Continuing the Skype Sex Mission


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Skype Sex Converts: A Camgirl on a Mission 🙂

So wow, it feels like almost every day I’m meeting a new skype sex playmate who’s brand new to skype camgirls and independent cam shows. How cool is that? As I’ve written in the past I really believe in this niche and one of the purposes of this skype sex blog is to show the uninitiated how awesome skype sex can really be. I love that it’s actually working 🙂

Just as more and more skype camgirls are realizing that with a lot of hard work we can make amazing independent businesses for ourselves and fuck the cam sites, I’m encountering more and more guys who are choosing to venture into skype sex. I’m loving the reactions I’m receiving when I ask my new playmates about their first plunge into skype sex; it really does blow the cam sites out of the water in terms of audio and video quality, particularly during cam 2 cam, and everything I’m hearing is overwhelmingly positive. Yeah, I think I might have a little bit to do with that :), but the truth is skype sex is better than the cam sites. That’s why it’s always such a treat to share a playmate’s first independent cam show experience.

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I know I sound like a huge goof but introducing new playmates to skype sex really delights me, and I am honored that so many of you choose to share your first independent cam show experiences with me. While I really believe we independent skype camgirls are the best of the best, without our cam sex playmates we don’t have much. A huge thanks to every one of you who supports this niche by choosing to venture into skype sex.

If you haven’t tried it yet, message me already and let me blow your…mind 😀

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Camgirls and Social Media

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(I put an antique effect on this pic cuz I realize my views on social media are kinda old-fashioned)


Do Camgirls Need to be ‘Social’?

This is a question that occurred to me recently, as every now and then I get questions from camgirls asking about my twitter info, or following my (completely barren) twitter account. I think of myself as a fairly social person but I gotta confess ‘social media’ kinda weirds me about a bit…I don’t go out of my way to talk to strangers and I don’t enjoy injecting myself into conversations simply for the purpose of creating an internet ‘social presence’. I love people so I’m not a misanthrope…I’m simply as quiet online as I am chatty IRL or when parring online with my yahoo and skype cam sex playmates. I’m also a little turned off by the monstrous amount of drama that seems to prevail on twitter (wtf is it about people and fighting on the internet!?!). It all seems…I dunno, boring and mundane.


Help Me Decide Whether to Join the Ranks of Camgirls on Twitter

That said, it seems that camgirls and twitter are practically synonymous, and sometimes I wonder if I’m the only camgirl out there who doesn’t use twitter. I’ve been trying to decide whether camgirls need to use twitter, so I figured I’d go to the source and ask y’all here. Do you use twitter? Do you find camgirls to play with on twitter? Is there some redeeming feature to the whole thing that I’m missing?


If you care to indulge me, I’d love to know your thoughts on the weighty dilemma of whether I should join the ranks of twitter-loving camgirls, so I created a poll below. I’d really love to hear your thoughts so I’d appreciate it if you’d click through on the link below and share your perspective.


Click here to help me decide if I should join the rest of the twitter camgirls


I’ll make a final decision on whether to dust off my empty twitter account based on what y’all have to say. Until then I’ll keep on writing here and silently perving my favorite social justice bloggers on  tumblr


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Skype Webcam Sex Is A Growing Niche


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This Whole Skype Webcam Sex Thing is Getting Around

Wow. I came across something totally surprising today that really made me do a silent ‘fuck yeah’. I was browsing online this morning and stumbled across a porn site that had a skype webcam sex pop-up! I really hate pop-ups on websites, generally when they arise I automatically close the page and surf elsewhere, but I did think it was really cool to see an ad for skype webcam sex instead of the usual network cam site pop-ups I’m accustomed to seeing. It shows me that the word is getting out there that skype is a cam sex alternative to the ‘big box’ cam sites, and that’s wicked news for independent skype camgirls such as myself who care about this niche.

Granted, I’m sure as skype webcam sex becomes more popular the scammers and cam studios will follow (I know I’ve already stumbled across one skype camgirl studio which operates on a system where guys don’t even know which chica they’ll end up on skype with until after he books a cam sex show…wtf?!?) but those of us who run legitimate independent camgirl listing sites and those of us who run our own personal skype camgirl websites will endure. I did take note that this pop-up wasn’t actually affiliated with any skype camgirl website, rather it directed towards a dating site, but even still that ad was promoting our niche, just by showing guys that skype sex actually exists as a cam site alternative. Although this wasn’t the intent of the advertiser, they were unwittingly advertising us, the real independent skype camgirls.


skype camgirl quinn69 kneeling in bed

So yeah, I guess I’m easily excited but that pop-up was really cool to see (never thought I’d have anything pleasant to say about possibly the most annoying form of advertising know to man, but I digress).  I think it’s really cool that skype webcam sex is becoming more popular and I really think it’s the future of cam sex. As more and more camgirls get tired of cam sites that take huge percentages of their income in exchange for advertising we can do for ourselves this niche will grow. The point is, guys like y’all need to know it exists too. That’s why I think it’s ultimately beneficial for us when companies co-opt our niche to promote their own products. Even though they misrepresent what skype camgirls and cam sex are really about they are raising awareness of the concept of skype camgirls. Yay

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Skype Camgirls: Some Tips


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What Does it Mean To Be a Skype Camgirl?

I get this question a lot. A lot. Probably the first thing to keep in mind is that successful independent skype camgirls by definition do their own thing, so even if any one of us laid out a blueprint it wouldn’t mean much…each one of us is unique and operates our business in an entirely individual manner. Truth is this is a tough niche to break into, and I only know a handful of women aside from myself who have built an entirely independent camgirl business without relying upon the network cam sites as a stable source of income. If you want to take the independent camgirl route be prepared to work hard, research constantly and wear all hats. If you run your business you run your business. Those who ask for a step-by-step guide won’t last.

Probably the best advice I could share with new skype camgirls is to create your own customer base. Unlike the major network cam sex sites, we don’t have a ton of affiliates drawing traffic to our websites and the pool of existing skype cam sex customers is relatively small. That’s part of the reason why I started this site; I want cam sex customers out there to know about this amazing part of the camgirl sex biz. Over the years I’ve introduced a ton of amazing guys to this niche and I have every intention of continuing that mission. I hope you join me, to the betterment of us all who are actually prepared to invest what it takes into our chosen niche of skype cam sex.


How Do I Get Skype Cam Sex Customers?

While I’d never advocate actively stealing traffic from the network sites you continue to work, make it easy for your customers to find you! Use the same name across cam sites, your twitter, your own site, so that when your network cam sex regulars google your name they can find you easily. As more and more skype camgirls test out (and depart) from this niche the existing customer base narrows, so those of us who believe in this niche and actually care about it need to get the word out there. Who better to market to than your own customers? As a primary marketing step always inform the guys who already adore you google you so that they can find out that you offer independent skype cam sex. They’ll be delighted to see you on full-screen without all the bullshit of the camsites, so once you introduce them to this niche you’ll have a convert, as both of you will benefit from the transition away from network cam sex. While managing boundaries is huge aspect of running your own business that I’ll probably explore in-depth in a later post, in general you’ll benefit when your customers become your own.

In order to greet your existing customers on your own site, set yourself up with some payment processing or join a company that will do so for you (you can read more about skype camgirl payment processing options here) and from there promote your site as you see fit, depending upon which niche(s) you target.


Join the Community of Skype Camgirls

To be an independent skype camgirl is to swim against the tide and do your own thing when everyone else paying homage to the status quo. Fuck that. Do your own thing, take control of your own career and join the independent skype camgirls community.  No cultish metaphor intended here; there’s no solemn dildo sacrifices or rights of passage…I just think that those of us who do encompass the dedicated core have a really wicked thing going here and I love that each of us has used our own creativity and work ethic to build something amazing. If you want to join us, dive in and prepared to work your ass off. There is no easy money in independent skype cam sex, but the $$$$ is wicked if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort. In short, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit, so you can see why those seeking a ‘how-to’ manual probably should stick to the cam sites.


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Converting Y’all to Skype Cam Sex

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Skype Cam Sex is Better than the Network Cam Sites

It’s not like I consider being an independent camgirl to be a religion or something, but I do feel really strongly about converting guys to skype cam sex over the ‘big box’ cam sites. The reason why is that I really believe in this niche, I love it, and I think it serves the needs of both skype cam girls AND customers far more than do the network cam sites. With skype cam sex there’s no cam site monitoring our interactions like we’re damn kids needing to be supervised, and those sites don’t get to take a huge portion of our earnings. Granted, being an independent cam girl is much more labor-intensive than being a network cam girl, but for those prepared to invest a ton of work into their independent business it’s the best job in the world. For customers, the benefits of choosing skype cam sex is that the rates are slightly lower and each show is an exclusive and interactive one-on-one experience.


Independent Cam Customer ‘Newbies’ Make Me Smile

I work really hard to promote myself beyond those who already know about independent webcamming, and I get a huge thrill any time I encounter a customer who’s experiencing his first skype cam sex show with me. I probably meet an independent camming ‘newbie’ at least once a week, and I had the pleasure of experiencing that last night when a guy messaged me on yahoo asking about booking a show. He had never ‘gone indy’ before so after taking a couple mins to explain to him how skype cam sex works he booked and we headed over to skype to get on cam. I had a wicked time, and much to my delight I created a convert

After we both tore each other’s clothes off and came really fucking hard he told me that his skype cam sex experience with me far surpassed any he had experienced on a typical cam site. While I’d like to think I had a bit to do with that as well, he also commented that he loved the freedom (and the video stream quality!) of being on skype compared to the big box sites, and also that skype provides a completely private experience tailored exactly to what WE wanted to do together. His comments were so fucking awesome to hear, they were almost as cool to hear as the show was. Almost. Orgasms trump all 🙂


skype webcam girl quinn69

If you’re new to skype cam sex def try it to experience the difference between independent webcamming and big box cam sites. I’d love to be your tour guide into this awesome niche and I’d love to get a chance to absolutely blow your mind

Independent camgirls for the win, you owe it to yourself to find out why.

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