Skype Webcam Sex Is A Growing Niche


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This Whole Skype Webcam Sex Thing is Getting Around

Wow. I came across something totally surprising today that really made me do a silent ‘fuck yeah’. I was browsing online this morning and stumbled across a porn site that had a skype webcam sex pop-up! I really hate pop-ups on websites, generally when they arise I automatically close the page and surf elsewhere, but I did think it was really cool to see an ad for skype webcam sex instead of the usual network cam site pop-ups I’m accustomed to seeing. It shows me that the word is getting out there that skype is a cam sex alternative to the ‘big box’ cam sites, and that’s wicked news for independent skype camgirls such as myself who care about this niche.

Granted, I’m sure as skype webcam sex becomes more popular the scammers and cam studios will follow (I know I’ve already stumbled across one skype camgirl studio which operates on a system where guys don’t even know which chica they’ll end up on skype with until after he books a cam sex show…wtf?!?) but those of us who run legitimate independent camgirl listing sites and those of us who run our own personal skype camgirl websites will endure. I did take note that this pop-up wasn’t actually affiliated with any skype camgirl website, rather it directed towards a dating site, but even still that ad was promoting our niche, just by showing guys that skype sex actually exists as a cam site alternative. Although this wasn’t the intent of the advertiser, they were unwittingly advertising us, the real independent skype camgirls.


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So yeah, I guess I’m easily excited but that pop-up was really cool to see (never thought I’d have anything pleasant to say about possibly the most annoying form of advertising know to man, but I digress).  I think it’s really cool that skype webcam sex is becoming more popular and I really think it’s the future of cam sex. As more and more camgirls get tired of cam sites that take huge percentages of their income in exchange for advertising we can do for ourselves this niche will grow. The point is, guys like y’all need to know it exists too. That’s why I think it’s ultimately beneficial for us when companies co-opt our niche to promote their own products. Even though they misrepresent what skype camgirls and cam sex are really about they are raising awareness of the concept of skype camgirls. Yay

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