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My Skype Cuckold, Cum Eating Corner Dweller

skype cuckold in lingerieI enjoy directing my skype cuckold to purchase lingerie, stockings and sex toys upon my orders, particularly when our toys and lingerie match. Even better is dressing him up, toying with him and having him beg on his knees to eat cum…mine, his, the cum off cocks that I’ve just fucked  He begs for cum not just because I order him to, but because I possess the power to control his mind and make him crave things he’d never typically desire. And so, as the world turns, another skype cuckold is created…this one with a burning desire for the taste of cum on his lips.

 skype dominatrix with a dildo doing sph on skype

Skype Cuckolds Are Rewarded For Obedience

I order my skype cuckold to sit in his corner and wait for me, while I’m fucking men IRL,skype cuckold submissive posing on webcam while I’m making man after man cum on skype, he waits patiently for me to finish because he has no choice. He loves to think about me pleasuring other men because I’ve programmed him that way, and he waits for permission to stroke MY cock because he gave that to me long ago. I even ordered him to buy a black leather studded collar to wear as a symbol of my ownership of it, of him.

sissy in a cock ring during a fetish cam sex call

Even now as I write this, and no doubt while you read this, my skype cuckold will be sitting in his corner like the good cum eater he is, waiting patiently for me to grant him permission to stroke MY cock. Obedient skype cuckolds are rewarded, but only when I feel like doling out those special treats, so he may be waiting for quite some time. He’s growing accustomed to his corner, and can’t wait to find out what I have in store for him next 🙂


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