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Popular Blog Hosting Options For Cam Girls

While most established skype cam girls learn to run their own websites, the process can be a little bit daunting for newly-independent camgirls just starting out. Since there have been a few big changes in how the most popular free host blog services operate, I figured this would be a good time to outline some of the options available to cam girls who want a little space on the web off of the network cam sites.


Free Blog Hosts

Of all the free blog options out there, tumblr, blogger and wordpress seem to be the most popular with independent cam girls, with tumblr the most popular option and wordpress the least. While all three options permit adult content, free wordpress blogs (free wordpress blogs are hosted on do not permit external links to adult sites, meaning that you can’t place a link to clips or cam site on a free wordpress blog. That isn’t ideal for the purposes of camgirls who both work independently and work the mainstream cam sites. Another downside of wordpress is that, while I love it, it is somewhat difficult to learn how to use compared to tumblr and blogger.

While blogger now also prohibits links to commercial porn sites, it appears that direct links to payment processors or small listing sites are allowed, provided they aren’t spammed all over the blog. A plus of blogger is that it is easier to use than wordpress.

Of the three free blog hosting options, tumblr is by far the most popular both for it’s ease of use and the ‘follow’ and ‘reblog’ system that enables independent camgirls to network with each other and gain new customers. Another important factor is that tumblr permits adult links, again provided that the links are not spammed all over the blog.

On tumblr there are two categories of blogs that relate to our purposes. The first is ‘nsfw’ and blogs that fit this designation can contain adult material, but the blog must not be ‘substantially’ adult-based. Basically, this means the blog contains a variety of different types of material, it needs to have more than the occasional non-porn post or picture. NSFW blogs are indexed by search engines but are not visible to viewers not logged into tumblr, and ‘NSFW’ blogs are not visible to viewers using a mobile app (unless they are already following you). This latter policy is a relatively new limitation that isn’t ideal. Blogs labelled as ‘adult’ are comprised of a substantial amount of adult content, are not indexed by search engines, and they are not visible to viewers not logged into tumblr. As independent cam girls, we want to maintain our blogs as ‘nsfw’ rather than ‘adult’, so it’s important to post a variety of material on tumblr that isn’t straight-up porn.

If you’re a camgirl who has had your blog flagged as ‘adult’ and you feel it’s better suited to the ‘NSFW’ category, you can send an appeal to tumblr at When sending an appeal, include the email address through which you registered your tumblr blog, the URL of the blog at issue and a full description of why you think your blog was mistakenly flagged as ‘adult’.

Below I’ve posted a graph that I hope helps illustrate the differences between the three services:

WordPress Blogger Tumblr
Allows External Adult Links no yes yes
Allows Affiliate Links no no yes (in moderation)
Easy for the Inexperienced to Use no yes yes
Easy to Gain Followers Through the Service no no yes (the ‘follow’ system)
Free yes ( yes yes
Censors Adult Content no yes Yes (blocks adult-themed tags from mobile users). Users on desktops/laptops do not have adult-themed tags blocked from view


What Free Blog Hosting Service Rules Mean for Cam Girls

This may not be a very popular opinion, but I think the tumblr policy of ‘nsfw’ and ‘adult’ is actually a good one for cam girls, in that lazy posting habits of simply reblogging porn gifs isn’t a very effective way to gain new paying customers on tumblr. Our potential playmates want to see our personalities before they even meet us on cam, and a tumblr blog is a great way to allow viewers a peek inside our heads, our lives. What do we enjoy? What issues are important to us and what do we care about the most? These are all things that a great tumblr blog will cover, and showing our personalities is vital to attracting the types of guys who are seeking what it is we offer. Posting endless porn pics will only attract the types of guys that we all end up blocking on skype because they ask for free ish 🙂

Since blogger changed it’s policy to prohibit affiliate links to porn sites and tumblr enacted it’s ‘nsfw’ and ‘adult’ categories there have been a lot of  skype cam girls concerned that these options are no longer viable to us. In truth, both are still very much ‘camgirl-friendly’ provided that we stay within the rules of each service. On blogger that means limiting external links to one or two, maximum, and on tumblr that means posting a variety of adult AND non-adult content. These services aren’t trying to run us out of business, they are simply trying to prevent affiliate spammers from clogging up their services with low-quality blogs that offer nothing more than paid advertisements. That’s not us 🙂

In short, while it’s important to understand and follow the rules set out by free blog hosts, tumblr and blogger are still attractive options to independent cam girls who are intimidated by the notion of purchasing and running their own websites. Create well-rounded sites that convey your personality as well as your cam show rates and you’ll be fine. 🙂

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