Skype Camgirls: Some Tips


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What Does it Mean To Be a Skype Camgirl?

I get this question a lot. A lot. Probably the first thing to keep in mind is that successful independent skype camgirls by definition do their own thing, so even if any one of us laid out a blueprint it wouldn’t mean much…each one of us is unique and operates our business in an entirely individual manner. Truth is this is a tough niche to break into, and I only know a handful of women aside from myself who have built an entirely independent camgirl business without relying upon the network cam sites as a stable source of income. If you want to take the independent camgirl route be prepared to work hard, research constantly and wear all hats. If you run your business you run your business. Those who ask for a step-by-step guide won’t last.

Probably the best advice I could share with new skype camgirls is to create your own customer base. Unlike the major network cam sex sites, we don’t have a ton of affiliates drawing traffic to our websites and the pool of existing skype cam sex customers is relatively small. That’s part of the reason why I started this site; I want cam sex customers out there to know about this amazing part of the camgirl sex biz. Over the years I’ve introduced a ton of amazing guys to this niche and I have every intention of continuing that mission. I hope you join me, to the betterment of us all who are actually prepared to invest what it takes into our chosen niche of skype cam sex.


How Do I Get Skype Cam Sex Customers?

While I’d never advocate actively stealing traffic from the network sites you continue to work, make it easy for your customers to find you! Use the same name across cam sites, your twitter, your own site, so that when your network cam sex regulars google your name they can find you easily. As more and more skype camgirls test out (and depart) from this niche the existing customer base narrows, so those of us who believe in this niche and actually care about it need to get the word out there. Who better to market to than your own customers? As a primary marketing step always inform the guys who already adore you google you so that they can find out that you offer independent skype cam sex. They’ll be delighted to see you on full-screen without all the bullshit of the camsites, so once you introduce them to this niche you’ll have a convert, as both of you will benefit from the transition away from network cam sex. While managing boundaries is huge aspect of running your own business that I’ll probably explore in-depth in a later post, in general you’ll benefit when your customers become your own.

In order to greet your existing customers on your own site, set yourself up with some payment processing or join a company that will do so for you (you can read more about skype camgirl payment processing options here) and from there promote your site as you see fit, depending upon which niche(s) you target.


Join the Community of Skype Camgirls

To be an independent skype camgirl is to swim against the tide and do your own thing when everyone else paying homage to the status quo. Fuck that. Do your own thing, take control of your own career and join the independent skype camgirls community.  No cultish metaphor intended here; there’s no solemn dildo sacrifices or rights of passage…I just think that those of us who do encompass the dedicated core have a really wicked thing going here and I love that each of us has used our own creativity and work ethic to build something amazing. If you want to join us, dive in and prepared to work your ass off. There is no easy money in independent skype cam sex, but the $$$$ is wicked if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort. In short, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit, so you can see why those seeking a ‘how-to’ manual probably should stick to the cam sites.


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