Independent Webcam Girls Readiness Quiz


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Are you Well-Equipped to Work in the Niche of Independent Webcam girls?

Inspired by a peer of mine who created a checklist for discovering one’s ideal cam site, I decided to create a little quiz to help camgirls discover if they suit independent webcam work. Obviously this isn’t a peer-reviewed scientific study or anything, but I do hope it helps new independent webcam girls discover whether they’re on the right track in regards to pursuing work in this niche.

Are you familiar with html and basic website design?

  • Yes (2 points)
  • No, but I’m prepared to give myself a crash course (1 point)
  • No (0 points)

Do you enjoy regular cam sex customers or do you prefer to always interact with new people?

  • Yes, I enjoy cultivating a real connection with my regular playmates (2 points)
  • I enjoy a mix of both regulars and new clients (1 point)
  • No, I don’t like repeat clients and I’m not interested in building an authentic connection with them (0 points)

How many hours per week are you prepared to spend on self-promotion, web design, advertising, etc?

  • 14 hours or more (2 points)
  • 7 hours (1 point)
  • I rarely self-promote (0 points)

Assess your creativity…

  • I love being creative, thinking up new ideas and strategies and following through on implementing them (2 points)
  • I’m not very comfortable with the unknown, I prefer to do what I already know how to do but I’m willing to push myself into trying new things (1 points)
  • Camming is about tits and ass, what does creativity have to do with it? (0 points)

What sort of cam shows do you enjoy most?

  • Individualized and unique cam shows (2 points)
  • I have a pretty set routine but I don’t mind specific requests (1 point)
  • I do my thing, they watch, they cum. Rinse and repeat (0 points)

Assess your skills at maintaining boundaries:

  • I’m comfortable establishing what is ok with me and what isn’t. I respect my own time and demand that my cam sex playmates do the same. I’m not afraid to say ‘no’. (2 points)
  • I’m uncomfortable with vocalizing my boundaries and I never know what to say when a customer is requesting something (free chit chat, a particular sex act, etc) that doesn’t work for me. I always manage to get through it but establishing and maintaining boundaries is uncomfortable. (1 point)
  • I get angry when customers disrespect my time and never know how to handle it smoothly. I have a difficult time vocalizing my needs so customers tend to take advantage of me (0 points)

My approach to camming is:

  • A marathon, not a race. I understand that when just starting out building an independent webcam model business takes time, and a tremendous amount of work. I’m willing to invest whatever is required to reap rewards down the road. (2 points)
  • I want/need immediate results but I’m willing to invest time and effort for rewards at a later date. (1 point)
  • I need money now. Camming is not my future (0 points)

When I am off-cam I spend time strategizing…

  • Frequently. I often think about what I want to do next, what I want to try next, how I can improve on things I’m currently doing. I follow through on those ideas. (2 points)
  • Every couple of days a thought pops into my head but I don’t often follow through on those ideas. (1 point)
  • Rarely if ever. (0 points)

When it comes to responsibility level in providing cam sex shows:

  • I want to handle everything. Website design and maintenance, payment processing, promotion and advertising; I want to do it all and I trust my own skill and work ethic (2 points)
  • I want to branch out into providing things for myself, but I’m still learning. I’m implementing new skills quickly though, and I’m not afraid of handling new responsibilities all on my own. (1 point)
  • I prefer to just do cam sex shows. I don’t want to pursue real payment processing and I’m not all that invested in self-promotion (0 points)


Assess Your Independent Webcam Girl Readiness Score:

0-8 points: The good news is you can still be an amazing and successful camgirl, but the niche of independent webcam girls is probably not for you. If you don’t enjoy the specialized work that comes with running your own independent business chances are you won’t excel at maintaining the required level of that work long-term.

9-13 points: You’re still learning the skills required to be successful in this niche, but you’re on the right track. Try building your independent webcam girl business while still working the network cam sites so that you still have a regular income coming in while you’re learning the ropes. You’re on the right track but you still have a lot to learn and new skills and strategies to implement.

14-18 points: You are perfect for the niche of independent camgirls, and you’re well positioned to achieve amazing success running your own independent business. Trust your skill, your creativity and your work ethic and go for it. (and contact me for a link exchange once you build your website!) 🙂

How to Find Real Skype Camgirls

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Skype Camgirls Are Becoming Big Business

The fact that skype camgirls are becoming increasingly popular is a great thing, it’s what I’ve always hoped would happen in this niche, but along with the good comes a downside. While most of the skype camgirls you’ll find online are legitimate, real independent camgirls running our cam shows and cam sex businesses, as the niche becomes more popular so arrive the bottom feeders searching for a quick buck.

As the niche grows beyond a small handful of dedicated performers, as an independent cam show customer you may be wondering how to avoid scammers and low quality shows and get the real, authentic and intense interactions you’re seeking. To that end, here I’ll be delving into what to look for and what to avoid when searching for independent camgirls to play with.

Real Independent Skype Camgirls Have Websites

As independent skype camgirls our websites are our ‘home’ on the web, without our websites we can’t provide sustainable payment processing or promote ourselves effectively. In short, an independent camgirl without a website (even a bad-ass tumblr can qualify as a website), isn’t going to have much luck. The fakes that aren’t in this for the long term, and thus don’t care about gaining a following or a reputation as scammers, tend not to have websites or do link exchanges with fellow independent camgirls. They’re out of the loop, operating on the sidelines scamming guys wherever they can.

Check out the websites or blogs of potential independent skype camgirls you’re interested in getting to know better…do they have pictures that look real (rather than a bunch of ambiguous self-shots that could have been lifted off Chive), do they have a link to a youtube preview video, a blog that contains more than ‘mmmm I’m so horny bb’ and cam show information, do they appear on any content (camgirl videos) sites or listing directories? Real independent camgirls put ourselves into our work and we’re all over the internet as real people rather than just a website name. As such, a quick check of an independent camgirl’s website or tumblr should give you a pretty good idea of whether she’s the real thing.

Payment Processing

I know I’ve written about this a million times, but the easiest way to tell if an independent camgirl is legit is to check out her processing options. Does she offer Western Union or paypal? If so, be wary. Not every girl who uses paypal is a fake but all the fakes use paypal. It’s exactly the same as the rectangle/square concept (and you never thought grade one math would come in handy, ha!). That applies to independent skype camgirl listing directories as well…sites that offer paypal as a payment option are unprofessional and best avoided. Since these sites don’t plan to be around for long, you can’t really trust that you’ll get the quality cam shows you pay for. On the listing directory tip, check to see if the site performs verifications of the skype camgirls who list there. Most do but there are a few that don’t, and surprise surprise the known fakes tend to congregate there.

Chat Bots

Another form of fake camgirls that has been around for years is the chat bot. These crack me up, even as a camgirl myself I get messages from fake girls on skype (they always have inane names like ‘tiffanysquirtt4u’ or some shit) 🙂 telling me they just got out of the shower and are dying to play. Yeah, sure you are. 😀 No real independent camgirl will troll skype messaging guys randomly, so if you get hit up by some random stranger chances are they aren’t a real camgirl. Rather, these chat bots are usually controlled by affiliates who try to get guys to sign up to cam sites through their referral links. I mention this type of fake mostly cuz they amuse me with their over-the-top chat messages. Luckily, they are so transparent I doubt anyone with three working brain cells would ever fall for their game, but there it is. If you hear from tiffany send her my regards 😀

So yeah, I think it’s an absolutely amazing thing that independent skype camgirls are becoming more popular, despite the inevitable hangers-on that want to scam and make a quick buck, not caring how their actions impact upon the rest of us . Ultimately the broadening of the niche benefits us all, y’all who get to discover how awesome we are and we independent camgirls who gain exposure to new playmates we wouldn’t have met otherwise. Luckily, the people who want to scam burn out quickly and they can’t replicate the real web presence of the real camgirls who are invested in this niche.

If you’re ever in the mood to play when I’m not around, check out the little skype camgirl directory I run. All the camgirls listed there are real camgirls on skype who are here to stay, and we’re simply the best at what we do 🙂

How to be Taken Seriously When Seeking Skype Domination

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Notes on Submissives Seeking Skype Domination Cam Shows

First off, some full disclosure here. I’m not a lifestyle Domme in that I don’t participate in off-cam BDSM activities, fetish sex of all kinds is something I sort of ‘grew into’ for lack of a better word, during my years exploring sexuality on skype and yahoo. Probably my perspective on fetish skype sex is best summed up here, in that I don’t follow formulas and strictures, and I don’t involve myself in anything hard core that could end up with someone being physically harmed. That stuff I’ll leave to the professional Dommes who hold far more experience than I. For me fetish sex is about exploration on both sides, and I really believe that skype shows are the perfect venue for exploring desires that many aren’t comfortable partaking in ‘in real life’. That said, fetish skype sex of all types has become an increasingly dominant (see what I did there?) 🙂  theme in my skype cam shows, and I’ve noticed some particular patterns that I feel warrant a post here on my skype sex blog.

What is Domination?

Skype domination involves me, or rather my alter ego Lady J, taking possession of your mind, your thoughts, your actions….even what you crave is given over to me to bend and twist according to my whims. Sometimes domination takes physical forms (such as CBT and flogging) but while I’m a huge fan of spanking and wielding my strap-on for forced bi shows I’m much more fascinated and entertained by the mental facets of skype domination. Since my entertainment is the first and only priority during domination cam sex, the mental and verbal is always at the forefront of my style of Domination.

 How to Be Taken Seriously When Seeking Skype Domination

Granted, I tend to be more of a workaholic type A personality than your average human being and I’ve turned ignoring annoying people in general into a precise art, but I tend to immediately ignore any professed sub who messages me on yahoo by addressing me as ‘Goddess’. Why, you ask? I ignore these people because to me it’s a huge warning sign that the dude is simply looking for some free text chat to get off on his fantasy, and it also demonstrates to me that the person really isn’t all that interested in a unique and memorable change between two human beings. Goddess is a fairly generic term…Skype Dommes who use the name ‘Goddess’ do so as part of their persona, making that term unique and special to them. Stripped of any attached identity the term Goddess means nothing to me or to the guy who uses the term, and besides, dudes need to pay to earn the privilege of calling me my Domme name of choice.

That brings me to my next point…another ban-worthy offense is expecting to get into specific details of what the indivdual seeks in a skype domination show before he even books one. Part of domination, actually, part of being a decent human being is respecting the time of others. I know throughout the years I’ve banned some probably great dudes simply because they didn’t understand that fantasy chat isn’t free and I didn’t feel like stopping what I was doing to explain that simple policy to ’em 🙂 The way I look at it, before we enter into a skype domination arrangement you’re not my sub, so don’t call me Goddess.

Granted, these rules are mine, but the prinicple behind them can pretty much be applied universally. As a skype camgirl OR a skype Dominatrix I’m not paid to get naked, I’m paid for my time and undivided attention, and expecting to get that without paying for it just isn’t on, ever. If you’re serious about wanting a skype domination show, contact me, give me a general idea of what you seek (please not I’m not interested in Financial Domination so you’ll have to seek elsewhere for that) and then pull out your credit card. After those formalities are over with we can get on to the good stuff, which is exploring what I want to do to you on cam and then having my way with you, preferably in cam to cam 🙂

I was compelled to write this because in this past week alone I’ve banned several dudes simply because they messaged me with some inane variation of ‘o Goddess let me serve you’. Yawn 🙂 They make me even more grateful for my real playmates who share experiences with me, instead of seeking a warm body to fill a pre-determined ‘slot’. I’ve never filled pre-conceived slots very well, I think that’s a good thing 🙂

Continuing the Skype Sex Mission


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Skype Sex Converts: A Camgirl on a Mission 🙂

So wow, it feels like almost every day I’m meeting a new skype sex playmate who’s brand new to skype camgirls and independent cam shows. How cool is that? As I’ve written in the past I really believe in this niche and one of the purposes of this skype sex blog is to show the uninitiated how awesome skype sex can really be. I love that it’s actually working 🙂

Just as more and more skype camgirls are realizing that with a lot of hard work we can make amazing independent businesses for ourselves and fuck the cam sites, I’m encountering more and more guys who are choosing to venture into skype sex. I’m loving the reactions I’m receiving when I ask my new playmates about their first plunge into skype sex; it really does blow the cam sites out of the water in terms of audio and video quality, particularly during cam 2 cam, and everything I’m hearing is overwhelmingly positive. Yeah, I think I might have a little bit to do with that :), but the truth is skype sex is better than the cam sites. That’s why it’s always such a treat to share a playmate’s first independent cam show experience.

independent camgirls topless and posing in bed

I know I sound like a huge goof but introducing new playmates to skype sex really delights me, and I am honored that so many of you choose to share your first independent cam show experiences with me. While I really believe we independent skype camgirls are the best of the best, without our cam sex playmates we don’t have much. A huge thanks to every one of you who supports this niche by choosing to venture into skype sex.

If you haven’t tried it yet, message me on skype already and let me blow your…mind 😀

Camgirls and Social Media

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(I put an antique effect on this pic cuz I realize my views on social media are kinda old-fashioned)

Do Camgirls Need to be ‘Social’?

This is a question that occurred to me recently, as every now and then I get questions from camgirls asking about my twitter info, or following my (completely barren) twitter account. I think of myself as a fairly social person but I gotta confess ‘social media’ kinda weirds me about a bit…I don’t go out of my way to talk to strangers and I don’t enjoy injecting myself into conversations simply for the purpose of creating an internet ‘social presence’. I love people so I’m not a misanthrope…I’m simply as quiet online as I am chatty IRL or when parring online with my yahoo and skype cam sex playmates. I’m also a little turned off by the monstrous amount of drama that seems to prevail on twitter (wtf is it about people and fighting on the internet!?!). It all seems…I dunno, boring and mundane.


Help Me Decide Whether to Join the Ranks of Camgirls on Twitter

That said, it seems that camgirls and twitter are practically synonymous, and sometimes I wonder if I’m the only camgirl out there who doesn’t use twitter. I’ve been trying to decide whether camgirls need to use twitter, so I figured I’d go to the source and ask y’all here. Do you use twitter? Do you find camgirls to play with on twitter? Is there some redeeming feature to the whole thing that I’m missing?


If you care to indulge me, I’d love to know your thoughts on the weighty dilemma of whether I should join the ranks of twitter-loving camgirls, so I created a poll below. I’d really love to hear your thoughts so I’d appreciate it if you’d click through on the link below and share your perspective.


Click here to help me decide if I should join the rest of the twitter camgirls


I’ll make a final decision on whether to dust off my empty twitter account based on what y’all have to say. Until then I’ll keep on writing here and silently perving my favorite social justice bloggers on  tumblr