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Challenges Camgirls Face When Providing Independent Cam Shows

Recently I read a post on a camgirl forum I frequent that involved the frustrations that come with being a camgirl providing independent cam shows on yahoo and skype. This camgirl was fairly new to the business and was struggling to cope with some of issues that arise when we’re independent camgirls doing everything for ourselves, and since I know these sorts of frustrations are common I figured I’d use this space to write about some of these challenges, and more importantly, how to counter them effectively.


The Challenges in Stereotype

One of the most frequent complaints made by newly independent camgirls offering independent cam shows is the dreaded ‘time waster’. This is the dude who’s bored and broke and who hits up independent camgirls asking for previews, free sex chat and other nonsense. Another brand of moron is the ‘paypal bb’ guy, who trolls the internet seeking camgirls who will accept paypal for their independent cam shows. He seeks out these camgirls because it’s easy to chargeback after the fact if paypal is used. The last brand of annoyance faced by independent camgirls are the flat-out trolls. While luckily few and far between, there are always a few who will troll both the most successful independent camgirls and the newest camgirls, in the hopes of demoralizing the former and driving the latter away from the niche. They’ll ask a ton of questions and attempt to monopolize your time, and if they don’t get their way they launch into a barrage of insults. Charming πŸ™‚


How to Deal With the Annoyances and Perform Independent Cam Shows With Pleasure

Now that we’ve covered the common ‘types’, let’s move on to how to deal with em πŸ™‚

The one thing that’s vital for independent camgirls to keep in mind is that WE choose what we allow to bothers us, and WE choose how we spend our time. With that philosophy in mind the ‘time waster’ type simply ceases to exist, in that we as independent camgirls can choose to prohibit guys from monopolizing our time. Say a guy contacts you for an independent cam show and asks for a preview or a type of show you don’t offer. Just politely say no and move on. If the guy is serious about seeing you on cam he’ll accept what you’re comfortable with. If not, his loss πŸ™‚ Seriously, I know a ton of independent camgirls who will argue with these guys endlessly about why they don’t offer previews, why they don’t do x, y and z and they still end up with the same result as the camgirls who just say no. The only difference is the former waste a ton of time arguing on the internet, for free at that.

It’s pretty simple; a guy either wants to have fun or he doesn’t. If he’s dead set on a free preview and you don’t offer previews he needs to look elsewhere. Same thing if he wants a type of show you don’t offer. To each their own of course, but in my opinion trying to ‘convince’ a guy to book a cam show isn’t really worth the effort. If he wants to cum with me he’ll follow my rules and get on cam with me. If he’s not prepared to do that, peace son πŸ™‚

I don’t say this with anger, rather, this is my strategy for preventing anger or frustration. In not allowing the ‘time wasters’ to monopolize a moment of my time, I preserve my time and energy for all the great guys out there who actually deserve it. Arguing on the internet has never seemed like much fun to me anyways πŸ™‚

I tend to deal with the ‘paypal’ dudes the same way. I don’t really care why they want to use paypal, I just simply don’t offer it. If that’s the only payment system they are prepared to use, they won’t be doing a show with me. Paypal’s anti-adult policy has been in effect for quite a few years now so there’s very few guys out there who are genuinely unaware of the pitfalls. For those who aren’t aware, I have written info all over my websites explaining my position. Like I wrote above, if a guy wants to have some fun he’ll pull out his credit card and get the formalities over with quickly. A guy who wants to argue about paypal isn’t worth the time or effort. My advice is again, save your time for the great guys.

The third type is the troll, and it’s why god in her infinite wisdom created the ban button. If someone annoys you or presents himself in an abusive manner, just block and move on. Never allow insults to ruin your mood.


Providing Independent Cam Shows With a REAL Smile

If you notice a pattern here, I advocate a pretty basic approach to independent cam shows. Being successful and maintaining a great frame of mind involves figuring out how to block out the nonsense and enjoy our work. Β The great guys are out there and we need to be open to meeting them, and we also need to realize that WE control how we interact with any given person. No one can waste our time or annoy us if we don’t let them πŸ™‚

I look at providing cam shows as having an amazing time on cam and making great money while doing so. Truth is, the great guys need to be (and deserve to be) the focus of our time and attention, and independent camgirls who allow the losers to get to them will alienate the great guys. What’s the point of promoting yourself and being online if every interaction causes you stress, causing you to be rude to the great guys because you’re anticipating nonsense? Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself. If a guy annoys you or tries to waste your time, move on with a smile, knowing that anyone bored and lonely enough to troll camgirls on the internet should be pitied, not hated.

While everyone has to find strategies that work for them, mine has worked for me in the four years that I’ve been a camgirl providing solely independent cam shows. Truth is I love my job, and all the ‘paypal bb’s’ in the world could never change that. I hope some of what I have to say is of use to all of you new independent camgirls out there if you struggle with frustration from time to time. In providing independent cam shows be prepared to accept the good as well as the bad, be smart enough to choose which gets your focus and energy.

Good luck out there bb’s

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