Fetish Skype Sex Eye Candy, All But That Tiny Cock


My favorite thing about fetish skype sex is how playful it can be. The rules of the real world get thrown out the proverbial window and the realm of fantasy descends, meaning that we (or rather, I) are in total control of creating our own realities. Enter exhibit A, a divinely built playmate who knows his way around a gym and looks absolutely amazing when he strips for me…down to his tiny lacy panties so I can mock his little cock. I’ve known M. for a while now, and in the years we’ve played together he’s dressed up in more pairs of panties (and occasionally some wicked black thigh high stockings) than I can count, each pair tinier than the next. His body is delicious, but his tiny cock disappears underneath his lingerie. He can actually fit his phone inside his panties along with his cock and still have room to spare….I don’t think men are supposed to be able to do that. 🙂

During our fetish skype sex shows I love to taunt M. with how I’m going to drag him out to parties and have him walk around in panties so my friends and I can howl with laughter, and maybe if he’s really lucky he’ll get to watch me fuck a real man, the type who’s perfect body doesn’t end below the waist. 🙂 I’ve even (at his request) shown his pictures to a couple of my friends for them to get a giggle out of…his tanned cut torso with a perfect line of cum down the center and his tiny cock peeking above the top of his g-string.

M. is hella fun AND hot and he always makes me cum hard, even harder than I laugh when teasing him. That’s what I mean about skype sex having no rules…if I wanna strip down and get off while I’m mocking my sexy little subject I will, and in the case of M., do. Often. 🙂

I’m not sure M. is gonna give the OK to posting his pics here. I have a million of ’em but he wants to see this post before he gives the final verdict so for now y’all will have to sate yourselves with my pics instead. I’m pretty convincing though, so I should have some wicked body and small cock pictures up here soon. 🙂

camgirl squeezing her tits in a leopard bra

So yeah, the best fetish skype sex is whatever the hell the people involved want it to be. If I wanna have a laugh about life with a playmate, then mock his incredibly tiny cock and then ride his face til I cum Imma do exactly that. 🙂