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New Fees for Skype Cam Girls

Not all change is for the better, and the latest development in the arena of payment processing for skype cam girls sucks. Those of you who have independent skype cam girl merchant accounts already know this, but for those skype cam girls out there who are weighing the pros and cons of different payment processing options before making the leap, know that Mastercard has now decided to charge an annual $500 fee per merchant account for the ability to offer this particular credit card option. Combined with the annual $500 Visa fee, upfront charge of $750 and per-sale payment processing costs that typically range from 10-15%, we’re talking a significant chunk of change per year, solely for the privilege of offering Visa and Mastercard payment options to our cam sex customers.


Options for Skype Cam Girls That Do Not Involve Annual Fees

Luckily there are ways around these new skype cam girl merchant account fees. Zombaio is one payment processing option that involves no upfront or annual fees for credit card processing and has low processing rates by adult industry standards. It’s a service I recommend highly. The drawbacks, as I’ve explored before here, are that the installation of Zombaio can be quite tricky if their automatic installation system won’t work on your site, and payouts must process for a full month before being sent out. It’s not an ideal solution for those skype cam girls who rely on quick payouts.

One positive thing I’ve noticed about Zombaio is that over the past couple of years it’s become far more well-known amongst customers and potential customers. This is important because many guys are a bit wary of using a total unknown (to them) payment method, and it wasn’t too long ago that many guys only felt safe using a well-known system like CCBill. I’ve definitely noticed that over the past couple of years more and more new customers feel comfortable using Zombaio, perhaps because many mainstream cam sites use non-CCBill options so they are growing accustomed to trying other systems, but either way this is good news for independent camgirls who want to process their own payments without paying a ton of money to Visa and Mastercard for the privilege of doing so. Zombaio is my first choice processor and I’ve been happily using it to book high volumes of business for almost a year now.

You can also join an independent skype cam girl listing site and use that site’s payment processor, but the drawback here is that sites that do not offer processing through CCBill are set up in such a way that you have no control over the money you earn until the site owner sends it to you. The main risk involved in using private processing offered by sites that list skype cam girls is that you rely upon the goodwill and professionalism of the site owner to send you the payments you’ve earned. Luckily the vast majority of skype cam girl listing site owners are honest and professional, but still I’d be wary of building too much of your business around something you don’t fully control.

While the processing rates for skype cam girl listing sites that offer CCBill tend to be high (at 25%, leaving you with 75%), the main benefit is that payments are sent directly through CCBill, these sites do not act as a middle-man between you and your money.


How Should Skype Cam Girls Proceed Regarding These New Credit Card Fees?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, of course, but if you’re a brand new to being a skype cam girl I would not recommend that you set up your own merchant account and pay the fees for credit card processing right away, as many skype cam girls start off making fairly little as they build their customer bases and businesses. What I would suggest is using a range of options to minimize risk, using a combination of Zombaio and skype cam girl listing site processing to ensure that, should something go wrong, your entire business model does not come crashing down or your funds lost.

In all things, we skype cam girls must think strategically. Being an entrepreneur means using creativity and logic in equal doses when creating and executing a business plan, and finding secure, reliable and sustainable payment processing options is a huge part of that. You can’t build a successful and sustainable business on amazon giftcards, moneypak and payoneer private load paments alone so finding good credit card processing options are a must.

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