Payment Processing For Independent Cam Girls


How Independent Cam Girls Get Paid: Payment Processing Options

In an earlier post regarding the risks of using paypal I mentioned a couple of the adult-friendly payment processing options most widely used by independent cam girls. For those cam girls who are newly independent and wishing to know a bit more about the features of various payment processing options, I’ll outline them here.


Zombaio Processing For Skype Camgirls

Zombaio offers a 10.99% processing fee (which lowers as sales volume grows) but the processor also had a fairly long processing time for payments. In general, expect to wait a month for a payment to finish processing and be sent out. Also, the minimum withdrawal level is $100, so while this isn’t an issue for more experienced independent cam girls, many new skype cam girls just starting out may find that it takes time to reach the $100 minimum withdrawal threshold. However, there are no out-of-pocket fees associated with Zombaio other than the payment processing costs that are deducted from each sale. In order to offer Zombaio you must have your own website upon which to install the script.


CCBill Processing For Independent Cam Girls

CCBill charges $750 upfront to be able to offer Visa processing, and $500 per year for account maintenance thereafter, in addition to the payment processing costs of 15% per sale. However, payments are sent out bi-weekly on a two week delay, and the payout threshold for CCBill is significantly lower than Zombaio at $20, making it an attractive option for skype cam girls just starting out who may not earn much, but wish to receive what they do earn more quickly. There is also a slightly smaller decline rate with CCBill than with Zombaio. Like Zombaio, in order to offer CCBill you must have your own website. You can’t install the script on a tumblr or free blogger site, for example.


Payoneer Payments for Skype and Yahoo Cam Sex

Payoneer is an option that tends to be most heavily used by independent cam girls just starting out. The main reason why is that you only need a payoneer debit card in order to accept ‘private load’ payments from customers, you don’t need to own your own website. With Payoneer you simply send your customer a link to your private load page, and he pays for his skype cam show or  digital content on that payment page. The main drawbacks to using Payoneer is that the service isn’t intended to be used primarily for private loads, meaning that  independent cam girls who book high volumes of business may run into problems in having those payments processed. Further, with Payoneer one can currently only send private load payments to a prepaid Payoneer debit, meaning there is no way to transfer your funds directly to a bank account. While the prcoessing fees for payoneer private loads are much lower than the costs of Zombaio or CCBill, expect to pay a variety of annual fixed and variable transaction-specific fees (load fees, ATM fees, etc) that add to considerable sums over time.


This Sucks, Why Do I Have to Pay To Use Adult-Friendly Payment Processors?

Probably the most important piece of advice I can give you, based on my three years as an independent cam girl, is to swallow the fact that you have to pay fees. Every business has operating costs and being an independent cam girl is no different. Sure, you can use alternatives such as payoneer, Gift Rocket and MoneyPak as occasional payment options (the latter two with US-based customers only), but in order to build and maintain a sustainable and profitable business that allows customers from all over the globe to send you high amounts of money as payment for skype webcam shows and content, you need an actual payment processor. There is no way around this…trust me, I’ve looked

Truth is, the less time you spend sending customers all over the internet trying out payment options not intended to be used for your actual purposes, the stronger and more successful your business will be, simply because you’ll have more time to spend making money. Further, real adult payment processing offers tools to help you avoid chargebacks that alternatives such as Gift Rocket and Payoneer do not. Remember that once a customer does a chargeback he is blacklisted from the majority of payment processors out there, so if he can’t use a credit card to book a show, wonder why.

I hope this article has been of some use to those of you are just starting out as independent cam girls. If you still have questions about any of the options I’ve listed above, check out their websites and read through their sign-up process and FAQ sections. Always remember to treat your business like a business and protect your own interests as much as possible. Don’t make it easy for the (luckily few) losers out there to steal from you by charging back their cam sex show or digital goods purchase, so use adult-friendly payment processors that help you protect yourself while allowing you to book high volumes of business with customers throughout the world. Beyond having hella fun on cam, isn’t that what we’re all here for?

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