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fetish cam girl smoking during a  webcam sex show

Fetish Cam Girl Experiences: The Weird and the Wonderful

As a fetish cam girl I get into a lot of fetish play on cam, A LOT. Some days I barely take my clothes off, though I smoke, flex, pop balloons and mock tiny penises to my hearts content:) I was never a hard core fetishist before I got into independent webcamming but throughout the years I’ve become a huge fan of fetish cam sex play. It’s still not a huge part of my off-cam sex life, but on cam with each year fetish becomes a more prominent (and delightfully debaucherous) aspect of my skype cam shows.
Some fetishes I’d never even heard of before I became a fetish cam girl whereas others were ones I’ve dabbled in throughout the years, and others are ones I’d heard of yet never explored. Nevertheless, no matter how long I cam, I still encounter fetish requests that while fun to explore simply make a chica go wtf


Burning Post-It Guy

Probably my most memorable ‘wtf’ customer was a delightful man who had a smoking fetish. That in and of itself isn’t ‘extraordinary’, as smoking fetish is one of the most popular forms of fetish play I offer, and it’s def one of the most fun. What was unique about this guy’s fetish was that he wanted me to smoke while burning post-it notes, lighting the corners with my lighter as I drew on my cigarette and then extinguishing the flames with each exhale. Who am I to turn down something new? Once he laid it out for me I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and a glass of water (klutz insurance) and hopped on skype. It was kinda awesome and I had hella fun with him. Bonus: I never burned the house down!
I eventually got up the nerve to ask him what exactly was so erotic about burning post-it notes and his answer was succinct and to the point: “who wouldn’t be turned on by a hot woman burning post its?” Can’t argue with that logic, I suppose Anyway, dude was wicked fun, and while we lost contact over the years he will (probably) from now unto eternity hold the heralded title of having the most unique fetish I’ve ever encountered.

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