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Femdom Games with a Delicious Sissy Slut on Skype

Ted, or Candy as he’s known when he’s all dolled up in full regalia, is a sissy slut on skype that I’ve been playing with for years, and our calls are never dull or routine. In Candy-mode she transforms into my pet, a perfect sissy plaything to boss around and tease in turns, and tonight for the first time she performed live for me on a webcam site. It was awesome, dressed in a sexy body stocking and lingerie, with full makeup and blond hair dyed pink (to match mine!) she stripped (and revealed the used condom stick stuck inside her ass, such a slut) and entertained her room on my command, as I fielded requests from the other chat room guests who were enjoying her performance. Big ups to bigbro for earning the privilege of cumming on her face ;). We cammed on skype as she streamed her webcam on the cam site, and I stripped along with her before pulling out my magnificent strap-on Mr X. Candy needs to come down to the islands; oh the things I would do to her.

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After she’d satisfied her chat room guests on my command, begging for their cum as they drained their balls, she proceeded to the shower to shave off her chest hair and write ‘Quinn69’s slut’ across her ample bosom. I like to label my property, and she was more than eager to oblige. Such an obedient toy.

I love to play games and see how far I can run with my playmate’s fantasies and desires, and it feels so fucking awesome when I encounter wicked individuals who aren’t afraid to really go there, who thrive on serving and being turned into an object for my entertainment. I adore Candy and she makes me giggle with glee every time we do a call. I love hearing her tales of her sexual escapades and more than anything, showing her off to men who wish they were as lucky as I in owning her ass.

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To Mlle Candy, you are a delicious little sissy slut on skype (and off for that matter) and I love every moment of our play together. I don’t normally go for blondes but in your case it’s just perfect and I can’t help but make an exception. Besides, no chick named ‘Candy’ could be anything other than a blonde. She looked so deliciously slutty with my name written across her bare chest as she begged for cum. Next time be careful not to lose the condom though ๐Ÿ˜›

Technical Resources for Indy Skype Webcam Girls

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As indy skype webcam girls we’re responsible for every aspect of our independent webcam businesses. We need to be able to manage our own skype cam sex websites, shoot and edit our own promotional pictures and edit our own fetish and sex clips and videos. While many of these skills are beneficial to all camgirls (particularly video editing skills), as indy skype camgirls our skill sets needs to more expansive simply because we are responsible for all the things the ‘big box’ sites typically handle for camgirls who work their sites. While there are many excellent paid tutorial and software options out there, I’m a huge fan of open source software and free resources. Below are some of my favorite cost-free resources that have helped me tremendously in running my independent webcam business.

HTML and Web Design for Indy Skype Webcam Girls

When I started out building my first fully independent webcam site I knew nothing about web design, HTML, PHP, nothing. Hell, I couldn’t even create a clickable link. My learning curve was steep and involved a tremendous amount of trial and error, but I found a few resources that became vital to me as I broadened (and then deepened) my skill set. Below are a few of my favourite resources that are of particular interest to indy skype camgirls who want to create and run their own websites

W3Schools is an amazing free resource that allows one to explore all aspects of html, css and PHP. It’s an ideal resource for beginners who are learning the basics and allows us to venture into more complex aspects of web design as our skill sets develop and progress. This is a highly recommended resource for all indy skype webcam girls, regardless of pre-existing skill set. Forums

The support forums can be quite overwhelming if one is brand new to css, however as proficiency in css develops the wordpress forums are an ideal resource for indy skype webcam girls who operate wordpress-based personal sites.


Photo and Video Resources for Skype Camgirls

As camgirls who don’t work free chat cam sites our pictures and videos are vital, in that these are all that new clients get to experience of us prior to booking a skype cam show. Below are some great open source video and photo editing options.


Gimp is an open-source (free) alternative to photoshop, and with this monster of a program you can do pretty much anything you can do with photoshop. That said this software comes with a steep learning curve if you’re unfamiliar with digital image editing, however if you’re prepared to explore the features and experiment this program can replace costly editing programs.


Photoscape is another open source (free ) program. It offers far fewer features than photoshop or gimp, but for those unfamiliar with these latter options photoscape is easy to use and does offer some great features such as watermarking, cropping, (including batch-editing) and instagram-style filters. It also comes with a drag and drop feature for making .gifs.


Pixlr is a fun program that you can access via the browser on the pixlr website, no downloads required. While not a great tool for cropping and watermarking you can have a lot of fun adding filters and accents to your photos to create dramatic moods with your digital images.


Windows Movie Maker is a common video editing software that usually comes pre-installed on computers that operate with windows. For that reason it’s one of the most commonly-used editing programs, despite the limitations of the program. With WMM you can cut and merge video recordings, add narration or a soundtrack, watermark your videos and add color effects and segues between film clips. For indy skype webcam girls who don’t have hugely complex video editing needs WMM more than adequately serves our purposes, however as follows below it is only one option among many.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is an open source (free) video editing software that operates in a manner quite similar to WMM, although it does offer some technical features WMM neglects such as noise reduction, keyboard and mouse shortcuts for ease of use and precise frame rate adjustment. Virtual Dub is AVI-format based, whereas with WMM the default format is WMV. This shouldn’t be a concern however, as programs such as Any Video Converter (a free video conversion software) can easily reformat videos to any of the most common formats preferred by clients.


Camstasia is an open source software that includes features such as free templates and soundtracks, a built-in recording system, unlimited tracks for editing multiple files together at once and the ability to export files to a dizzying array of devices such as phone and DVD.


While there are several open source FTP (file transfer protocol) options available to indy skype webcam girls who wish to operate their websites via FTP or upload clips and videos to clip sites, Filezilla is my personal favorite. It’s intuitive to use and it’s free to download.

A Note on Open Source Software

Open source software is different than pirated (stolen) software, in that Open Source licenses provide for legal, free use of the programs that use this license. That means that not only is Open Source an ethical option, it is also much safer than pirated software attained for free, as pirated material often included nasty viruses in the downloads. In contrast, Open Source software is available for free download from safe, legitimate sources such as CNet and SourceForge that screen programs available through their websites and provide full access to program code. The only thing to watch for when installing Open Source software is to always select ‘custom installation’ when installing a program, to ensure you don’t end up downloading superfluous tool bars and programs that sometimes come auto-enabled if auto-installation is performed. Generally custom installation involves no more than unchecking a few pre-checked boxes on the download screen so it’s an easy and straightforward process.

Indy Skype Webcam Girls Doing Things For Ourselves

As indy skype webcam girls we don’t have an arsenal of cam sites and whitelabel websites at our disposal to promote our websites and our cam shows, we’re responsible for every aspect of advertising and running our independent webcam businesses. For those indy skype webcam girls who are starting out from scratch the learning curve can be steep, but if we embrace the challenges of learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities the feeling of self-sufficiency can feel as amazing as the money we earn doing things for ourselves. Luckily free and open source software and tutorials can make the process less daunting, more fun, and far more cost effective than relying solely on commercial paid resources.

FTP for Indy Skype Camgirls

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Sex and Fetish Videos are Ideal for Indy Skype Camgirls

As indy skype camgirls we’re lucky in that we can easily make both cam shows and videos available to our clients, whereas many of the ‘big box’ impose rules to prevent the camgirls who work those sites from directing customers to anywhere other than their on-site profile page. Beyond providing an additional source of revenue and being really fucking fun to shoot, video sales are great for keeping clients interested between skype cam sessions, in that through our videos our guys can get an experience with us even when we’re not available for cam shows.

Why Camgirls Who Sell Videos Need FTP

Sex and fetish video sales are great for business, but on the downside they can be resource intensive to upload, particularly for indy skype camgirls who publish videos on more than one site. Unless your internet upload speed is lightning-fast you can’t stream video and upload videos at the same time, meaning you need to find tools to speed up the upload process and minimize the drain on your time and resources. Here enters FTP, the best friend to every indy skype cammodel who also sells sex and fetish videos.

What is FTP, and How Do Indy Skype Camgirls Use It?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it’s basically the generic name for any downloadable pr0gram that allows you to upload files without using a slower-paced browser-based system. One of the most popular forms of FTP is a free, open source program called Filezilla, which can be downloaded here. After downloading the program, open it up and you’ll reach a window that resembles the screenshot posted below:
filezilla 1a

To log into Filezilla and upload files through the program:

Enter the ‘HOST’ name in box #1.

Enter your ‘USERNAME’ in box #2

Enter your ‘PASSWORD’ in box #3

For the ‘PORT’ box #4, the default port is 21. Unless the site to which you are uploading files specifies a port other than 21 you can leave this box blank

Then click ‘QUICK CONNECT’, the box to the far right of the login area.

Once logged in, open a screen that contains your files. Click on the file you wish to upload and drag it over to the area circled in red. Some sites require you to upload files to a specific target folder within that space, however in general unless that space already contains folders simply drag your desired file to the empty box. If you’ve done this correctly you should see your file appear in the very bottom section on the far left titled ‘Queued files’. Once the file has been completely uploaded it will appear in the ‘Successful transfers’ list. And that’s it, you’re done. ๐Ÿ™‚

FTP Makes Sex and Fetish Video Sales Easy For Indy Skype Camgirls

ย Video sales are a great way for indy skype camgirls to earn extra income and have fun while maintaining engagement with your client base, and file transfer protocol programs such as Filezilla are fantastic for minimizing computer ‘downtime’ spent uploading videos to host sites. While we’re always free to send files ourselves to clients via skype and dropbox, sites that allow customers to download our videos allow our clients to enjoy us even when we’re not online and available for skype shows or peer-to-peer video sharing, and afford indy skype camgirls ย additional passive income streams. In sum, FTP programs make it easier for us to make everyone happy, including ourselves by speeding up the upload process, leaving us with more time for skype cam shows and having a life away from our computers.

Win/win. ๐Ÿ™‚

Role Play Skype Shows With ‘Miss’ter J


smoking camgirl in silver top

‘Miss’ter J and I aren’t sure what we are to each other, but between bouts of delicious and thoroughly inappropriate sexual harassment we’ve become pretty wicked friends throughout the years, beyond our escapades during our role play skype shows.

Role Play Skype Shows Flipping the Script

The coolest thing about my skype role play sessions with Misster J is that they’re so varied. We catch up as equals, laughing and talking about life, and then inevitably at some point I can’t resist the urge I make him my naughty, naughty little slut. He dresses up for me, flirting innocently as I toy with him, until bending him over to fuck him with my magnificent Mr. X. Even better, the tables flip again and he takes control, throwing me down to fuck me hard as Misster J disappears and is replaced by J in all his Y chromosome glory. Beyond the fact that we get along so damn well, I think that variety in our role play skype shows is one of the reasons that we haven’t gotten bored with each other after all this time (and we have been parring for eons).

In this role play skype session captured here, I played a stern movie director looking for the star of my next movie. I interviewed a series of eager little sluts-to-be, each one of them more promiscuous and less dressed than the last (and each with a different hair color because ‘Miss’ter J doesn’t just go there, he throws himself into his roles). Skye the yoga instructor came first, followed by Cindi the party girl, and to my dismay each managed to stave off my lecherous advances (I am a human resources nightmare when I’m in Lady J mode) as they posed and undressed for me.

Pics removed at request

Finally came Sunny the beach bunny though, and as soon as I saw her in her little bikini I knew I wouldn’t take no for an answer. So willing, so eager to please, so deliciously slutty, it wasn’t long before I had her on her knees sucking my strap on before bending her over to fuck her from behind. Then, when Lady J was satisfied the real J appeared to return the favor. ๐Ÿ™‚

After all theses years both ‘Miss’ter J and his mild-mannered wig-less version (seriously, dude does role play dress-up like a pro with his costumes) still delight me, entertain me and make me cum really fucking hard. He personifies what the best skype sex is all about with his creativity, exhibitionistic yens and a wicked self that makes him so much fun to hang out with too. Our role play skype shows are always a treat, hope he knows that <3

skype roleplay switch camgirl getting naked in her strap on dildo

Now I gotta get Sunni the beach bunny to visit me down in paradise ๐Ÿ™‚

Cam Sex Couples: Jesse-Style

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Cam Sex Couples Need Not Always Be People

As those of y’all who’ve known me for way too long probably remember, back when I started out as a camgirl I was part of a duo, cam sex couples-style was really all I knew. My now husband, then fuck buddy/one-night-stand-who-never-left (potAto, potahto) was my partner in crime, and while it was fun and all at the beginning truth is I really didn’t enjoy my private sex life being scripted by others. The day the sex started feeling staged, and truth be told that occurred pretty early on, we were done. I really liked camming though, camming as a couple wasn’t fun but solo I met so many wicked people, people who to this day somehow haven’t grown horribly bored with me yet :).

Recently though I realized that I’m way back into cam sex couples sessions, only this time my partner in crime is my magnificent strap-on Xavier who’s been fucking fucking faces, tight little asses and winning hearts and minds all over the globe. While I love it the situation is somewhat hilarious to me, I never dreamt I’d be (occasionally) upstaged by a purple dildo.

Quinn69 in cam sex couples style with her purple strap on Xavierx 8wm

Truth is, before I got Xavier I never knew how much fun I could have with a cock on cam. Instead of receiving requests that ended up making intimate moments feel contrived like back in the old days, now as a cam sex couple Xavier and I are the boss(es). I make the rules, and cam sex couples-style has never been more fun. I’ve been told I always had a cock (I can be a tad bossy now and then) but turns out I can fuck like a guy too, and really fucking well at that. With Xavier vibrating against my clit I transform into Lady J, in turns sensual domination Goddess or stern Mistress to be feared as well as obeyed, and with Xavier we are, if I may say, the ultimate in cam sex couples.

As much as I adore Xavier, wielding him, touching him, enjoying the way he makes me cum so exquisitely whilst I fuck your face, I think I get almost more delight over how popular he is with y’all. I do find it hilarious that he’s become such an intensely requested part of my skype cam shows, but at the same time I think it’s awesome that finally I found a cam sex couples style of camming that works for all of us, me included.

I have to admit, back when I started as a camgirl all those many years ago I never thought I’d end up doing a 180 degree turn back into the cam sex couples arena. Life is funny that way. Now get down on your knees, part your lips and beg for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

x 4wm

To meet Xavier and I for the ultimate in cam sex couples on skype, click here to view my rates and message me on skype to check my availability.