How to Have an Amazing Skype Cam Show

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The Keys to an Awesome Skype Cam Show

Since we’ve already covered how to be an amazing client now we can move on how to get the most out of your skype cam shows. Operative word being skype  Granted, I have a bit of a bias but I really do find that skype offers superior video stream quality when compared with other standard alternatives such as Yahoo and MSN messenger. The one caveat to skype is that it can be a bit of a bandwidth hog, and some customers who have weak internet connections will find skype a bit tricky to work with. That’s why I always offer yahoo and msn as alternatives, because doing skype cam shows isn’t fun when the call keeps dropping due to crappy internet. If you don’t have the best internet connection, plug into your ethernet cord if possible, and close all your superfluous computer programs during your skype call.


Cam to Cam Video Calls

Beyond that, if you have cam turn it on! I understand many people are shy or wary of compromising their privacy, but you don’t need to show your face in order to do cam2cam. I find my hottest, most fun shows usually involve cam2cam at some point in the call, and I really think I’m better at what I do when I can actually SEE the person I’m playing with, feeding off their reactions…it’s an orgasmic symbiosis. Audio is great too, of course, but as I’m a pretty visual person


 Skype Cam Shows Are About Communication: Tell Your Independent Camgirl What You Really Want

Perhaps most importantly, let the independent camgirl know what it is you want  We really do try to show you an amazing time on cam, but we aren’t mind readers. There is nothing more frustrating than a guy who simply says “get dirty bb” or “turn me on”. There are a million and one things to do during a skype cam show and not all words have the same meaning to different people. One person’s ‘dirty’ may be another person’s ‘boring’, and as for ‘turning someone on’, we all know sex is highly individual. We’re all into different things. You don’t need to give us a script, but after you’ve booked a show do let us know what it is you want and your experiences with skype camgirls will be all the better for it.

One of the most amazing things about skype cam sex is that it can be a much more personalized type of cam show than you can typically find on a network cam site, so take advantage of that and tell us what drives you wild so that we can give you exactly what it is you really want

We want to blow your mind, so help us get us both there by communicating your fantasies and desires.

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If you’re ready to have some fun, you can drop by my skype camgirl booking page to read more about what I offer during my independent cam shows. Look forward to meeting you!

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