Camgirls and Social Media

webcam snapshot of camgirls in artistic nude poses

(I put an antique effect on this pic cuz I realize my views on social media are kinda old-fashioned)


Do Camgirls Need to be ‘Social’?

This is a question that occurred to me recently, as every now and then I get questions from camgirls asking about my twitter info, or following my (completely barren) twitter account. I think of myself as a fairly social person but I gotta confess ‘social media’ kinda weirds me about a bit…I don’t go out of my way to talk to strangers and I don’t enjoy injecting myself into conversations simply for the purpose of creating an internet ‘social presence’. I love people so I’m not a misanthrope…I’m simply as quiet online as I am chatty IRL or when parring online with my yahoo and skype cam sex playmates. I’m also a little turned off by the monstrous amount of drama that seems to prevail on twitter (wtf is it about people and fighting on the internet!?!). It all seems…I dunno, boring and mundane.


Help Me Decide Whether to Join the Ranks of Camgirls on Twitter

That said, it seems that camgirls and twitter are practically synonymous, and sometimes I wonder if I’m the only camgirl out there who doesn’t use twitter. I’ve been trying to decide whether camgirls need to use twitter, so I figured I’d go to the source and ask y’all here. Do you use twitter? Do you find camgirls to play with on twitter? Is there some redeeming feature to the whole thing that I’m missing?


If you care to indulge me, I’d love to know your thoughts on the weighty dilemma of whether I should join the ranks of twitter-loving camgirls, so I created a poll below. I’d really love to hear your thoughts so I’d appreciate it if you’d click through on the link below and share your perspective.


Click here to help me decide if I should join the rest of the twitter camgirls


I’ll make a final decision on whether to dust off my empty twitter account based on what y’all have to say. Until then I’ll keep on writing here and silently perving my favorite social justice bloggers on  tumblr


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