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Skype Roleplay Cam Sex with ‘Miss’ter J

Like any skype camgirl I need to have fun during my yahoo and skype cam sex shows…sure I’m here to provide a service but I’m far too hedonistic to be selfless. I gotta have fun too  Enter skype roleplay cam sex, probably one of my fav things to do on cam. ‘Miss’ter J is a friend and skype roleplay cam sex playmate I’ve known for years…long enough for us both to feel old when we think about it. Beyond being a thoroughly dope individual he’s a roleplay superstar and as you can see from these pics he really commits to his roles. Today he was my sluttyslutty Hooter’s girl Candi (with a heart over the i, of course)  who needed to be called into my office for behaving and looking like such a little tramp. Candi really needed to keep her job so of course she was compelled to do whatever her domineering boss Ms Quinn demanded of her. Like the little slut that she is, Candi did an amazing strip tease and made me cum (and laugh) incredibly hard. She convinced me not to fire her

Pics removed at request

A Perfect Skype Roleplay Cam Sex Slut

Over the years ‘Miss’ter J has been a cheerleader, Daisy Duke and a naughty yoga pupil  amongst other roles, and he always dresses to the nines for each one. The one commonality between all these roles is his saucy lipsticked lips and eminently fuckable behind. He has more cosplay outfits (and wigs!!) than anyone I’ve ever known and each persona is sluttier than the last. He personifies what skype roleplay cam sex is all about so how the hell could I have a skype cam sex blog without him being a part of it?


Pics removed at request

Thanks for letting me sexually harass you for all these years J, I’ve fucking loved every moment of it <3


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