My New Skype Camgirl Blog


lead picture on my skype camgirl blog


Same Skype Camgirl Blog, New Address

If you’re reading this you’ve probably noticed that I’ve moved my skype camgirl blog to a new address:) This ‘home’ is painted purple, not black, but beyond that everything is pretty much the same as it always was; info for independent skype camgirls, fun stories about my escapades during my skype cam sex and fetish shows and general info on why we skype camgirls are so damn awesome 🙂


My Skype Cam Kitten

In moving my skype camgirl blog to it’s new address I noticed a glaring absence though…what this blog was missing was a shout out to my American kitten, aka Skype Cam Cat, aka Ruckus the Kangaroo. Ruckus is very well behaved and quiet kitten (unlike those I live with) I share with a friend and skype playmate who I’ve converted over to the dark side. Yes, due to my influence said friend has become a cat freak. We picked out Ruckus together from a local (to him) animal shelter, where apparently he was only a couple of weeks away from being put to sleep (this was a ‘kill’ shelter that doesn’t house stray cats and dogs long-term). Ruckus, as you can see from the pics below, is a handsome tuxedo cat with a wonky leg and a very playful spirit. He was about 3 years old when we found him and he’s settled quite happily into his new home with his Dad and (absentee) Canadian Mom. We named him Ruckus because ‘The Boondocks’ is awesome, and he knows good beef jerky when he sees it 😀

skype cat ruckus

Yet another reason why being a skype camgirl is so fucking awesome. Not only can I laugh my ass off and cum really fucking hard with wicked people all over the world, I also became the proud, if absentee, mom to an awesome skype cat who makes me howl with laughter on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy my skype camgirl blog here at it’s new address as much as I do, and check back often for new updates on what I’ve been up to on cam and general news on all things camgirl 🙂

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