A Skype Cam Swimsuit Contest

skype cam girl quinn69 in turquoise swimsuit

Well, let’s call it a skype cam swimsuit contest without the competitive component, because truth is both me and my delectable skype cam boy toy look absolutely ravishing in our beach attire. πŸ™‚

Recently my skype cam boy toy and I got to celebrate two pretty wicked things recently (his birthday and my escape from the cold) and what better way to celebrate than lounging in my bed fort on skype, him tipping back some very hoity toity white wine in a box and me pounding back energy drinks (it’s always hours earlier over here so I can’t often justify getting tanked on cam at noon, alas). Β The only thing that could make it better? Swimsuits of course. πŸ˜€

Video call snapshot 2skype cam show snapshot of boy toy in green bikini







I was in my colorful aqua bikini, as my new thoroughly slutty wicked weasel bathing suit (see below) hadn’t arrived yet, and my skype cam boy toy was in a delicious two piece ensemble that perfectly displayed his delectable derriere. They unfortunately don’t make swimsuits like they used to though. Such horrific craftsmanship, both of us kept slipping out of our swimsuits which you could imagine was quite embarrassing for modest individuals such as ourselves.

I can hardly wait until I’m out of arctic Canada for good, and as soon as I get down to my new home in the perpetual sun my skype cam boy toy and I will have our first ever poolside hook-up, which after 5 long years is sorely overdue. I hope I don’t accidentally get my new swimsuit wet though, according to a certain Irish pup who purchased it for me it becomes translucent when exposed to water. πŸ™‚ I’m not I’m supposed to get presents on other people’s birthdays but that’s just the sort of person my boy toy is. He also delighted me with a pic I dared him to take in an Irish pub.

25175679-B16D-4251-B81C-E2E32E6AA50Ccam girl in sexy bathing suit posing on skype webcam






See? We’re practically twins, no competition here. Rather it’s just an average afternoon in March, lounging in our slutty slutty swimwear. πŸ™‚

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