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Why Skype Camgirls Always Have Tidy Homes

Well, not really  Like probably most skype camgirls after a day and night of cam sex bacchanalia my bedroom looks like an episode of Hoarders, with balloons, over-flowing ash trays, random sex toys and lingerie strewn about every surface. Still, I hate cleaning up, so who better to do it for me than a naughty little maid who aims to please?

Today I had an awesome skype cam sex roleplay show just before a pretty important meeting, and it totally made my day. My randy little toy donned a full French maid’s uniform -thigh high stockings and all- for my amusement and pleasure, and I wish I could have been able to reach through the camera to pul him through, so I could spank him properly and watch him give my bedroom a good tidy-up. Instead, I teased him by pouring water all over my body, drenching my skin and bathing suit whilst he chatted with his mum about the weather (she called him while we were on cam together)  It was awesome.

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  Skype Camgirls For the Win

I think all skype camgirls are pretty fucking lucky, as we do have the best jobs in the world, but most of the time I feel like the luckiest of all. I have ridiculously awesome friends and cam sex playmates who totally make my day and holy fuck, do I have fun. In the past 24 hours I’ve bossed around a very naughty (and tipsy) maid, got off hard to my fav porn star ever (Mz. Diamond), flexed my ferocious muscles as my victim cowered in fear and denied a very delightful Dutchman orgasms until he was on his knees begging me for permission to cum. And those are just the fetish shows. Add my sex toys into the mix and I lead a pretty charmed life

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So yeah, I love being a camgirl and I think we skype camgirls are the luckiest of all. All the fun without the ‘ass bb’ bullshit  Thanks for the orgasms, the laughter, the wicked convo and for making me cum so hard, so often

Much Love<3


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