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What is Amazing Webcam Sex?

In the past I’ve written some tips for the guys on how to have amazing webcam sex, but based on a question I stumbled upon recently I figured I should write one for camgirls as well, particularly those who are new entrants to the field of skype cam sex.  Much of what I have to say applies equally to both camgirls the webcam sex fans who visit us, but I think as skype camgirls it’s far more important that we understand what we’re doing, as we’re the ones essentially running the show, so to speak

So what is webcam sex all about? Simply put, amazing webcam sex is a wholly unique and symbiotic interaction between people, between individuals. As skype camgirls essentially our webcam sex shows are about us, not about any specific act we can demonstrate. I see alot of new camgirls enter the field of webcam sex assuming that they need to do outrageous and extreme sex acts in order to be successful, but really nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, some camgirls do amazingly well providing ‘extreme’ webcam sex experiences, but they choose to do those extreme types of webcam sex shows because they truly enjoy doing them. NO camgirl can be successful long term doing something she truly dislikes, as taking that path is a surefire recipe for burnout and dissatisfaction. What makes being a camgirl so amazing is that there is no one way to do things, and all of the successful camgirls I know (myself included) bring our unique personalities and creative ideas into our webcam sex play. Trying to copy another camgirl’s style will never work because each of us are individual: the key to being an amazing camgirl and giving kick ass webcam sex shows is to do things that no other camgirls offer, or at least not exactly how they offer them.


The Difference Between Live Webcam Sex and Video Recordings

I really believe the defining feature of great webcam sex lies in the difference between live cam shows and video recordings. We all know that pirated webcam sex recordings exist on the internet and any guy that wants to find em can easily do so (I hope those that do so get horrible computer viruses!!). Why do guys visit us then? Why do they pay for webcam sex shows when they can find free porn all over the net? The reason they do is because we offer something no video could ever provide: unique, individualized webcam sex experiences that are interactive. In my time as a camgirl I’ve seen a ton of girls come and go, and the ones that last understand this. Those that simply go through the motions, offering the same rote ‘performance’ to each playmate tend to be low end earners who don’t have alot of fun on cam, and it shows. To give great webcam sex experiences you need to interact with your playmates, explore different fantasies and ideas, laugh together when you stumble into something that ends up being ridiculous. Be energetic, creative, do your own thing and you’ll make amazing money giving kick-ass webcam sex shows and have hella fun doing so. Never be afraid to look silly or explore something you’ve always wanted to try, pay attention to what your playmates want and lead them into things that will truly blow their minds. That’s wicked webcam sex, and it’s why camgirls have the best job in the world 🙂

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