Skype Cam Girls, Stay Away From PayPal

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‘Paypal bb’ is Nothing But Grief For Skype Cam Girls

Wow. I stumbled on a site tonight that featured a blacklist of customers who had charged back the cam shows they had purchased from skype cam girls. It was a long list. My first thought was “where the fuck are they getting their traffic?!” (cuz no one’s chargeback rate should be anywhere near that high) but then I realized…the method of payment used by each and every douchebag on that list who had stolen from skype cam girls by charging back their cam shows had used…yep, you guessed it. Fucking paypal.
For real, just don’t use it. Offering paypal is basically rolling out the red carpet for every loser out there who gets a thrill out of ruining someone’s day, it’s a huge signal blaring the message “please take advantage of me”. Um, hell no. There are enough alternate adult-friendly options out there that using paypal isn’t necessary. Quite the opposite, using paypal shows that you’re not serious about your business and that you don’t give a damn about yourself OR your customers. Remember that guys can get their accounts frozen for using our services as well if they’re caught. Being independent means taking yourself and your business seriously and searching through the available adult-friendly options out there so that you have a reliable way to get paid for your yahoo and skype cam shows.


Payment Processing For Skype Cam Girls

My top recommendations are Zombaio and CCBill. There are pros and cons to both (which is why I use both) that I’ll probably cover in a later post, but you can do your own research as well. That’s what being independent means, right?

Happy camming y’all.

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