Skype Webcam Sex on Smart Phones and iPads


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Adapting To New Technology: Skype Webcam Sex in the Smart Phone Age

I find more and more frequently these days I encounter questions from both regular skype webcam sex playmates and new customers about the possibilities and limitations of using smart phones and iPads for skype webcam sex video calls. I had to educate myself a bit about this topic in order to provide helpful info to ‘my guys’, so I figured I’d also write about it here for any of y’all who are wondering about it as well…after all, if you’re on a smart phone you want to know whether you can actually use it for skype webcam sex before you purchase a cam sex show.


Skype Webcam Sex on iPads: Good to Go

I’ve actually used an iPad for skype cam sex in the past to good effect. Last summer when my beloved laptop was in the shop I used an iPad for a few of my skype calls, as I really hate being tied down to a desktop computer (my only other option for a few days). The good news is, iPads can give great audio and streaming video fee quality, but that quality is highly reliant upon the strength and speed of your internet connection. After all, if your internet gets wonky while you’re using a laptop you can simply plug in and ethernet cord, whereas iPads offer no such solution. As such, when using an iPad it’s doubly important to close out any uneccessary computer programs before beginning your skype video call. I have to say though, assuming your internet connection is decent I’ve had some surprisingly high quality skype video calls on an iPad, much better than I originally anticipated the quality to be.

Also, make sure you have a space to prop up your iPad before you begin the call, as during skype webcam sex the last thing you want to be thinking about is holding the tablet. That said, iPads are great for showing wicked angles and creative close-ups, so ‘moveability’ can also be a very good thing


Skype Sex and Smart Phones: Yes and No

In the matter of whether skype webcam sex and smart phones are compatible, the answer is: it depends. Different makes and models of smart phones have different capabilities when it comes to skype. As there are so many makes and models of Android-based smart phones on the market, I’d recommend doing a quick internet search to find out if your particular smart phone will support skype video calls. Simply search for “(insert smart phone here) and skype video calls” and you should easily find information relevant to your particular phone. I’ve done this myself on multiple occasions for guys who wonder if their particular smart phone will be compatible, and I’ve always found specific info readily available online with a quick internet search

While compatibility can be murky with Android phones, iPhones that are 3GS or newer and iOS 4.3 or higher do support skype video calls. If you’d like to use an iPhone for a video call but are unsure of how to go about it, skype offers a quick how-to guide that explains how to connect to a skype contact and perform a skype video call. Click here to check it out.

I know the technical shit can be a pain in the azz at times, but it’s better to find out before you purchase a cam show whether your smart phone can actually be used for skype webcam sex. I hope this little guide helps answer at least a few questions, and if your smart phone IS skype webcam sex compatible we should celebrate with some mind-blowing mutual orgasms, don’t ya think?

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