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Skype Domination: A boytoy Ready to Serve

As many of you know, I love skype domination. I still love to be silly though, and my most fun skype domination cam shows are those I share with playmates who aren’t afraid to laugh while they obey me. One such adorable ‘toy’ is an Irish lad who loves dressing up for me, when he’s not scampering abut his backyard naked, that is. We’ve been playing together on cam for years and have gotten into quite a few naughty things together over time, as I am a horrible influence. As you can see, ‘Quinn’s boytoy‘ is a bit of an extrovert, which is a good thing because I do adore showing him off

My boytoy loves to please me, and I thought it would be fun to pass him around a bit to my readers while I’m off doing other things *evil smile* If you’d like to see for yourself how a good boytoy pleases me you can call him yourself on skype, he’s under strict orders to stay by his computer for the next 36 hours and must perform for any and every individual who contacts him there. He’s very obedient however he does occasionally need a spanking, so feel free to discipline him if he becomes a disobedient toy


Call My boytoy on Skype

(skype handle removed except for on special occasions) 🙂

I do love new toys, so if you’d like to join Quinn’s boytoy in my toybox contact me on yahoo to arrange a one-on-one skype domination cam show. If you’d like to learn more about other forms of skype cam domination that I practise, check out the domination cuckolding and sph section of my skype camgirl website


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