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An Incorrigible Slut Before, During and After Our Cam Shows

I love controlling men, watching them tremble on their knees completely at the mercy of my every whim. It’s fun, it’s so easy to accomplish 🙂 and my obedient playmates who meet me on skype for Domination cam shows always agree. A playmate of mine and I have gotten into a wicked game of naked house pet cam shows that totally merit a notable mention here on my fetish camgirl blog so today I present to you, the naked house pet.

A. is from Europe and works long hours. Rarely is he at home with ample time to serve me properly at his disposal but recently we’ve had a wicked stretch of good luck and he’s had entire weekends to spend serving me and meeting my every whim and desire. What is my desire you ask? Y’all who know me should be able to answer that easily, I want you to be tortured by desire, desperate to cum and completely powerless as to the decision of whether you’ll be granted the pleasure of doing so 🙂 I want to own you, mind and body.

My naked house pet spends days at a time completely bare. He sleeps nude, eats nude, receives packages at the door nude, hiding his eager and slutty self behind the door with scrambled excuses about ‘just getting out of the shower’. Haha. During these weekends we get on skype for intermittent cam shows in which he watches me cum and strokes MY cock for me, but he isn’t permitted to cum himself. What fun would that be for me? Edging to the point of delirium he begs and begs but still he waits, when I’m feeling particularly cruel I have him watch Femdom porn while stroking MY cock but again, no orgasms allowed for my naked house pet. 😀

My naked house pet is as much under my control off cam as he is during our cam shows. Ordered to remain nude he’s unable to focus upon anything other than MY cock and he’s constantly reminded that he has no control over it. He’s constantly on the verge of cumming with his mind filled with visions of me revealing myself as I sloooowly tease of my clothes and cum while he watches, but he’s powerless. Everything is up to me. As it should be 😀

My naked house pet is an incorrigible slut who slips under my spell effortlessly. Beyond that he’s a fucking delight and I love that between our play we can laugh and talk like two real people, outside of our roles. Not all guys get that, that for me role play cam shows are at their best fluid and always at the core is the symbiosis between two real individuals. One can be a horny slut pathetically begging to cum AND a wicked human being to talk and laugh with. For that alone my pathetic naked house pet deserves a spot here. He’ll probably still be denied pleasure with even more cruelty next time we meet up though. I’m far too entertained by his torment to show any mercy. 🙂

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