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Ingenuity is Integral to the Success of Independent Cam Girls

Of all the things I respect and appreciate the most about my peers who are successful independent cam girls is the creativity and ingenuity that they (we) bring to our careers. As this is a fairly small field successful independent skype cam girls understand that it doesn’t do anyone any good to have us all be the same, with the same websites with same site content all over the web…first off it bores our cam sex playmates, it’s uninspired, and those cam girls who don’t really take a risk, think creatively and put themselves into their work are missing out on the best thing about our jobs, namely that as independent skype cam girls we can turn our online presence, our personas, our work into anything we want them to be.

Think about it, your website, what you write, how you present yourself essentially is who you are online. Who we are as individuals is the strongest asset all independent cam girls bring to our respective work, and from what I’ve seen the girls who don’t get that flounder. Being an independent skype camgirl has an emphasis on the ‘individual’ part…camgirls who don’t get that aren’t cut out for this work. Being an entreupreneur is essentially about doing one’s own thing. I love seeing my peers succeed, particularly new independent cam girls who have decided to take a risk and venture out on their own but at the same time I find it sad when intelligent, creative women doubt their own abilities and don’t extend their careers beyond what’s already been done, who simply mimic others because they don’t have the confidence to do their own thing. I find it sad because these independent cam girls are missing out on the amazing freedom that comes with being able to completely express ourselves, and I find it sad because it means that they aren’t contributing to this niche in a manner that will excite our shared customer base in new and meaningful ways.

I really can’t stress this enough, to succeed independent skype cam girls need to bring our unique individuality to our work. Do something crazy, do something completely organic to who you are, that separates you from every other cam girl. Those who don’t understand this are missing out on a shit ton of creative fun, and from what I’ve seen, end up returning to the cam sites.


To Newly Independent Cam Girls

A small favor to ask. I think it’s amazing whenever I see camgirls getting into this niche, and I appreciate that the process of learning about becoming an independent webcam girl can be a slightly overwhelming process initially. That said, if you have specific questions I can answer for you I’m happy to do so, just please email me at Please do not contact me on yahoo messenger. When I’m online I’m either working at my computer or I’m on skype doing a cam show, I don’t have the luxury of dropping everything to have a conversation whenever I wish.
Also bear in mind that while I’m happy to answer specific questions if I can, a salient feature of being independent is doing your own research and using your own creativity. I won’t write you a blueprint on how to become an independent webcam girl because there is no ‘one’ way to do things. I’ve received a lot of questions and messages lately from webcam girls new to skype cam sex so I just wanted to explain where I’m coming from.
Thanks for your consideration and happy camming.

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