A Skype Cam Boy in Training

naked girl performing a skype cam showTurning the Tables During Skype Cam Sex

One of the reasons I have way too much fucking fun with my skype cam shows is that my partners and I share much in common, beyond just being fun people. For example, I love to be in control, and many of my playmates LOVE to be controlled. Not by just anyone mind you….they love to be controlled by me. 🙂

Often I’ve thought about really turning out one of my playmates, not just in fantasy but actually having him perform real cam shows FOR me, for other men, but I’m a perfectionist. I’m a successful camgirl and if I may say it I kick ass at what I do. There’s no way on hell I could have a guy running around out there on the web under my tutelage, giving half-assed shows of inferior quality. As such, to fulfill this fantasy of turning out a playmate and transforming him into a professional camboy I need a playmate dedicated to his role, a man I can mold into the ultimate skype cam boy. Enter BD (my as yet to be properly-named skype cam boy in training). He’s bright, fun, eager to please and he knows how to rock purple panties.

A Skype Cam Boy is Born

BD has spent hours memorizing scripts for roleplays ranging from SPH and cuckolding to lollipop and muscle fetish by studying my fetish videos, and together we’ve purchased him, well….more sex toys than I can count. During our last shopping excursion during a skype session I picked out a pair of leather crotchless panties (named ‘cyclops’, hahaha) and a rubber chastity cage. He had to beg me to get new panties. All these will go well with his collar, stockings and extensive collection of dildos, vibrators and wands. 🙂 Check him out below in full Jesse-mode.

skype cam boy in collar and stockings

In truth, beyond being a fucking delightful human being I think BD will actually make a killer skype cam boy when I’m finally ready to turn him out. I’ll receive the earnings, of course, and he’ll receive the joy of serving and entertaining me. He knows how to put on a good show and he’s got all the gear, but most importantly he’s got the attitude. He gets that laughter is as integral to wicked cam sex as are the actual orgasms, and he’s not afraid to totally dive into a role for the purpose of fun, one of the highest callings there is, I think 🙂

My skype cam boy to be is nervous but excited. I think it’s gonna be insanely fun.

skype cam show snapshot of sexy mean camgirl

I’m in control so don’t fuck it up.

Holy fuck I love my job.

When Panties Match My Camgirl Blog

quinn69 smiling in blueWhen the Lingerie Just Has to Match My Camgirl Blog

It incredibly obvious to anyone who knows me (or anyone who’s ever taken a look at this camgirl blog of mine- or really any of my websites) that my fav colors are purple and black with dashes of turquoise. This is very 80’s of me I know but I’m a product of that generation so I have an excuse 😀

When I transferred this camgirl blog of mine to it’s new domain I decided to change the color scheme as well, and much to my delight one of my cam show playmates actually bought new lingerie to match my new blog redesign, how cool is that? 🙂

public display snapshot on my camgirl blog1zxc

In truth I suspect he was hoping that I’d grant him the pleasure of seeing pics of him in his new sex toys and finery posted here on my camgirl blog, and my little skype sub clearly knows me quite well because I cannot resist a man who dresses up just for me 🙂 He also purchased new sex toys to go along with our color theme, including a purple hitachi to match my own and a new vibrator shaped like the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland. We have way too much fun buying sex toys and lingerie together during our cam shows, and I think we’ve boosted the battery industry significantly through our enthusiasm for all that vibrates.

He still has to obey me completely though, surprising me with new lingerie in my fav colors doesn’t diminish the necessity of obedience, and he still waits patiently in his corner while I’m off making other men cum until I decide to grant him the pleasure of my company. If he’s been extra good I bring along my magnificent strap on as well 🙂

independent camgirl nude in bed

So yes, an excellent way to get profiled on my camgirl blog is to surprise me with something that you know will delight me. That’s what this space is all about, and I love that so many of you understand that.

New Toys Make Skype Shows Awesome


skype camgirl smoking in booty shorts


My Latest Toy Purchase For Skype Shows

awesome pink silicone cam sex toyI really hate shopping. I detest it, loathe it, would rather read Ayn Rand than put myself through it. The one exception to this of course is purchasing sex toys online for me to use with (and on) my  playmates during our skype shows. Check out the wicked cam sex toy to the left that I found on my latest sex toy online shopping trip, this is a way better find than anything I could stumble upon pushing through hordes of materialists at a local clothing shop. I new as soon as I saw this toy that my playmate absolutely had to purchase it for him to use during our skype shows, and while we found a lot of fun toys during our latest venture (including but not limited to a garter belt, vibrating black lace panties and a hitachi) nothing can top this find. A vibrator shaped like a cat, how perfect is that?

While I enjoy sex toys that are fun to look at as well as use, I think wicked toys are all the more vital during skype shows, in that visuals are a huge part of the overall experience, even more so than when one’s playmate is in the same room.

I will be getting one for myself during our next shopping trip but for now I’ve been having a blast testing it out on my playful victim, and it turns out he’s a big fan of it as well 🙂

cat shaped sex toy for skype cam shows

Real talk, this toy is perfect for skype shows. Whomever designed it is a fucking genius.

Skype Cuckold Play


skype cuckold play screenshot

My Skype Cuckold, Cum Eating Corner Dweller

skype cuckold in lingerieI enjoy directing my skype cuckold to purchase lingerie, stockings and sex toys upon my orders, particularly when our toys and lingerie match. Even better is dressing him up, toying with him and having him beg on his knees to eat cum…mine, his, the cum off cocks that I’ve just fucked  He begs for cum not just because I order him to, but because I possess the power to control his mind and make him crave things he’d never typically desire. And so, as the world turns, another skype cuckold is created…this one with a burning desire for the taste of cum on his lips.

 skype dominatrix with a dildo doing sph on skype

Skype Cuckolds Are Rewarded For Obedience

I order my skype cuckold to sit in his corner and wait for me, while I’m fucking men IRL,skype cuckold submissive posing on webcam while I’m making man after man cum on skype, he waits patiently for me to finish because he has no choice. He loves to think about me pleasuring other men because I’ve programmed him that way, and he waits for permission to stroke MY cock because he gave that to me long ago. I even ordered him to buy a black leather studded collar to wear as a symbol of my ownership of it, of him.

sissy in a cock ring during a fetish cam sex call

Even now as I write this, and no doubt while you read this, my skype cuckold will be sitting in his corner like the good cum eater he is, waiting patiently for me to grant him permission to stroke MY cock. Obedient skype cuckolds are rewarded, but only when I feel like doling out those special treats, so he may be waiting for quite some time. He’s growing accustomed to his corner, and can’t wait to find out what I have in store for him next 🙂


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Domination Cam Shows


skype dominatrix in latex stockings


Domination Roleplay Games

skype submissive in panties and stockings

What to do when a skype cam sex sub (who love my Dominatrix self ‘Lady J’) wants to pose for pictures on my blog but has a bout of reticence about really getting into the moment? Enter domination roleplay, where he has no choice but to crave obeying my every instruction with every fiber of his being. Tonight instead of just bossing him around on skype I concocted an elaborate domination roleplay that had us both wearing matching wet look latex stockings and tiny turquoise g-strings, and before long he was begging to stroke his cock and lick my awesome strap-on Xavier, and as you can see he brought out his own dildo to really experience every sensation possible in the moment. I came really hard a couple times over but I also managed to catch a few wicked pics in between orgasms…I am a professional after all 🙂


I really love playing games during my webcam shows, and domination roleplay is def one of my favs in setting the stage for the unexpected…mainly because I make it into anything I want it to be. Life is too fucking short for boring and sometimes a man just needs a good face fucking while wearing lingerie. Bonus points he gets to watch me as I fall into gales of laughter as well as cum really fucking hard 🙂


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