Dress Up Skype Shows

dress up skype shows with camgirls in lingerieDress Up Skype Shows On Both Sides of the Webcam

I love dress up skype shows, this probably isn’t anything new to anyone who’s met me before on cam. πŸ™‚ I love lace, silk, lingerie, stockings and high heels (the latter only in bed, I cannot walk in them), but I also love it when my boy toys dress up for me. Β Enter a delightful boytoy who shares my penchant for adorable men (and adorable bums) clad in the tiniest of outfits.

dress up skype show with submissive in booty shorts and bathing suitI actually wasn’t aware that the full Baywatch uniform included peter pan collar jacket and booty shorts, I never really watched the show so all I knew of was Pam’s iconic red swimsuit as she ran down the beach. Apparently, I was wrong, as my boy toy modeled his ensemble before stripping out of it for my entertainment, proving that dress up skype shows are educational as well as thoroughly delightful.

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Of course, as with all things with my boy toy, dress up skype shows are only the start. After we got him all naked for me he proceeded out to a bar where he purchased two matching pairs of panties featuring a very happy toucan, one for him and one for me, of course. I’m sure now we’ll practically be twins. πŸ˜€

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My boy toy is tremendous fun during dress up skype shows. I love dressing him up in little outfits that show off his adorable bum, and stripping him out of them as we plan what naughty things we’re going to do next. He’s a total delight and he’s as cute in his new panties as I am.

Sexy Panties are Required During Fetish Skype Sessions

nude camgirl posing during fetish skype sessionsI don’t have a lot of set ‘rules’ during my fetish skype sessions, but one rule that certain playmates must follow is that one of us must be wearing silky, lacy panties, at all times. Since I enjoy getting naked that means he needs to pick up the slack and slip into his own pairs, that I’ve selected for him of course. πŸ™‚

D and I frequently go on shopping trips for new toys to play with and new panties and collars for him to wear for me during our fetish skype sessions. He’s only allowed to wear the panties off cam if he begs and I’m in a particularly generous mood. Truth is, I quite enjoy having him dress up for me, in homage to me, even when I’m off making other men cum, but I find his begging equally exquisite so I always make him work for the pleasure.

men in panties during fetish skype sessionsAbove are some of the latest panties we’ve selected for D. As you can see he’s partial to black and purple (the fact that those are my favorite colors are purely coincidental), and he always has to wear his studded cock collar underneath his panties, being undressed is not an option for this dedicated individual.

D loves wearing panties for me, and he loves the feel of silky fabric against his skin. He also happens to wear em extremely well, which is always a plus as I demand that my playmates during fetish skype sessions be adorable as well as dedicated to their roles. Every now and then he tosses out all the previous toys and panties we’ve selected for him, which actually works out well because it means it’s just a matter of time before we’re back online, picking out new ones. Then he gets to experience the excitement of waiting for new packages to arrive, counting the moments until I allow him to slip into a new pair for the very first time.

While I enjoy making him beg, truth is he rocks each pair we select for him. To check out D in all his incarnations (and attire) during our fetish skype sessions click here. πŸ™‚

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Strap On Femdom and Fetish Webcam Sex

fetish webcam sex session with a strap on

Xavier, An Awesome Accompaniment to Fetish Webcam Sex

What is it about strap on fetish webcam sex? Before I got my strap on Xavier I honestly didn’t know what I was missing, but as soon as I received him as a gift from an awesome individual known here as D it was like he was a natural extension of me, not only of my body but of my mind as well.

Judging from the reaction I get during my fetish webcam sex shows it’s obvious y’all feel the same. Considering how popular my magnificent strap on cock Xavier is, sometimes I think he should have his own website. πŸ˜€ I’m writing about Xavier here on my fetish webcam sex blog because last night I received a skype message that actually made me laugh out loud; a playmate messaged with a ‘hello Lady J, is Xavier available tonight? I must see him’. What the fuck am I, the side attraction? πŸ˜€ Truth is though, I love weilding Xavier during my fetish webcam sex shows, he’s by far the most fun toy I’ve ever owned and when I wear him I can’t keep my hands off him. The moment I slip him on an incredibly Dominant and powerful side of my personality emerges, as in ‘rawr Lady J is in tha house, bow down and pay homage’, and you fall to your knees, lips parted to take a good face fucking. πŸ™‚

skype camgirl quinn in black panties and lace stockings

Ultimately though my favorite aspect of my strap on Xavier is his versatility. Β His magnificent size makes him perfect for small penis humiliation, and he’s an excellent tutor in the fine art of cock sucker training. He adds a certain gravitas to my muscle domination webcam sex sessions, and he’s in turns sensual and menacing during my Femdom cam sessions, depending upon my whims and what my victim, erm, playmate deserves at the moment. πŸ˜€

In short, he’s awesome and he takes my fetish webcam sex shows to an entirely different level. That y’all adore him as much as I do simply means your taste in strap on cocks is as fine as your taste in nerdy independent camgirls. I have no problem sharing the spotlight with a strap on cock this divine.

How to Explore Fetish Cam Sex

fetish cam sex girl topless in stockings

Fetish Cam Sex Should be Personalized

As a fetish camgirl there’s nothing that makes me cringe more than a guy who contacts me asking for “something kinky”. I mean, seriously. Could this possibly be any more vague? πŸ™‚ The reason why I cringe is that while the whole point of fetish cam sex is to explore desire, an implicit corollary to that is the point that fetish cam sex should be individualized. A fetish cam sex show I do with one guy won’t necessarily translate to an intense experience if explored with a completely different person. Every individual is unique and therefore so should be the shows themselves, which is why I’d argue that paint-by-numbers fetish cam sex is an oxymoronic term. I can’t just create a scenario all by myself.

Still, every one has to start somewhere, right? Not all that long ago some of the forms of fetish cam sex I enjoy the most were brand new to me, so I don’t expect that everyone who wants to explore kink is an expert on the subject. In fact some of my favorite fetish cam sex shows are ones where I introduce guys to a new form of roleplay or fetish, as it’s awesome seeing the excitement that can emerge when exploring the unknown. I have a pretty creative mind and I love to suggest new roleplay and fetish scenarios, that’s a huge part of what makes cam sex fun for me.Β Still, I’m not a mind reader. πŸ™‚ What’s kinky to one individual may be boring as hell to another, and while fetish concepts transfer well to different fetish cam sex shows, fetish skype sex is always hotter when it’s personalized to every session.

How to Ask For Satisfying Fetish Cam Sex

Any fetish camgirl worth her salt will naturally bring a ton of creativity to her fetish cam sex shows, but in order to ensure you actually receive an experience that blows your mind you need to fantasize a bit about what you want. Ironically this is even more important if you don’t know what you want. πŸ™‚ Close your eyes and let you mind wander…what is she wearing in your mind? Do you want to feel seized and molded to suit her whims or do you want to control the action? In your fantasy does the power shift mid way? What is your favorite part of the female body? Is she bitchy and cruel, innocent and inexperienced, seductive and sensual? Even the most seemingly insignificant details can provide a wicked jumping off point, so let your fetish camgirl know what is in your head and she can go from there…crafting a fetish cam sex experience personalized to what makes you tick.

Fetish Cam Sex is Uninhibited and Exploratory

While I love it when guys share their fully-formed fantasies and desires with me, introducing me to something new, some of my favorite fetish cam sex experiences have been ones that are a meander down what I like to call the garden path. At the beginning neither of us know exactly how to experience will turn out but we jump into it anyways, feeding off each other’s energy and excitement to create something awesome. You don’t need to be an expert in kink to experience wicked fetish cam sex, but you are an integral part of the experience. To get what will really drive you wild you have to be willing to share your fantasies and be a part of the creation, not a passive observer of someone else’s idea of what’s hot.

To have wicked fetish cam sex be willing to talk about what you want after you book a skype show. Share your thoughts and fantasies and really participate in the process of creating the experience. The fetish cam sex experience will be far more intense if you do, because you’ll actually be a part of it.

Skype Sex Shows with a Side of Dirty Talk

skype sex shows with sexy nude camgirl quinnSkype Sex Shows are Even Hotter With a Filthy Tongue

Probably one of my favorite things about doing skype sex shows rather than greeting my playmates on a webcam site is the skype audio feature. Sure, on the cam sites phone is always an option, but phone with cam can be a bit unwieldly in that it distracts the hands from other more orgasmic pursuits. πŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking about that today cuz today I’ve done a series of skype sex shows with some of the finest dirty-talkers I’ve ever encountered on cam, and the aural element added something amazing to each one. There’s something incredibly hot about hearing a man moan, beg, tease, command along with seeing him, and I really appreciate (and adore) guys who aren’t afraid to really let loose and go full out with dirty talk, no matter the scenario audio adds something special to the experience. Really wicked dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to many, and I know a lot of guys (and camgirls) struggle with it a bit at first, feeling self-conscious and unsure as to whether their words are cheesy instead of hot. Let me put all that to rest right here and now, there is no such thing as cheesy dirty talk when it’s done in the context of two people diving into a skype sex shows…I mean, it’s not like the blood is all in our brains at that point anyways. Truth is, Β I consider myself to be a wicked dirty talker and yet some of the things I say during my skype sex shows would make me laugh out loud if I said ’em off cam or out of bed. That’s my point; dirty talk should be stream of consciousness, it should be a little bit ridiculous.

So yeah, along with cam to cam, skype sex shows with dirty talk can transform an experience from an ‘idea’ that’s somewhat artificial into something that feels authentic and divine. I know not every guy can use audio during skype sex shows, but when you can you gotta go for it. Huge props to the guys who do go for it, and who do it so damn well. Those are the kinds of shows that make a camgirl think, ‘god damn that was hot’.

To meet me on skype for a private (and loud) skype sex show, visit my skype cam sex booking page and then turn up your volume and let your imagination run wild.