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skype show snapshot of camgirl smoking

I love the word naughty…even the word itself sounds mischievous, and the spirit of the word naughty is always front and center in my skype shows with an Irish lad who’s appeared here frequently since I put this fetish blog together. We’ve known each other and met for extremely naughty skype shows together for about 5 years now, and at this point I can’t tell who is a bigger bad influence on whom. 😀

I gotta say though, I’m a little pissed that I can’t find the pictures I took during my last skype show with my favorite Irish pup, mainly because he looked so damn adorable. It’s possible he was a little tipsy and I sent him out to frolic in the grass all nekkid except for a smile, and he came back from his romp with a handful of lawn grass, which he proceeded to snack on before following it with a swig of Champagne. Since those pics seem to have disappeared into the ether (or more likely hidden in some folder on my comp, wow I need to organize that ish) I’ll add one of my fav pics I’ve taken during our skype shows throughout the years.

naughty skype shows webcam snapshot

edit: found the pic, but Imma leave the one above cuz he looks so damn cute

b g

Throughout those years we’ve gotten into a lot- far too much to get into here- and truth be told most of what I do write about here is extremely tame compared to what I put him up to that doesn’t get published. 😀 Everything we do is completely harmless of course, just the essence of giddy, giggly ‘holy fuck I can’t believe we just did that‘ naughtiness, and even better (or worse) we always manage to top our last romp the next time we meet on skype. He’s an utter delight and he has the second naughtiest mind I’ve ever encountered on cam or off…besides my own of course 😀

I love that ‘in real life’ we’re both appallingly respectable and upstanding citizens, and during our skype shows we explore each other’s naughty sides and always manage to egg each other to new heights of depravity. It’s like through our skype shows we reveal sides of ourselves that are far too much fun to keep hidden. He also got my birthday week off to a wicked start, so Slainte to a deliciously naughty playmate.

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