The Best Skype Cam Sex: The Garden Path

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What is Skype Cam Sex?

I’m a nerd so I analyze everything  It’s what I do. To me skype cam sex is more than just a transaction or exchange of skype ID’s and shared orgasms…to me skype cam sex at it’s best is a wholly mental and physical experience shared between two people who vibe off shared scenarios, fantasies and role play. That vibe can take a variety of forms…it can be a turn of phrase, an attire to suit a specific mood,  a well-thought out role play script that sets two minds afire, or it can be all of the above in an always unexpected and delightful (and equally debaucherous) meander down that road I term ‘the garden path’. You know what I’m talking about here, Dan


The Garden Path: Skype Cam Sex and Fetish Play

I conceptualize the garden path as a shadowed winding road that leads to unexpected delights…neither party going in knows exactly what twists and turns lie ahead but the entire point of the garden path is the unexpected. Who the hell knows where we’ll end up?  I mean, we face so many hang-ups and barriers in our ‘IRL’ lives, one of the unique joys of skype cam sex is exploring the unexpected. The point is, with skype sex you can get your freak on

I love experiencing (as well as introducing y’all to) new things, and skype cam sex really does allow me to share aspects of sexuality with the awesome peeps I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You’re a straight man who loves wearing stockings…a staunch missionary man who craves ass play….a devout feminist who craves a dirty little slut….a hard core womanizer who’s dying to get his lips around my (exquisite) strap-on Xavier…bring it ON!!  That’s the whole damn point! Skype cam sex IS the garden path, and whatever happens there, wherever it takes us, stays there.

Skype cam sex allows us the opportunity to fulfill fantasies, to explore hidden fetishes, to ask for that which we deny ourselves. If you find that in reading this the garden path beckons, for fuck’s sake hit me up already and join me there

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Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow

-George Clinton

Cam Girl Emails, the Banal and the Sublime


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Cam Girl Off Site Contact

One of the things I love most about being a skype cam girl is that I don’t have to deal with any ‘no off-site contact’ rules. I’m not a fucking child and neither are my friends and cam sex playmates, so to me the idea of working within the confines of a system (or site) that determines how and where I can communicate with my guys is kinda ridiculous. That said, there are pros and cons to off-site contact. The HUGE pros are that I can hook up with my skype cam sex playmates whenever I choose, we can talk, email, exchange whatever info we like between each other and we don’t have to feel as if our interactions are being monitored by some over-site committee that is monitoring our communications for ‘inappropriate content’.

While there are many upside to the freedom that comes with being a skype cam girl, the downside is limited to one item: unsolicited cock pics. Seriously y’all, I cannot fathom why I receive dozens of cock pics per week from guys I’ve never encountered on cam, asking to appear here on blog or just wanting me to ‘rate and admire’ or some shit. It’s hilarious. Like I would ever be attracted to the cock of a guy with whom I’ve never interacted, let alone find it skype cam girl blog-worthy  Note to all who require sage advice: poorly-lit webcam snapshots of disembodied sex organs from strangers are not hot. Nor are emails that are headed “what do u tink bb” (sic). Answer: I think you need to seek a hobby, gainful employment, a dictionary and/or a life.

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How To Send a Skype Cam Girl A Killer Email

I was thinking about this topic tonight because within hours of receiving the unsolicited email I mention above I received an email from a skype cam sex playmate who gets it…instead of sending unsolicited rando ish he sent me pics of his two gorgeous cats. I am a sucker for pussy after all  Seriously though, how cool was it to get pics from a guy (who I’m still getting to know) that speak to who he is off-cam, that let me into a portion of his life that I’m just getting to know? Yes he has a beautiful cock I enjoy seeing on cam along with the rest of his body, but that’s not the point The point is that he, knowing my slight obsession with all things cat, took the time to send me something I hadn’t already seen, revealing something about himself that extends beyond our exchanges of orgasms and appreciation for my legs. I’d post the pics he sent me here (they are awesome) but I haven’t asked if he’s be cool with that, so instead I’ll supplement with some pics from my own collection.


Enjoy, and pay heed. Be real, not some guy inhabiting the mind of a sex-starved moron (and thanks to the vast majority of y’all who make me happy that I’m a skype cam girl who can talk to you wherever/however I choose) <3

Skype Webcam Sex on Smart Phones and iPads


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Adapting To New Technology: Skype Webcam Sex in the Smart Phone Age

I find more and more frequently these days I encounter questions from both regular skype webcam sex playmates and new customers about the possibilities and limitations of using smart phones and iPads for skype webcam sex video calls. I had to educate myself a bit about this topic in order to provide helpful info to ‘my guys’, so I figured I’d also write about it here for any of y’all who are wondering about it as well…after all, if you’re on a smart phone you want to know whether you can actually use it for skype webcam sex before you purchase a cam sex show.


Skype Webcam Sex on iPads: Good to Go

I’ve actually used an iPad for skype cam sex in the past to good effect. Last summer when my beloved laptop was in the shop I used an iPad for a few of my skype calls, as I really hate being tied down to a desktop computer (my only other option for a few days). The good news is, iPads can give great audio and streaming video fee quality, but that quality is highly reliant upon the strength and speed of your internet connection. After all, if your internet gets wonky while you’re using a laptop you can simply plug in and ethernet cord, whereas iPads offer no such solution. As such, when using an iPad it’s doubly important to close out any uneccessary computer programs before beginning your skype video call. I have to say though, assuming your internet connection is decent I’ve had some surprisingly high quality skype video calls on an iPad, much better than I originally anticipated the quality to be.

Also, make sure you have a space to prop up your iPad before you begin the call, as during skype webcam sex the last thing you want to be thinking about is holding the tablet. That said, iPads are great for showing wicked angles and creative close-ups, so ‘moveability’ can also be a very good thing


Skype Sex and Smart Phones: Yes and No

In the matter of whether skype webcam sex and smart phones are compatible, the answer is: it depends. Different makes and models of smart phones have different capabilities when it comes to skype. As there are so many makes and models of Android-based smart phones on the market, I’d recommend doing a quick internet search to find out if your particular smart phone will support skype video calls. Simply search for “(insert smart phone here) and skype video calls” and you should easily find information relevant to your particular phone. I’ve done this myself on multiple occasions for guys who wonder if their particular smart phone will be compatible, and I’ve always found specific info readily available online with a quick internet search

While compatibility can be murky with Android phones, iPhones that are 3GS or newer and iOS 4.3 or higher do support skype video calls. If you’d like to use an iPhone for a video call but are unsure of how to go about it, skype offers a quick how-to guide that explains how to connect to a skype contact and perform a skype video call. Click here to check it out.

I know the technical shit can be a pain in the azz at times, but it’s better to find out before you purchase a cam show whether your smart phone can actually be used for skype webcam sex. I hope this little guide helps answer at least a few questions, and if your smart phone IS skype webcam sex compatible we should celebrate with some mind-blowing mutual orgasms, don’t ya think?

Converting Y’all to Skype Cam Sex

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Skype Cam Sex is Better than the Network Cam Sites

It’s not like I consider being an independent camgirl to be a religion or something, but I do feel really strongly about converting guys to skype cam sex over the ‘big box’ cam sites. The reason why is that I really believe in this niche, I love it, and I think it serves the needs of both skype cam girls AND customers far more than do the network cam sites. With skype cam sex there’s no cam site monitoring our interactions like we’re damn kids needing to be supervised, and those sites don’t get to take a huge portion of our earnings. Granted, being an independent cam girl is much more labor-intensive than being a network cam girl, but for those prepared to invest a ton of work into their independent business it’s the best job in the world. For customers, the benefits of choosing skype cam sex is that the rates are slightly lower and each show is an exclusive and interactive one-on-one experience.


Independent Cam Customer ‘Newbies’ Make Me Smile

I work really hard to promote myself beyond those who already know about independent webcamming, and I get a huge thrill any time I encounter a customer who’s experiencing his first skype cam sex show with me. I probably meet an independent camming ‘newbie’ at least once a week, and I had the pleasure of experiencing that last night when a guy messaged me on yahoo asking about booking a show. He had never ‘gone indy’ before so after taking a couple mins to explain to him how skype cam sex works he booked and we headed over to skype to get on cam. I had a wicked time, and much to my delight I created a convert

After we both tore each other’s clothes off and came really fucking hard he told me that his skype cam sex experience with me far surpassed any he had experienced on a typical cam site. While I’d like to think I had a bit to do with that as well, he also commented that he loved the freedom (and the video stream quality!) of being on skype compared to the big box sites, and also that skype provides a completely private experience tailored exactly to what WE wanted to do together. His comments were so fucking awesome to hear, they were almost as cool to hear as the show was. Almost. Orgasms trump all 🙂


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If you’re new to skype cam sex def try it to experience the difference between independent webcamming and big box cam sites. I’d love to be your tour guide into this awesome niche and I’d love to get a chance to absolutely blow your mind

Independent camgirls for the win, you owe it to yourself to find out why.

How to Have an Amazing Skype Cam Show

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The Keys to an Awesome Skype Cam Show

Since we’ve already covered how to be an amazing client now we can move on how to get the most out of your skype cam shows. Operative word being skype  Granted, I have a bit of a bias but I really do find that skype offers superior video stream quality when compared with other standard alternatives such as Yahoo and MSN messenger. The one caveat to skype is that it can be a bit of a bandwidth hog, and some customers who have weak internet connections will find skype a bit tricky to work with. That’s why I always offer yahoo and msn as alternatives, because doing skype cam shows isn’t fun when the call keeps dropping due to crappy internet. If you don’t have the best internet connection, plug into your ethernet cord if possible, and close all your superfluous computer programs during your skype call.


Cam to Cam Video Calls

Beyond that, if you have cam turn it on! I understand many people are shy or wary of compromising their privacy, but you don’t need to show your face in order to do cam2cam. I find my hottest, most fun shows usually involve cam2cam at some point in the call, and I really think I’m better at what I do when I can actually SEE the person I’m playing with, feeding off their reactions…it’s an orgasmic symbiosis. Audio is great too, of course, but as I’m a pretty visual person


 Skype Cam Shows Are About Communication: Tell Your Independent Camgirl What You Really Want

Perhaps most importantly, let the independent camgirl know what it is you want  We really do try to show you an amazing time on cam, but we aren’t mind readers. There is nothing more frustrating than a guy who simply says “get dirty bb” or “turn me on”. There are a million and one things to do during a skype cam show and not all words have the same meaning to different people. One person’s ‘dirty’ may be another person’s ‘boring’, and as for ‘turning someone on’, we all know sex is highly individual. We’re all into different things. You don’t need to give us a script, but after you’ve booked a show do let us know what it is you want and your experiences with skype camgirls will be all the better for it.

One of the most amazing things about skype cam sex is that it can be a much more personalized type of cam show than you can typically find on a network cam site, so take advantage of that and tell us what drives you wild so that we can give you exactly what it is you really want

We want to blow your mind, so help us get us both there by communicating your fantasies and desires.

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If you’re ready to have some fun, you can drop by my skype camgirl booking page to read more about what I offer during my independent cam shows. Look forward to meeting you!