Blogging Services For Cam Girls

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Popular Blog Hosting Options For Cam Girls

While most established skype cam girls learn to run their own websites, the process can be a little bit daunting for newly-independent camgirls just starting out. Since there have been a few big changes in how the most popular free host blog services operate, I figured this would be a good time to outline some of the options available to cam girls who want a little space on the web off of the network cam sites.


Free Blog Hosts

Of all the free blog options out there, tumblr, blogger and wordpress seem to be the most popular with independent cam girls, with tumblr the most popular option and wordpress the least. While all three options permit adult content, free wordpress blogs (free wordpress blogs are hosted on do not permit external links to adult sites, meaning that you can’t place a link to clips or cam site on a free wordpress blog. That isn’t ideal for the purposes of camgirls who both work independently and work the mainstream cam sites. Another downside of wordpress is that, while I love it, it is somewhat difficult to learn how to use compared to tumblr and blogger.

While blogger now also prohibits links to commercial porn sites, it appears that direct links to payment processors or small listing sites are allowed, provided they aren’t spammed all over the blog. A plus of blogger is that it is easier to use than wordpress.

Of the three free blog hosting options, tumblr is by far the most popular both for it’s ease of use and the ‘follow’ and ‘reblog’ system that enables independent camgirls to network with each other and gain new customers. Another important factor is that tumblr permits adult links, again provided that the links are not spammed all over the blog.

On tumblr there are two categories of blogs that relate to our purposes. The first is ‘nsfw’ and blogs that fit this designation can contain adult material, but the blog must not be ‘substantially’ adult-based. Basically, this means the blog contains a variety of different types of material, it needs to have more than the occasional non-porn post or picture. NSFW blogs are indexed by search engines but are not visible to viewers not logged into tumblr, and ‘NSFW’ blogs are not visible to viewers using a mobile app (unless they are already following you). This latter policy is a relatively new limitation that isn’t ideal. Blogs labelled as ‘adult’ are comprised of a substantial amount of adult content, are not indexed by search engines, and they are not visible to viewers not logged into tumblr. As independent cam girls, we want to maintain our blogs as ‘nsfw’ rather than ‘adult’, so it’s important to post a variety of material on tumblr that isn’t straight-up porn.

If you’re a camgirl who has had your blog flagged as ‘adult’ and you feel it’s better suited to the ‘NSFW’ category, you can send an appeal to tumblr at When sending an appeal, include the email address through which you registered your tumblr blog, the URL of the blog at issue and a full description of why you think your blog was mistakenly flagged as ‘adult’.

Below I’ve posted a graph that I hope helps illustrate the differences between the three services:

WordPress Blogger Tumblr
Allows External Adult Links no yes yes
Allows Affiliate Links no no yes (in moderation)
Easy for the Inexperienced to Use no yes yes
Easy to Gain Followers Through the Service no no yes (the ‘follow’ system)
Free yes ( yes yes
Censors Adult Content no yes Yes (blocks adult-themed tags from mobile users). Users on desktops/laptops do not have adult-themed tags blocked from view


What Free Blog Hosting Service Rules Mean for Cam Girls

This may not be a very popular opinion, but I think the tumblr policy of ‘nsfw’ and ‘adult’ is actually a good one for cam girls, in that lazy posting habits of simply reblogging porn gifs isn’t a very effective way to gain new paying customers on tumblr. Our potential playmates want to see our personalities before they even meet us on cam, and a tumblr blog is a great way to allow viewers a peek inside our heads, our lives. What do we enjoy? What issues are important to us and what do we care about the most? These are all things that a great tumblr blog will cover, and showing our personalities is vital to attracting the types of guys who are seeking what it is we offer. Posting endless porn pics will only attract the types of guys that we all end up blocking on skype because they ask for free ish 🙂

Since blogger changed it’s policy to prohibit affiliate links to porn sites and tumblr enacted it’s ‘nsfw’ and ‘adult’ categories there have been a lot of  skype cam girls concerned that these options are no longer viable to us. In truth, both are still very much ‘camgirl-friendly’ provided that we stay within the rules of each service. On blogger that means limiting external links to one or two, maximum, and on tumblr that means posting a variety of adult AND non-adult content. These services aren’t trying to run us out of business, they are simply trying to prevent affiliate spammers from clogging up their services with low-quality blogs that offer nothing more than paid advertisements. That’s not us 🙂

In short, while it’s important to understand and follow the rules set out by free blog hosts, tumblr and blogger are still attractive options to independent cam girls who are intimidated by the notion of purchasing and running their own websites. Create well-rounded sites that convey your personality as well as your cam show rates and you’ll be fine. 🙂

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Twitter 101 for Skype Webcam Girls

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Hate to Admit It But Skype Webcam Girls Apparently Should Use Twitter

Dammit 🙂 Some of you make recall that a few months back I took a poll on whether I should join the ranks of the cam girls on Twitter. I was delighted that the response to that poll was an overwhelming ‘fuck no’, but the more I think about it the more I realize that my mission to promote skype webcam girls (as well as my beloved sites) is missing a pretty significant component due to my pathological aversion to Twitter.

I arrived at this conclusion through a conversation I had recently with a fellow skype webcam girl I highly respect, who pointed out to me that Twitter is a great way for webcam girls to get their names out there to new playmates, many of whom may not necessarily be huge users of the medium themselves. She also gave me some great tips on how I (and webcam girls in general) can use this form of social media effectively. I thought her advice was wicked so I’m posting it here for anyone who like me really doesn’t feel all that comfortable using social media.


Converting Existing Customers to Skype

This first piece of advice on how webcam girls can use twitter to convert existing customers to skype doesn’t really apply to me (I don’t work any webcam sites anymore), but it’s a message I figured would be helpful to new independent webcam girls. Most cam sites prohibit ‘offsite contact’ between webcam girls and their customers, but creating a twitter handle that is the same as your cam site name is an effective method of enabling your existing customers to find you off the cam site. Once you’ve connected with your customers on Twitter you can direct them to wherever you choose, including to your own skype camgirl website or listing profile page.

The one downside to this strategy for webcam girls is that in converting your best existing site customers over to skype you may lose placement on the cam site if rankings are based on earnings (and most are to at least a degree), but for webcam girls who are committed to running their own independent skype sex businesses this is going to be inevitable anyways.


Using Hashtags To Gain Exposure

Aside from following fellow webcam girls and existing customers, apparently a good way for webcam girls to gain exposure on Twitter is through the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase that’s preceded by a ‘#’ sign, (as in ‘#hashtag’) and these hashtags are clickable links that connect to anyone else who is using that particular hashtag word or phrase. These words or phrases can be as general or specific as you wish them to be, and you can also tweet responses to existing hashtags that are ‘trending’ (a side panel located in your twitter account shows trending hashtags) if you want to gain maximum exposure to new twitter users outside your immediate circle or niche. There seems to be an entire set of hashtags that are used by webcam girls on Twitter such as ‘#tittytuesday’ and ‘#thongthursday’, and these hashtags are usually accompanied by pics of…who’d have guessed it, tits and thongs 🙂 There’s a ton more that I haven’t learned yet, but what I plan to do is follow some webcam girls on twitter who know their stuff and see what hashtags tend to pop up most frequently among our kind.

Webcam Girl Etiquette on Twitter

Since I’m new to this form of social media I wanted to get a sense of the culture before I jumped in, in the hopes of not making huge faux pas or offending anyone. On this note, the best advice I got was to not spam my webcam girl links constantly (it’s annoying to followers and can get an account banned). Ratherm the most effective way for webcam girls to use twitter is to mix tweets about work (cam schedule, new videos released, etc) with non-commercial tweets about…anything really.


Quality Over Quantity

As I’m pretty new to all this, I wasn’t aware that there are a ton of services out there that promise twitter followers (at a cost, of course). My webcam girl friend advised me that the most important aspect to using Twitter effectively is valuing quality over quantity, and that many of these ‘follower’ services actually send bots that will never buy a skype cam show or a custom video. Not much point in that. 🙂 She suggested gaining followers organically and over time is the best way to ensure we don’t end up with a bunch of bots or spammers filling our timelines with crap.

She also suggested that as I delve into Twitter that I avoid people who thrive on conflict, as it reflects badly on webcam girls who make a hobby of fighting on the internet. Personally I couldn’t agree more here, in that I hate that fighting seems to be a popular activity all over the damn internet. My friend immediately unfollows anyone who makes a habit of attacking other webcam girls, or stirring drama just for the sake of doing so. The corollary to that, of course, is for us not to cause drama ourselves 🙂 (this has nothing to do with twitter per se but seriously: what is it about the internet and fighting? I will never understand.)


Useful Tools For Skype Webcam Girls

There are quite a few tools that allow webcam girls to schedule tweets and manage their social media profiles, and one of the most popular seems to be a service called Hootsuite. This ‘social media dashboard’ enables webcam girls to program tweets and other forms of social media posting ahead of time, so tweeting need not be done throughout the day, or even ever day, if planned efficiently. This service seems particularly attractive to me because I don’t enjoy the thought of having to stop what I’m doing to write a fucking tweet about it, so I like the idea of being able to get things done all in one go. While Hootsuite offers paid plans, there is also a basic free option which is great for skype webcam girls such as myself who don’t live and breathe online interaction.


Yes, I’m Joining the Ranks

I’m gonna try not to be too surly about this, although truth be told I kinda expect this to annoy the hell out of me, at least until I get into the groove of using Hootsuite. What I’m gonna try to keep in mind is that Twitter is of particular use to skype webcam girls, in that Twitter permits the posting of links (which in our cases are our own websites). Not only does this help new customers find us, it also boosts the rankings of our websites which in turn helps new customers who don’t use Twitter find us. Win win 🙂 Unlike webcam girls who work the cam sites, we don’t have an army of affiliates and promotional managers working for us, so we need to use every opportunity we can to boost our exposure online.

Blech. Wish me luck 🙂

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Providing Independent Cam Shows with a Smile

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Challenges Camgirls Face When Providing Independent Cam Shows

Recently I read a post on a camgirl forum I frequent that involved the frustrations that come with being a camgirl providing independent cam shows on yahoo and skype. This camgirl was fairly new to the business and was struggling to cope with some of issues that arise when we’re independent camgirls doing everything for ourselves, and since I know these sorts of frustrations are common I figured I’d use this space to write about some of these challenges, and more importantly, how to counter them effectively.


The Challenges in Stereotype

One of the most frequent complaints made by newly independent camgirls offering independent cam shows is the dreaded ‘time waster’. This is the dude who’s bored and broke and who hits up independent camgirls asking for previews, free sex chat and other nonsense. Another brand of moron is the ‘paypal bb’ guy, who trolls the internet seeking camgirls who will accept paypal for their independent cam shows. He seeks out these camgirls because it’s easy to chargeback after the fact if paypal is used. The last brand of annoyance faced by independent camgirls are the flat-out trolls. While luckily few and far between, there are always a few who will troll both the most successful independent camgirls and the newest camgirls, in the hopes of demoralizing the former and driving the latter away from the niche. They’ll ask a ton of questions and attempt to monopolize your time, and if they don’t get their way they launch into a barrage of insults. Charming 🙂


How to Deal With the Annoyances and Perform Independent Cam Shows With Pleasure

Now that we’ve covered the common ‘types’, let’s move on to how to deal with em 🙂

The one thing that’s vital for independent camgirls to keep in mind is that WE choose what we allow to bothers us, and WE choose how we spend our time. With that philosophy in mind the ‘time waster’ type simply ceases to exist, in that we as independent camgirls can choose to prohibit guys from monopolizing our time. Say a guy contacts you for an independent cam show and asks for a preview or a type of show you don’t offer. Just politely say no and move on. If the guy is serious about seeing you on cam he’ll accept what you’re comfortable with. If not, his loss 🙂 Seriously, I know a ton of independent camgirls who will argue with these guys endlessly about why they don’t offer previews, why they don’t do x, y and z and they still end up with the same result as the camgirls who just say no. The only difference is the former waste a ton of time arguing on the internet, for free at that.

It’s pretty simple; a guy either wants to have fun or he doesn’t. If he’s dead set on a free preview and you don’t offer previews he needs to look elsewhere. Same thing if he wants a type of show you don’t offer. To each their own of course, but in my opinion trying to ‘convince’ a guy to book a cam show isn’t really worth the effort. If he wants to cum with me he’ll follow my rules and get on cam with me. If he’s not prepared to do that, peace son 🙂

I don’t say this with anger, rather, this is my strategy for preventing anger or frustration. In not allowing the ‘time wasters’ to monopolize a moment of my time, I preserve my time and energy for all the great guys out there who actually deserve it. Arguing on the internet has never seemed like much fun to me anyways 🙂

I tend to deal with the ‘paypal’ dudes the same way. I don’t really care why they want to use paypal, I just simply don’t offer it. If that’s the only payment system they are prepared to use, they won’t be doing a show with me. Paypal’s anti-adult policy has been in effect for quite a few years now so there’s very few guys out there who are genuinely unaware of the pitfalls. For those who aren’t aware, I have written info all over my websites explaining my position. Like I wrote above, if a guy wants to have some fun he’ll pull out his credit card and get the formalities over with quickly. A guy who wants to argue about paypal isn’t worth the time or effort. My advice is again, save your time for the great guys.

The third type is the troll, and it’s why god in her infinite wisdom created the ban button. If someone annoys you or presents himself in an abusive manner, just block and move on. Never allow insults to ruin your mood.


Providing Independent Cam Shows With a REAL Smile

If you notice a pattern here, I advocate a pretty basic approach to independent cam shows. Being successful and maintaining a great frame of mind involves figuring out how to block out the nonsense and enjoy our work.  The great guys are out there and we need to be open to meeting them, and we also need to realize that WE control how we interact with any given person. No one can waste our time or annoy us if we don’t let them 🙂

I look at providing cam shows as having an amazing time on cam and making great money while doing so. Truth is, the great guys need to be (and deserve to be) the focus of our time and attention, and independent camgirls who allow the losers to get to them will alienate the great guys. What’s the point of promoting yourself and being online if every interaction causes you stress, causing you to be rude to the great guys because you’re anticipating nonsense? Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself. If a guy annoys you or tries to waste your time, move on with a smile, knowing that anyone bored and lonely enough to troll camgirls on the internet should be pitied, not hated.

While everyone has to find strategies that work for them, mine has worked for me in the four years that I’ve been a camgirl providing solely independent cam shows. Truth is I love my job, and all the ‘paypal bb’s’ in the world could never change that. I hope some of what I have to say is of use to all of you new independent camgirls out there if you struggle with frustration from time to time. In providing independent cam shows be prepared to accept the good as well as the bad, be smart enough to choose which gets your focus and energy.

Good luck out there bb’s

Independent Cam Girls and Maintaining Boundaries

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For Independent Cam Girls Maintaining Boundaries is an Integral Skill

For independent cam girls who are new to performing cam shows on yahoo and skype, establishing and maintaining boundaries is vital skill that will enable you to prevent frustration and maximize your earnings AND your enjoyment of the job. While learning how to establish boundaries is an important skill for all camgirls, for independent cam girls this is even more important simply because some of the coolest aspects of our work (the lack of stupid ‘no offsite contact’ rules, running our own cam shows, the ability to interact with our playmates and jump on skype for fun whenever and wherever we want without having to log into a webcam site) means that we tend to be available far more often than our cam girl peers who work the big box sites. That’s a great thing, but the ease of communication and the availability that being independent cam girls provides means that we have to establish and maintain personal boundaries that work for us, so that our cam work doesn’t interfer with other aspects of our lives or our emotional health.


How Independent Cam Girls Set Boundaries: Figure Out What’s Important To You

Personal boundaries will be different for each independent cam girl, depending upon the unique circumstances of our lives. For example, while I enjoy a chat between cam shows with my friends and playmates every now and then, I am not okay with people dropping by in the middle of the workday expecting to have an extended conversation with me. I work online, ergo when I’m online I’m working. My friends and playmates understand and respect that, and those that don’t…oh well :). I look at the matter this way, as much as my cam playmates enjoy my company, they would not be ok with me dropping by during their work day expecting their undivided attention, and it would be silly of me to expect that 🙂 The same holds true in reverse. All independent cam girls will have things that aren’t acceptable to them, so step one is simply a matter of deciding what you’re ok with and what you aren’t.

Another important set of boundaries to me is my limits on cam. I have a list of things I don’t feel comfortable doing on cam and I don’t let guys try to persuade me into doing something I don’t want to do. Those limits aren’t up for debate, and anyone who can’t take no for an answer isn’t the sort of person I want to spend time with, full stop.

As important as establishing boundaries is actually feeling comfortable discussing them. It’s not fair to get pissed at a guy for doing something you don’t like, if you don’t let him know what it is you don’t actually like. That goes for cam sex boundaries (what acts you’re into, what acts you won’t do), contact boundaries, how one handles shows that run overtime, everything. Part of being independent is creating your own rules, and independent cam girls need to feel comfortable expressing those rules, otherwise there’s not much point in having them. Always remember that our customers aren’t our adversaries, they want to have fun with us. It’s our job to tell them what WE need in order for the experience to be enjoyable.


Establishing Boundaries Will Not Impact Your Earnings

It seems some new independent cam girls worry that establishing boundaries will harm their ability to build a business. On the contrary, not establishing boundaries (or establishing them but not making those boundaries clear) is a recipe for misunderstandings, frustration on both sides and job dissatisfaction. Please never feel that as a camgirl you need to offer a specific act in order to be successful, or feel compelled to let guys walk all over you in order to build a base of regular playmates. Those cam girls (independent or otherwise) who do these things end up hating their work and their customers, it’s simply not worth it.

I’ve been an independent cam girl for 4 years now, and the vast majority of the independent webcam sex playmates I encounter are genuinely wicked guys who want a real person to have fun with. A real person has limits, boundaries, personal likes and dislikes, and I’ve never felt my income or my success has been hindered by the fact that I don’t do anal, accept paypal, offer watersports, etc. Another aspect in establishing independent cam girl boundaries is having confidence in your own personality and your ability to give a wicked cam sex experience, within your own terms. Building an independent cam girl business is a process that takes time, but the effort is worth it. After all, what’s the point of running your own business if you dread each interaction with your playmates because you let them walk all over you.


Maintaining Boundaries Need Not Be Adversarial

Like I wrote above, our playmates aren’t our adversaries. Don’t get stressed out explaining your boundaries and sticking to them, just approach discussions as if your boundaries are a natural and logical part of an independent cam sex interaction with you, because they are. We’re independent cam girls, we’re not bound by any rules other than our own comfort, our own peace of mind, and extending the same respect to the guys with whom we do cam shows.

In that sense, while boundaries are vital they aren’t such a big deal or all that complicated. They are simply what you’re ok with, and with what you aren’t. The great guys, the ones you WANT to have on your skype list will get that. Have confidence in your ability to give great shows on your own terms and you’ll do fine.

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Independent Cam Girls Do It Better

The Independent Cam Girls Scene is Changing: We Need to Be on Our Toes

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I feel a bit odd writing this, but the topic of changes to the independent cam girls ‘scene’ has been on my mind a lot recently so I figured I’d just write it out 🙂 Like cam sex itself, the niche of independent cam girls is a new niche and the field is constantly changing. New technology emerges rendering the old obsolete, independent cam girl listing sites rise and fall, but through it all the tough (that’s us) 🙂 keep thriving. First off, I want to make something clear. I’m not averse to change, while I’m somewhat cat-like in the sense that when things are good I want them to stay exactly the same for ever and ever, I’ve come to realize over the past few years that change is pretty much always for the better, if we use our minds creatively.

Sites With Problematic Payment Options, Camgirl Contracts and Business Plans

There’s been a couple of new independent cam girl listing sites that have emerged recently that really concern me. One features really questionable payment options, and the other has an independent cam girl contract that makes me cringe. It’s seriously that bad. I don’t want to put these sites on blast publicly, partly because I don’t think it’s fair to critique a site without giving the site reps an opportunity to respond (and I’m not about to turn my beloved cam sex blog into a mouthpiece for PR) and partly because I don’t want to  give the site any extra traffic from the independent cam sex fans who read here. What I would hope is that if you’re a cam girl who is new to independent camming, that you would scrutinize the model contracts of every independent cam girl listing site you join. Think critically, and when in doubt ask questions, both to your cam girl peers or to the site reps themselves.

If you’re wondering about the sites to which I’m obliquely referring, feel free to drop me an email at I would never try to tell other independent cam girls how to run their businesses or which sites to use or not use, but at the same time there are a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way. I don’t want anyone to get burned simply because they don’t know what to look out for. With that said, there are a few (old and new) listing sites for independent cam girls that are run by open, honest and legitimate webmasters, so if you need some rec’s on the good guys (and girls) feel free to hit me up via email for those as well.

In being independent cam girls we occupy a pretty unique space, when ya think about it. On the one hand we’re entirely independent, but on the other we rely upon each other to help build this niche, as not a single one of us can do that alone. In that way I do think of each one of us as members of a pretty wicked community, even those independent cam girls who have never exchanged a word between each other. That’s where I’m coming from with this post…I see a couple of sites that have huge warning flags waving and I don’t want to just sit by silently and watch my peers potentially get burned.

In closing, just watch out for yourself. Read your contracts, question anything that seems odd and never feel you NEED to join any given site in order to succeed. Have faith in your own judgement and ability to turn hard work into something awesome.

*drops dildo and steps off soapbox*

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