Converting Y’all to Skype Cam Sex

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Skype Cam Sex is Better than the Network Cam Sites

It’s not like I consider being an independent camgirl to be a religion or something, but I do feel really strongly about converting guys to skype cam sex over the ‘big box’ cam sites. The reason why is that I really believe in this niche, I love it, and I think it serves the needs of both skype cam girls AND customers far more than do the network cam sites. With skype cam sex there’s no cam site monitoring our interactions like we’re damn kids needing to be supervised, and those sites don’t get to take a huge portion of our earnings. Granted, being an independent cam girl is much more labor-intensive than being a network cam girl, but for those prepared to invest a ton of work into their independent business it’s the best job in the world. For customers, the benefits of choosing skype cam sex is that the rates are slightly lower and each show is an exclusive and interactive one-on-one experience.


Independent Cam Customer ‘Newbies’ Make Me Smile

I work really hard to promote myself beyond those who already know about independent webcamming, and I get a huge thrill any time I encounter a customer who’s experiencing his first skype cam sex show with me. I probably meet an independent camming ‘newbie’ at least once a week, and I had the pleasure of experiencing that last night when a guy messaged me on yahoo asking about booking a show. He had never ‘gone indy’ before so after taking a couple mins to explain to him how skype cam sex works he booked and we headed over to skype to get on cam. I had a wicked time, and much to my delight I created a convert

After we both tore each other’s clothes off and came really fucking hard he told me that his skype cam sex experience with me far surpassed any he had experienced on a typical cam site. While I’d like to think I had a bit to do with that as well, he also commented that he loved the freedom (and the video stream quality!) of being on skype compared to the big box sites, and also that skype provides a completely private experience tailored exactly to what WE wanted to do together. His comments were so fucking awesome to hear, they were almost as cool to hear as the show was. Almost. Orgasms trump all 🙂


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If you’re new to skype cam sex def try it to experience the difference between independent webcamming and big box cam sites. I’d love to be your tour guide into this awesome niche and I’d love to get a chance to absolutely blow your mind

Independent camgirls for the win, you owe it to yourself to find out why.

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