When the Bad Influence Gets Influenced

camgirl under the influence

A Camgirl Under the Influence

Haha, I made a (bad) pun :). In all seriousness though, I pride myself, nay revel in being not just a kick ass camgirl but also a dreadfully bad influence…inspiring respectable upstanding citizens to drop their clothes and act thoroughly improperly for my delight and entertainment while rarely losing my regal composure. This week though, it was a bit of the other way around 🙂

I arrived home from the office at noon and turned on my skype only to be immediately messaged by a certain naughty Englishman who’s appeared in all his glory on the pages of my cam sex blog here more than a few times over. It all started out innocently enough (by my standards of innocence, of course)… he stripped off his clothes and modeled his adorable derriere for me as he started in on a bottle of bubbly. I had put on my regular home summer attire of bikini and a smile. Next thing I know one of us got the idea that drinking alone is a terrible idea, and it only seemed proper that I add a dollop of vodka to my fair trade coffee. Those of you who are familiar with my ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol know what’s coming next 😀 Somehow I ended up completely blasted at 2pm on a weekday afternoon, changing from outfit to outfit until we both realized clothing is for losers and we decided I should wear nothing at all, figuring out what sort of outfits we can make out of pastries and planning our trip to Vegas to dress him in a sequined tutu in the middle of a strip club. Is it odd that aside from the fact I was tanked that this is completely normal for us? 🙂


There are no pictures of our drunken fetish revelry, mainly because I was way too bombed to take screen shots, had I even remembered to do so. That said, since it was a rare example of me losing total control and being led astray by one of my pets I figured the experience was totally camgirl blog-worthy, even without some captures of my playmate in the buff.

So yes, for once someone led me down the garden path, and it was a wicked change. After I sent him off to take a nap I worried that I would be totally useless for the rest of the afternoon but turns out Dylan Thomas et al. were on to something…writing whilst drunk is actually pretty fucking effective 😀

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