A Skype Cam Boy in Training

naked girl performing a skype cam showTurning the Tables During Skype Cam Sex

One of the reasons I have way too much fucking fun with my skype cam shows is that my partners and I share much in common, beyond just being fun people. For example, I love to be in control, and many of my playmates LOVE to be controlled. Not by just anyone mind you….they love to be controlled by me. 🙂

Often I’ve thought about really turning out one of my playmates, not just in fantasy but actually having him perform real cam shows FOR me, for other men, but I’m a perfectionist. I’m a successful camgirl and if I may say it I kick ass at what I do. There’s no way on hell I could have a guy running around out there on the web under my tutelage, giving half-assed shows of inferior quality. As such, to fulfill this fantasy of turning out a playmate and transforming him into a professional camboy I need a playmate dedicated to his role, a man I can mold into the ultimate skype cam boy. Enter BD (my as yet to be properly-named skype cam boy in training). He’s bright, fun, eager to please and he knows how to rock purple panties.

A Skype Cam Boy is Born

BD has spent hours memorizing scripts for roleplays ranging from SPH and cuckolding to lollipop and muscle fetish by studying my fetish videos, and together we’ve purchased him, well….more sex toys than I can count. During our last shopping excursion during a skype session I picked out a pair of leather crotchless panties (named ‘cyclops’, hahaha) and a rubber chastity cage. He had to beg me to get new panties. All these will go well with his collar, stockings and extensive collection of dildos, vibrators and wands. 🙂 Check him out below in full Jesse-mode.

skype cam boy in collar and stockings

In truth, beyond being a fucking delightful human being I think BD will actually make a killer skype cam boy when I’m finally ready to turn him out. I’ll receive the earnings, of course, and he’ll receive the joy of serving and entertaining me. He knows how to put on a good show and he’s got all the gear, but most importantly he’s got the attitude. He gets that laughter is as integral to wicked cam sex as are the actual orgasms, and he’s not afraid to totally dive into a role for the purpose of fun, one of the highest callings there is, I think 🙂

My skype cam boy to be is nervous but excited. I think it’s gonna be insanely fun.

skype cam show snapshot of sexy mean camgirl

I’m in control so don’t fuck it up.

Holy fuck I love my job.

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