Cam Girl Emails, the Banal and the Sublime


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Cam Girl Off Site Contact

One of the things I love most about being a skype cam girl is that I don’t have to deal with any ‘no off-site contact’ rules. I’m not a fucking child and neither are my friends and cam sex playmates, so to me the idea of working within the confines of a system (or site) that determines how and where I can communicate with my guys is kinda ridiculous. That said, there are pros and cons to off-site contact. The HUGE pros are that I can hook up with my skype cam sex playmates whenever I choose, we can talk, email, exchange whatever info we like between each other and we don’t have to feel as if our interactions are being monitored by some over-site committee that is monitoring our communications for ‘inappropriate content’.

While there are many upside to the freedom that comes with being a skype cam girl, the downside is limited to one item: unsolicited cock pics. Seriously y’all, I cannot fathom why I receive dozens of cock pics per week from guys I’ve never encountered on cam, asking to appear here on blog or just wanting me to ‘rate and admire’ or some shit. It’s hilarious. Like I would ever be attracted to the cock of a guy with whom I’ve never interacted, let alone find it skype cam girl blog-worthy  Note to all who require sage advice: poorly-lit webcam snapshots of disembodied sex organs from strangers are not hot. Nor are emails that are headed “what do u tink bb” (sic). Answer: I think you need to seek a hobby, gainful employment, a dictionary and/or a life.

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How To Send a Skype Cam Girl A Killer Email

I was thinking about this topic tonight because within hours of receiving the unsolicited email I mention above I received an email from a skype cam sex playmate who gets it…instead of sending unsolicited rando ish he sent me pics of his two gorgeous cats. I am a sucker for pussy after all  Seriously though, how cool was it to get pics from a guy (who I’m still getting to know) that speak to who he is off-cam, that let me into a portion of his life that I’m just getting to know? Yes he has a beautiful cock I enjoy seeing on cam along with the rest of his body, but that’s not the point The point is that he, knowing my slight obsession with all things cat, took the time to send me something I hadn’t already seen, revealing something about himself that extends beyond our exchanges of orgasms and appreciation for my legs. I’d post the pics he sent me here (they are awesome) but I haven’t asked if he’s be cool with that, so instead I’ll supplement with some pics from my own collection.


Enjoy, and pay heed. Be real, not some guy inhabiting the mind of a sex-starved moron (and thanks to the vast majority of y’all who make me happy that I’m a skype cam girl who can talk to you wherever/however I choose) <3


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