Money Tips For New Camgirls

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How Much Money Do Camgirls Earn?

If you’re new to adult internet modelling and cam sex sites, probably your biggest question is “how much money do camgirls typically earn?”. Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all” answer to that, as every cam girl will have different levels of earnings that also vary from site. You could make $100 an hour average, you could make nothing, or you may hover somewhere in between. As camgirls we’re independent contractors, which means that it’s up to us to earn the money we want, no customer or cam site is simply going to hand it to us. That said, below I’ll explore some of the tips I’ve learned from my peers throughout the years, as well as a few earnings tips that I’ve figured out for myself that will hopefully help you earn the money you want as a camgirl or ‘adult internet model’ (personally I hate that latter phrase…I’m not a fucking ‘model’).


New Camgirls Need Network Cam Sites

I love being an independent skype cam girl and I do a ‘fuck yess’ every time I see camgirls really commit themselves to this cam sex niche, but I would never recommend that brand new camgirls venture out independently. The main reason why is that without customers you have no business, and acquiring customers as an independent camgirl is a marathon, not a race. If you start out as a skype camgirl and have no clue what you’re doing (how to promote, acquire customers, manage boundaries, maintain your website and payment processing, create return customers) chances are you’ll earn very little. I see many camgirls who assume that all that’s required to be a skype camgirl is throw up a website and join an independent camgirl listing site or two, when in reality that’s not even 1% of the job.  That’s why most of the independent camgirl websites floating around out there on the net will be dead in a year…most camgirls who venture out independently quit because it’s really hard work.


Which Cam Sex Sites to Choose?

As different cam sites offer different features, have different site cultures and cater to different types of customer traffic, your best bet is to sign up to at least two cam sites and experiment until you find the cam site that works best for you. Some camgirls do well on one site and can’t earn a dime on another, with other camgirls it will be vice versa. A huge part of being a successful camgirl is experiementing with different strategies until you figure out what works best for you, so have patience and confidence and don’t give up if you have a rough start. Most successful camgirls worked up to their earnings levels, it’s rare for a new camgirl to consistently bank each and every shift right off the bat. Check out the forum linked above to learn more about the different cam sites and pick a couple that you’re interested in trying out.


How Camgirls Earn Money on Cam

You might assume that camgirls strictly use our sexuality to earn money, but there’s really far more to the job that that. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your cam persona and be original and unique in everything you do on cam and with your customers. If all customers wanted was a routine ‘paint-by-numbers’ sex show they’d be on the tube sites surfing free porn, but they come to us because they want an authentic and symbiotic experience with another human being. There’s way more to being a successful camgirl than weilding a sex toy, so use your mind, your personality and your creativity to give your customers an interactive experience they’ll never forget. They’ll keep coming back (hate the pun, not the punner), you’ll have fun and your earnings will grow and grow.

Most importantly though, in order to earn large you actually have to log in and turn on your webcam. All of the successful camgirls I know (myself included) work steady, regular hours. Simply put, if you want to bank you need to be prepared to work. It is a job, and the hours you put in will be reflected in your paychecks.

I’ll probably expand this post when I have a bit more time, but for now I’ll leave you with a couple more links to check out in your research. Good luck and happy camming!

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