Dressing Up My Boy Toy


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Cam Boy Toy Fashion

How o how to celebrate the start of summer? What better way than to dress up my skype cam boy toy in a dashing purple bathing suit and collar (with bone shaped buckle) and then strip him nude…erm, I mean express my design skills 😀

skype cam boy toy in swim suit and collar

We started off with a couple of precise snips to reveal my boy toy’s nipples through the ample bosom of his bathing suit (it came with built-in tits so his rack looked delicious), a look I call ‘reverse pasties’. Then I decided to fashion him a tankini, so snip went the midriff section of his swim suit.

skype cam submissive in purple spandex

What to do next…here I ventured south and had my boy toy snip a rather large hole in the bottom of the suit, and to both our surprise out slipped his private parts!! As you imagine we were both shocked by this 😀 I then had my toy snip off the straps of his now dwindling suit, and out of these we fashioned a bow around his cock and balls. It was quite a dashing look and my toy looked both naughty and adorable in it.



I Am a Horrible Influence 😀

I love being a bad influence. No doubt without my presence my boy toy would have sat quietly reading Chaucer but instead I had him nude and hard, his mind full of naughty ideas that totally belie his respectable exterior. I wonder if any of his co-workers will wonder if he’s wearing a purple bow tied around his cock when he goes to work tomorrow, because he will be 🙂 On my end of things, I’ll be sending off a very special black silk and lace bra to him in tomorrow’s mail, an integral part of our next naughty encounter that’s way too juicy to spill here 🙂


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