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The Terminology of Skype Sex and Independent Cam Girls

For those uninitiated in skype sex and independent camgirls, below you’ll find a description of some of the main terms we use in this niche of the cam sex world

Independent Camgirls/Skype Camgirls– Camgirls who offer live yahoo and skype sex as independent cam girls, unaffiliated with a cam sex site. While many independent camgirls also work the network cam sites, independent camgirls who perform skype sex and fetish cam shows handle their own processing.
Skype Sex– Cam sex experiences using personal messenger services such as yahoo, skype and msn.
Booking a Cam Show-Making a payment for a skype sex call through an independent skype camgirl’s personal website or listing site profile
Independent Camgirl Listing Directories– Websites that list/feature a variety of independent camgirls offering yahoo, msn and skype sex. Some independent camgirl listing directories mandate payment through that website’s processor, whereas others permit independent camgirls to direct customers to their personal websites for payment for skype sex, videos, etc.
Skype Phone Sex– Audio-alone (no webcam) sex calls performed using yahoo or skype. While many independent camgirls also offer phone sex using an actual phone rather than skype, skype phone sex has the benefit of being free (eg: no long distance charges)
Cam to Cam– Skype sex video calls in which both parties to the call view each other’s webcams.
Previews– A brief 30 second video call prior to payment for cam sex, for the purposes of allowing the customer to view the skype camgirl’s video stream quality. Most independent skype camgirls do not offer previews, and many that do charge a small fee for doing so. Typically that small fee is put towards the cost of a webcam sex show.
Carrying Over Minutes From a Skype Sex Call– A highly individualized practice of potentially allowing skype sex playmates to ‘carry over’ unused minutes on to a new skype sex call at a later date. Most independent camgirls who do offer ‘carry over minutes’ (and many do not, so check beforehand if this is a concern to you) only apply these minutes to a new skype sex booking.
Custom Camgirl Videos– Videos that are pre-ordered and customized to a customer’s specifications. Typcially custom videos are priced higher than pre-existing videos that are not customized to a customer’s specific requests.
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 There ya have it, the lingo of independent camgirls and skype sex. I know this info is common knowledge to a lot of y’all, but since I encounter get a lot of readers (and playmates) brand new to skype sex I wanted to create a little guide to some of the terms we throw around. For those already initiated into the wonderful world of independent camgirls and skype sex, I threw in a couple of pics to (hopefully) make this post worth your while 🙂

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