚ Here I’ll be discussing the policing of others through what I simply term ‘the noise’ and I’ll be adding my view on why this sort of micromanaging is a total waste of time.

What is the Noise: Camgirl Distractions

Simply put, I characterize ‘the noise’ as paying far too much attention to what other cam girls do, say and charge, and I really believe that in order to achieve your peak level of camgirl success you need to avoid that kind of distraction. This noise is a risk for all types of camgirls but I think independent camgirls can be much more negatively impacted by these distractions because we occupy a smaller niche than our peers who work the ‘big box’ cam sites, and we often share customers in common due to the smaller pool of playmates who choose skype cam sex shows (although happily this pool is growing rapidly, to all our benefit) πŸ™‚ We know our peers in this niche, we visit each other’s sites and we stay on top of changes as they occur in our little niche of the cam sex world, and the reality is it’s impossible to be successful while not paying attention to changes as they unfold. That said, being over-involved in the choices of others is self-defeating and distracts from the goal of building strong and independent camgirl businesses.

Staying attuned to the industry is far different than obsessing over the actions of our peers. Every day I read and hear independent camgirls complain about the rates charged by others and the types of shows offered by others and I think this is type of mentality is a total waste of focus and energy. Yes, we’re all ultimately competitors in this niche, but the singular actions of another camgirl can never hurt your bottom line or your business. Below I’ll be outlining and rebutting some of the main ‘noise’ complaints I come across.

Camgirls Who Charge Less are Ruining My Business!

Deep breath sister, no they’re not. Here’s why: men who visit independent camgirls are seeking unique and personalized skype cam sex experiences, if all they wanted was a lowest cost option they’s be on a free tube site watching videos, not messaging you. Cam show cost is not the determining factor for most cam sex customers, they simply want to have a wicked time with a camgirl who shares their vibe and interests.

While as a group we do collectively set the tone for average rates in our niche, for most guys rates aren’t the primary concern: finding the perfects camgirl (or camgirls) for them is. Truth is, even the guys who are ‘bargain hunters’ quickly realize that girls who charge far below average tend to give their shows less than their all, but most guys they simply want a camgirl they click with, a camgirl they know will do their best to make a cam sex show extraordinary. Charge whatever you need to make doing skype cam shows worthwhile and the guys who want what you offer will come.

Cam Girls Who Do Extreme Acts are Taking My Customers: I Can’t Compete With That!

Speaking as an independent camgirl who isn’t comfortable with extreme acts, my reply would simply be this: don’t compete. The types of shows desired by our playmates are as varied and expansive as our customer base itself: not every guy is looking for double anal while squirting and spinning a top. πŸ™‚ If you don’t want to perform extreme acts, carve out a unique niche for yourself and rock it.

I’m trying to be careful about how I word this section, because I don’t want to suggest that there’s anything wrong with camgirls who perform extreme acts or the customers who enjoy them. Truth is there isn’t anything wrong with extreme: it’s simply a matter of personal boundaries and personalized tastes. All I’m saying is that there’s no need to feel threatened by girls who do extreme cam shows, they’ve simply chosen a niche that works for them. There’s no real reason why any camgirl needs to follow ANY particular path in order to achieve success, so choose another niche and excel within it. Do your own thing amazing well and the guys will come. Even better, they’ll revisit you. πŸ™‚

I’m a pretty staid camgirl when it comes to extreme shows…hell, I don’t even do anal, but I’ve never felt that my choices have hindered my earnings. This is because I’ve focused upon other aspects of cam sex that I do enjoy and I’ve tried hard to cultivate my skills in my chosen niches. For real, getting all upset over a camgirl who chooses to perform a different style of cam sex than oneself is about as logical as getting irked by camgirls who speak another language. Not every camgirl will appeal to every customer, so make sure you do your best to stand out in your niche by giving your shows 100% every time you turn on your cam.

That Camgirl Said Something Awful on Twitter

Ahhh, the twitter wars. As I’ve talked about before I’m doing my best to use twitter even though I hate it, and I’m constantly amazed by how many people seem to enjoy fighting with strangers online. This is the worst type of time wasting, AND advertising, as every camgirl who engages in social media fighting is essentially broadcasting to the world that she has way too much time on her hands. Camgirls who are successful and busy don’t have time for this sort of thing. Even worse, the only people who would be interested in this type of drama are those who are equally bored, and those people aren’t customers. In reality, our playmates visit us to get away from discord and drama; they seek escape, not the burden of immature scuffles. Fighting on the internet is not smart or hot; rather it alienates real customers and attracts bored cellar dwellers who will never book a show but hang around for the cat fight. Walk away and be the better person, it isn’t worth damaging your image or your peace of mind over nonsense.

Why Is ‘The Noise’ So Damaging?

I look at the matter this way: as an independent camgirl I’m responsible for every aspect of my business. If I succeed it’s due to me. If I fail I’m responsible. Taking responsibility for our businesses is a vital mentality for all entrepreneurs, in that the alternative of focusing on perceived external barriers to success prevents us from focusing on what WE can do to alter and adapt to enhance our bottom line. Focusing on the behaviors of others detracts from us focusing on ourselves, and it negates the power we have to forge our own unique enterprises through our own unique ideas. Blaming others is the opposite of taking responsibility, and I’ve found that cam girls who rail against and police the actions of their peers tend to forget that they have a tremendous amount of agency in determining the success or failure of their business.

In sum, ‘the noise’ is a toxic element involving the overpolicing of peers, and every camgirl focused upon building a successful business needs to avoid it. Do your own thing, do it exceedingly well and you’ll find that the actions/behaviours of your peers that you find objectionable aren’t at all relevant to your business. Trust your work ethic, trust your skills and give this job 100% and you’ll succeed no matter who else is doing what. Do you and fuck the noise.

Independent Webcam Girls Readiness Quiz

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Are you Well-Equipped to Work in the Niche of Independent Webcam girls?

Inspired by a peer of mine who created a checklist for discovering one’s ideal cam site, I decided to create a little quiz to help camgirls discover if they suit independent webcam work. Obviously this isn’t a peer-reviewed scientific study or anything, but I do hope it helps new independent webcam girls discover whether they’re on the right track in regards to pursuing work in this niche.

Are you familiar with html and basic website design?

  • Yes (2 points)
  • No, but I’m prepared to give myself a crash course (1 point)
  • No (0 points)

Do you enjoy regular cam sex customers or do you prefer to always interact with new people?

  • Yes, I enjoy cultivating a real connection with my regular playmates (2 points)
  • I enjoy a mix of both regulars and new clients (1 point)
  • No, I don’t like repeat clients and I’m not interested in building an authentic connection with them (0 points)

How many hours per week are you prepared to spend on self-promotion, web design, advertising, etc?

  • 14 hours or more (2 points)
  • 7 hours (1 point)
  • I rarely self-promote (0 points)

Assess your creativity…

  • I love being creative, thinking up new ideas and strategies and following through on implementing them (2 points)
  • I’m not very comfortable with the unknown, I prefer to do what I already know how to do but I’m willing to push myself into trying new things (1 points)
  • Camming is about tits and ass, what does creativity have to do with it? (0 points)

What sort of cam shows do you enjoy most?

  • Individualized and unique cam shows (2 points)
  • I have a pretty set routine but I don’t mind specific requests (1 point)
  • I do my thing, they watch, they cum. Rinse and repeat (0 points)

Assess your skills at maintaining boundaries:

  • I’m comfortable establishing what is ok with me and what isn’t. I respect my own time and demand that my cam sex playmates do the same. I’m not afraid to say ‘no’. (2 points)
  • I’m uncomfortable with vocalizing my boundaries and I never know what to say when a customer is requesting something (free chit chat, a particular sex act, etc) that doesn’t work for me. I always manage to get through it but establishing and maintaining boundaries is uncomfortable. (1 point)
  • I get angry when customers disrespect my time and never know how to handle it smoothly. I have a difficult time vocalizing my needs so customers tend to take advantage of me (0 points)

My approach to camming is:

  • A marathon, not a race. I understand that when just starting out building an independent webcam model business takes time, and a tremendous amount of work. I’m willing to invest whatever is required to reap rewards down the road. (2 points)
  • I want/need immediate results but I’m willing to invest time and effort for rewards at a later date. (1 point)
  • I need money now. Camming is not my future (0 points)

When I am off-cam I spend time strategizing…

  • Frequently. I often think about what I want to do next, what I want to try next, how I can improve on things I’m currently doing. I follow through on those ideas. (2 points)
  • Every couple of days a thought pops into my head but I don’t often follow through on those ideas. (1 point)
  • Rarely if ever. (0 points)

When it comes to responsibility level in providing cam sex shows:

  • I want to handle everything. Website design and maintenance, payment processing, promotion and advertising; I want to do it all and I trust my own skill and work ethic (2 points)
  • I want to branch out into providing things for myself, but I’m still learning. I’m implementing new skills quickly though, and I’m not afraid of handling new responsibilities all on my own. (1 point)
  • I prefer to just do cam sex shows. I don’t want to pursue real payment processing and I’m not all that invested in self-promotion (0 points)


Assess Your Independent Webcam Girl Readiness Score:

0-8 points: The good news is you can still be an amazing and successful camgirl, but the niche of independent webcam girls is probably not for you. If you don’t enjoy the specialized work that comes with running your own independent business chances are you won’t excel at maintaining the required level of that work long-term.

9-13 points: You’re still learning the skills required to be successful in this niche, but you’re on the right track. Try building your independent webcam girl business while still working the network cam sites so that you still have a regular income coming in while you’re learning the ropes. You’re on the right track but you still have a lot to learn and new skills and strategies to implement.

14-18 points: You are perfect for the niche of independent camgirls, and you’re well positioned to achieve amazing success running your own independent business. Trust your skill, your creativity and your work ethic and go for it. (and contact me for a link exchange once you build your website!) πŸ™‚


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Independent Camgirl Websites and Copyright

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How to Protect Our Independent Camgirl Websites From Copyright Infringers

While all camgirls should be concerned about copyright infringers who use our copyrighted pictures and webcam videos for their own purposes, as independent camgirls we have an additional concern: protecting our personal independent camgirl websites. Recently I had an experience with a couple of copyright-infringing domains that were hosting copies of my entire websites (including this one) on their own domains, so I figured I’d write about some of the strategies I’ve been employing successfully to solve the problem.

How Do Unethical Webmasters Infringe Upon Our Copyright?

In trying to figure out exactly what was happening in my situation, I learned that there are three main methods that are employed to copy a website to another domain. The first, scrapers, are scripts employed by unethical webmasters to ‘scrape’ (or basically copy) the text and images that appear on our websites and place that content on another domain. Scraping can be as basic as a simple cut/paste job or it can be done using software that performs that copy/paste work automatically. With scraping, only the content of pages and posts tends to be copied, not the entirety of a website (design, header, background, etc).

Website Mirrors

Website mirrors is a form of scraping on a site-wide level. With a website mirror, you are essentially looking at your own website replicated on another domain. Many webmasters mirror their own websites for legitimate purposes (countering censorship, easing traffic to a specific domain, etc) but website mirrors can also be used by unethical site owners to steal your website in the hopes that they will gain search engine traffic from your hard work. Of unethical site mirroring, site owners who perform what are called ‘302 redirects’ are the most damaging. With a 302 redirect site mirror (also known as a 302 highjack), a webmaster will mirror a website and then attempt to trick search engines into treating the mirror website as the original version by using 302 redirects, which tell search engines that the mirror domain has temporarily moved to the original domain. As such, the original domain is perceived by search engines to be the copy and can be penalized accordingly. Webmasters that employ 302 redirects are trying to steal search engine rankings that the real site owners have built, it’s a form of theft that not only steals content, but steals visitors as well, in that the copy of the website can often rank higher in search engines than the original website.

How to Find Infringing Domains

The easiest way to find scraped copies of our independent camgirl websites is using a service such as copyscape. Unfortunately, finding mirror domains is often not quite so easy, as I’ve found from experience that mirror copies do not show up in copyscape. To check for a mirror copy of a website, search for the site name without the tdl (as in, search for ‘sitename’ instead of ‘’) and scroll through the pages of results. If a website is performing a 302 highjack of your independent camgirl website, chances are it will show up in the search results.

How We Can Protect our Independent Camgirl Websites

In dealing with copyright infringers and protecting our independent camgirl websites, our best recourse is first to block offending websites from accessing our own. Following that, we need to send DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown notices to webmasters who copy our content, hosts that allow infringers to use their services and search engines that index infringing domains.

There are several standard DMCA templates floating around on the net, but the gist of each is that you must identify yourself as the legal owner of the copyright, state where your original material can be found on the web, and list the URL of every piece of offending content found on the infringing domain. In the case of domains that have created website mirrors of your own website, you’ll have a pretty long list of offending URLs. It’s not sufficient to state that your domain ‘’ has been copied without your permission on, you must list the individual URL of each blog post, page and picture attachment. Like I said, expect to be compiling a long list. Then you must request removal of the offending material and sign it with your name, address, telephone number and email address and send it via email or regular mail to the appropriate contact person.

How to Find the IP, Host and Contact Info for Offending Domains and their Website Hosting Companies

To block an offending IP, first you must find out what IP the website uses. That’s pretty easy to find by searching for the domain using any of the free IP checkers available on the internet. Once you’ve identified the IP/IP range you can simply block the IP(s) using .htaccess.

To find the website owner and host, search for the WHOIS information for the domain. There you will find the owner of the domain and the name of the website host. Send a DMCA takedown notice to the domain owner ‘abuse’ contact listed in the WHOIS. If that doesn’t work and the offending material is not removed, send a DMCA notice to the ‘abuse’ contact email address listed under the hosting portion of the WHOIS. Some hosts will demand a DMCA in hard copy, and in that case print out your DMCA notice, sign it and send it to the physical address provided by the host.

If the infringing mirror of your website is appearing in search results, you can send DMCAs to the major search engines as well. Search engines have no control over material located on the internet, but you can send a DMCA notice requesting removal of infringing content from search results. A great resource for sending DMCA takedown notices to search engines can be found here. Each template DMCA has the recipient address already filled in so you don’t need to search for this information separately.

When I found my beloved websites mirrored on other domains I was initially quite shocked, but with a bit of research I discovered that this is actually a pretty common phenomenon. Further, the more popular and prominent your website is, the more likely it is that an unethical webmaster will try to steal your own work for his or her own benefit. In that sense, having someone else steal your work is actually a sign you’re great at what you do. Try to find a little consolation in that πŸ™‚

If you find a scrape or mirror of your own independent camgirl website take a deep breath and start searching for contact information and the website IP. Block the IP/IP range of the infringing domain and then start compiling the URLs required for an effective DMCA takedown notice. Send the DMCA takedown notice first to the website owner, and if he/she doesn’t respond, DMCA the host and the search engines (if the infringing content is appearing in search results).

With a bit of work, time and tenacity we can protect our independent camgirl websites, and all the hard work we put into them. I know first-hand that dealing with copyright infringers can be a frustrating situation, but we can prevail if we follow the procedures legally afforded to us by the DMCA.

If you’re experiencing the same problem and are running into any difficulties, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to provide any information or advice I can on how to deal with the situation successfully.

A Follow-Up on Cam Girl Blog Services

cam girl blog picture


Tumblr and Camgirls, A Cam Girl Blog Service Update

In my last post on no-costΒ blogging services for cam girls I outlined the ‘big three’ (wordpress, blogger and tumblr) and explained how the acquisition of tumblr by Yahoo was causing concern amongst camgirls who were worried that their cam girl blogs would be shut down, or flagged as ‘adult’ by the service. At the time it appeared that tumblr, like blogger, was simply targeting affiliates who use these services to spam their advertisements for major porn companies (not cam girls), but over the past few days it appears that a small content site used heavily by camgirls has been affected by tumblr’s new stance on adult material, as have a few camgirls who posted material on tumblr that heavily linked to the content site.

The site in question, a small content site used by cam girls to sell videos and skype cam shows, featured a tumblr ‘auto-post’ function wherein advertisements for new video uploads were automatically published to tumblr when they were published on the content site. Now, posts containing the name of the site are blocked from tumblr, the ‘publish’ button grayed out for any post in which the name of the site appears. Not good πŸ™

For what it’s worth I suspect that this particular content site was targeted by tumblr because of the volume of automatic posts containing affiliate links generated from the site. While I don’t agree with tumblr’s policy, these automatic posts containing affiliate links do fit the category of ‘affiliate spam’ in that the content is not unique and the entire purpose of these posts is to drive viewer traffic to a commercial adult site. From my perspective, the only change between then and now in terms of tumblr’s stance on adult is that it’s evident that cam girls can’t assume that we’ll fly ‘under the radar’ when it comes to policies intended to target spam affiliates. We cam girls and the sites we work are becoming big business, and it’s increasingly important that free blogging services are not used for automatically-generated, affiliate link-laden posts if we want to use them for our cam girl work.

For those who are interested in a new no-cost blogging service similar to tumblr that doesn’t have any restrictions on adult, seems to be becoming a viable alternative. While this service still doesn’t have nearly the amount of traffic one can find on tumblr, it’s growing and I do believe the customer traffic will eventually follow the adult content producers who use it. It’s a new service, but it’s an adult-friendly service that does not feature any of the restrictions of the ‘big three’ no-cost cam girl blog options.

In sum, while the censoring of adult content on tumblr is disappointing, it still doesn’t appear that cam girls are at any significant risk of having our blogs shut down if we’re smart about how we use them, and strive to create unique, meaningful content that is more than just a bunch of affiliate links. While it appears that camgirls and webcamming are becoming increasingly high-profile, and as such subject to the same scrutiny as other forms of adult content, we ARE unique in that our businesses are ourselves. We’re unique individuals, not static pay sites. If we put ourselves, our unique personalities into our work we’ll attract great customers AND stay within the guidelines of no-cost blogging services such as tumblr. Auto-generated posting may be efficient but it’s not creative, and it doesn’t differentiate us from spam affiliates. Take the time to write your own content, use affiliate links sparingly and these services still do have some value.

An Update on an Update

So appears that tumblr has reversed it’s stance regarding the content site I’ve referred to above. Yay πŸ™‚ Still, a lot of independent camgirls are pretty upset with the censoring of adult content on tumblr, and understandably so. While a few camgirls are leaving tumblr in protest, I guess I look at it like free blogs aren’t going to be around forever anyways. They aren’t something we pass down to our grandkids πŸ™‚ We don’t own them, and thus, our control over the content we post there is somewhat limited. That’s the trade-off I guess. I still think tumblr is a great way to meet new customers and it’s ideal for skype camgirls who aren’t able or willing to put the immense effort that goes into running and promoting a full website (I love it but fuck it’s a lot of work). Β I’ll take the good with the bad, I guess.

Happy camming πŸ™‚


Messenger Services for Independent Cam Sex Shows

independent cam sex shows with Quinn

As an independent camgirl I’m primarily a skype cam girl, but there are a ton of free private messenger/video call service options for independent cam sex shows under the sun so I figured I’d break em all down here. Even though I strongly prefer skype for my cam sex calls, skype takes up a ton of bandwidth and isn’t ideal for those with less-than-stellar internet speed, so if you’re a fan of independent cam shows and skype boots you or your playmate offline unceremoniously one too many times, below I’ll be discussing Β some of the other free options available. After all, in order for cam sex to be awesome the calls actually have to work.


Yahoo Messenger Cam Sex Shows

Yahoo is always my preferred initial point of contact with potential customers and playmates but the service does support video calls as well, not just instant message (IM) chat. That said, the quality of video streaming on yahoo is less-than-stellar, and I find my playmates cams freeze on me far more often that with other services. There also seems to be an issue at times when my playmate and I are using two different versions of messenger…every now and then a video call ‘answer’ button will be inoperable and only returns to working function after my playmate logs out and returns. That’s annoying, for both of us.

Still, I do find yahoo to be an invaluable back-up service, in that it’s one most people tend to have already so it’s easy to access if skype is overloading the bandwidth of my playmate. Yahoo messenger supports free one on one video calls and you can choose to have IM’s sent to your mobile phone if desired.



Skype is my favorite messenger service for independent cam sex shows (as if the fact that I call myself a skype camgirl wasn’t enough of a tip-off) πŸ™‚ mainly because I like the video call clarity compared to yahoo, I’m familiar with the service and it seems to be the most widely-used amongst my customer base. With skype voice an video calls are free, but in order to do group video calls one party to the call needs a paid skype premium account. The major drawback to skype is that many of my playmates with less than great internet connections get booted off of calls, so while I love skype I’d never use it as my sole option for independent cam shows. I also like that I can block an unlimited number of unwanted visitors, and can control who can see my profile and avatar image as well as who can initiate a video call. What I don’t like is that my conversation history on one computer does not always show up on another computer, which makes it annoying if I need to scroll through the chat history to find a piece of info a playmate has sent me. If both parties only wish to do one on one video calls and have ideal internet upload/bandwidth capacity, skype is an ideal choice. That said, look below for other options available to independent camgirls


AIM Cam Shows

Yes, it’s still around πŸ™‚ I’ve personally never used AIM but it is apparently still a viable option for independent cam sex shows. It supports IM chats through one’s browser (the other party doesn’t need to have a download themselves) and group IM chat, however only one on one video calls are supported, there is no free group video call option.


ICQ for Independent Camgirls

I use ICQ for IM contact with webmasters (most adult webmasters seem to prefer it for some reason) but I’ve never used it for independent cam sex shows. The reason why is that, beyond adult webmasters most North American guys don’t seem to use it. The main downside to ICQ is that when I have it open I tend to receive a LOT of spam messages and contact requests, but you can easily ban/silence unwanted visitors. ICQ is mobile-friendly and supports free one on one video calls (there is no free group video call option) and there is a large community of chat rooms (including adult-friendly chat rooms) available if that’s your thing.


Camfrog for Independent Cam Sex Shows

Count this in as another service I’ve never tried. Still, from what I’ve gleaned Camfrog is both adult-friendly and mobile-friendly, has a user directory (which can be a good or bad thing, depending upon whether you want people to contact you unsolicited) and has an option for login through Facebook. Obviously this latter feature is a huge no no for independent camgirls who don’t wish to broadcast to their entire network of family and friends that they work selling independent cam sex shows, so be wary of using the Facebook login option. Camfrog supports free IM and person to person video calls, but not a group video call option.


Eyeball for Independent Cam Girls

With Eyeball independent camgirls can IM with contacts from their AIM, Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo lists all fro Eyeball Chat, which is a cool feature for independent camgirls who use several of these services simultaneously. Another plus is that Eyeball supports free video calls with up to 5 participants, and like ICQ provides access to a range of chatrooms.


Google Talk

I have to confess, I struggle with Google Talk. Maybe it’s the Luddite in me but I find it cumbersome to access and confusing to use, and I like to actually understand what I’m trying to explain to my playmates πŸ™‚ In order to do cam to cam video calls each party needs to download a ‘hangouts’ plugin, and each party needs a google plus account in order to carry on video calls with more than one person simultaneously. I dunno, maybe one day I’ll actually try to wrap my head around it, perhaps not right before I begin a call πŸ™‚


Oovoo for Independent Camgirls

With Oovoo independent camgirls can video chat with up to 12 people for free, and it also supports a few features that I think are pretty cool. You can watch a video with your cam sex partner during your cam to cam video call (ideal for watching porn during independent cam sex shows) and you can also create an up-to five minute recorded video which would be great for independent camgirls who are looking for a way to send preview videos to customers. I just link ’em to my youtube preview video but a range of options is always a good thing. Oovoo is mobile-friendly and also allows camgirls to embed a live video feed right on your website, access to which you can control through passwords. One major downside however is that with Oovoo video call participants can record the video call without having to download (or pay for) any extra software or plugins. Not great for independent camgirls or customers who want to minimize the risk of getting recorded.


PalTalk for Camgirls

I think I may actually look into this one πŸ™‚ I’ve yet to use Paltalk but it has a range of features that sound interesting and unlike Oovoo don’t make it uber-easy for video call participants to record the call. With PalTalk you can import yourYahoo, MSN, AOL and Facebook (nix the Facebook idea please) contacts and the service supports free group calls. Independent camgirls can also create their own video channel URL through PalTalk and embed a live video feed right on a personal website. PalTalk also has a variety of community chat rooms for those who are interested.


I’ll admit, I’m a huge create of habit in preferring skype and yahoo over all other services, but in my defense so are many of my cam sex playmates. I like yahoo for initial contact and skype for video calls both because these seem to be the two most popular services amongst my customer base, and secondly because…well, I’m used to ’em πŸ™‚ Still, with MSN messenger being merged with skype (MSN used to be my second choice service for video calls) it never hurts to have at least a couple of options available to cam sex playmates who have internet upload/bandwidth that is too low for Skype.

That’s the beauty of being independent camgirls, we can run our business they way we want, and adjust our options according to the needs of ourselves and our customers.


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