SPH Adventures: A Gorgeous Man with a Tiny Cock

camgirl quinn giggling at a tiny cock on skype
SPH Goes Best with Muscles

Today’s victim fetish focus is mah good friend M. M is a wicked human being both inside and out, and he knows he’s hot. He works out like a fiend and it shows; his body is fucking perfect. Luckily for me, he also has a penchant for tiny g-strings and pantyhose, and he loves it when I giggle hysterically at his tiny cock.

M embodies the small penis humiliation (SPH) fetish perfectly in that, truth be told, there isn’t a damn thing ‘wrong’ with any part of his body. His dick is actually pretty fucking awesome. That said, he totally gets off on me mocking it, as do I. 🙂 Throughout the years M has perfected the art of making his cock look (way) smaller than it is, and it’s nothing short of hysterical. Picture broad, strong shoulders and a rock hard torso, leading down to…the smallest pair of panties you’ve ever seen. Hell, he even manages to squeeze into a thong worn backwards.

sph screencap montage

Beyond being such wicked fun in the lingerie department, M is also one of the best dirty talkers I have ever met. For real, if porn needed voice overs he’d be famous, cuz he is NOT afraid to go there. M and I do a lot of power exchange during our cam sessions on skype, starting out with me laughing at him and forcing him to do (and suck) things he normally wouldn’t otherwise. He always makes sure that I get off too though, and I do- hard 🙂

Would I adore M even if he didn’t enjoy SPH and dress-up? Of course I would, but I’d be missing out on so much fun. Here’s to men who aren’t afraid to explore their desires, and who are wicked enough to choose to share ’em with me 🙂

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