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Hate to Admit It But Skype Webcam Girls Apparently Should Use Twitter

Dammit 🙂 Some of you make recall that a few months back I took a poll on whether I should join the ranks of the cam girls on Twitter. I was delighted that the response to that poll was an overwhelming ‘fuck no’, but the more I think about it the more I realize that my mission to promote skype webcam girls (as well as my beloved sites) is missing a pretty significant component due to my pathological aversion to Twitter.

I arrived at this conclusion through a conversation I had recently with a fellow skype webcam girl I highly respect, who pointed out to me that Twitter is a great way for webcam girls to get their names out there to new playmates, many of whom may not necessarily be huge users of the medium themselves. She also gave me some great tips on how I (and webcam girls in general) can use this form of social media effectively. I thought her advice was wicked so I’m posting it here for anyone who like me really doesn’t feel all that comfortable using social media.


Converting Existing Customers to Skype

This first piece of advice on how webcam girls can use twitter to convert existing customers to skype doesn’t really apply to me (I don’t work any webcam sites anymore), but it’s a message I figured would be helpful to new independent webcam girls. Most cam sites prohibit ‘offsite contact’ between webcam girls and their customers, but creating a twitter handle that is the same as your cam site name is an effective method of enabling your existing customers to find you off the cam site. Once you’ve connected with your customers on Twitter you can direct them to wherever you choose, including to your own skype camgirl website or listing profile page.

The one downside to this strategy for webcam girls is that in converting your best existing site customers over to skype you may lose placement on the cam site if rankings are based on earnings (and most are to at least a degree), but for webcam girls who are committed to running their own independent skype sex businesses this is going to be inevitable anyways.


Using Hashtags To Gain Exposure

Aside from following fellow webcam girls and existing customers, apparently a good way for webcam girls to gain exposure on Twitter is through the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase that’s preceded by a ‘#’ sign, (as in ‘#hashtag’) and these hashtags are clickable links that connect to anyone else who is using that particular hashtag word or phrase. These words or phrases can be as general or specific as you wish them to be, and you can also tweet responses to existing hashtags that are ‘trending’ (a side panel located in your twitter account shows trending hashtags) if you want to gain maximum exposure to new twitter users outside your immediate circle or niche. There seems to be an entire set of hashtags that are used by webcam girls on Twitter such as ‘#tittytuesday’ and ‘#thongthursday’, and these hashtags are usually accompanied by pics of…who’d have guessed it, tits and thongs 🙂 There’s a ton more that I haven’t learned yet, but what I plan to do is follow some webcam girls on twitter who know their stuff and see what hashtags tend to pop up most frequently among our kind.

Webcam Girl Etiquette on Twitter

Since I’m new to this form of social media I wanted to get a sense of the culture before I jumped in, in the hopes of not making huge faux pas or offending anyone. On this note, the best advice I got was to not spam my webcam girl links constantly (it’s annoying to followers and can get an account banned). Ratherm the most effective way for webcam girls to use twitter is to mix tweets about work (cam schedule, new videos released, etc) with non-commercial tweets about…anything really.


Quality Over Quantity

As I’m pretty new to all this, I wasn’t aware that there are a ton of services out there that promise twitter followers (at a cost, of course). My webcam girl friend advised me that the most important aspect to using Twitter effectively is valuing quality over quantity, and that many of these ‘follower’ services actually send bots that will never buy a skype cam show or a custom video. Not much point in that. 🙂 She suggested gaining followers organically and over time is the best way to ensure we don’t end up with a bunch of bots or spammers filling our timelines with crap.

She also suggested that as I delve into Twitter that I avoid people who thrive on conflict, as it reflects badly on webcam girls who make a hobby of fighting on the internet. Personally I couldn’t agree more here, in that I hate that fighting seems to be a popular activity all over the damn internet. My friend immediately unfollows anyone who makes a habit of attacking other webcam girls, or stirring drama just for the sake of doing so. The corollary to that, of course, is for us not to cause drama ourselves 🙂 (this has nothing to do with twitter per se but seriously: what is it about the internet and fighting? I will never understand.)


Useful Tools For Skype Webcam Girls

There are quite a few tools that allow webcam girls to schedule tweets and manage their social media profiles, and one of the most popular seems to be a service called Hootsuite. This ‘social media dashboard’ enables webcam girls to program tweets and other forms of social media posting ahead of time, so tweeting need not be done throughout the day, or even ever day, if planned efficiently. This service seems particularly attractive to me because I don’t enjoy the thought of having to stop what I’m doing to write a fucking tweet about it, so I like the idea of being able to get things done all in one go. While Hootsuite offers paid plans, there is also a basic free option which is great for skype webcam girls such as myself who don’t live and breathe online interaction.


Yes, I’m Joining the Ranks

I’m gonna try not to be too surly about this, although truth be told I kinda expect this to annoy the hell out of me, at least until I get into the groove of using Hootsuite. What I’m gonna try to keep in mind is that Twitter is of particular use to skype webcam girls, in that Twitter permits the posting of links (which in our cases are our own websites). Not only does this help new customers find us, it also boosts the rankings of our websites which in turn helps new customers who don’t use Twitter find us. Win win 🙂 Unlike webcam girls who work the cam sites, we don’t have an army of affiliates and promotional managers working for us, so we need to use every opportunity we can to boost our exposure online.

Blech. Wish me luck 🙂

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